1530 Like A Fool

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“Director Xu, it must be Yali’s idea to have Xu Zhiqin be eliminated, right?” Su Bei said. “And the brands behind her?”

Seeing that she knew everything, Director Xu could only nod.

“But as far as I know, the other actors and actresses also came with their own resources. If you kick Xu Zhiqin out for Yali, who will you kick out next time?” Su Bei asked.

It wasn’t that Director Xu hadn’t considered this problem before. Nowadays, many programs encountered such problems. Many actors and actresses had their own resources and forces behind them. They were simply not to be trifled with. Therefore, most programs would take things one step at a time and try their best to coordinate the interests of various parties. They would strive to maximize the benefits when filming a program.

“Director Xu, we’re not going to stand in each other’s way of making money. But don’t make things difficult for Director He. And are you really going to compromise your long-standing principles because of a show? Let the directors make the decisions for themselves. If Zhiqin remains, won’t she be able to attract some attention for the actors you want to protect as well?”

What else could Director Xu say? With Su Bei’s words and He Xuyan’s personality, he could only reluctantly agree.

He could only try to handle Yali.

After thinking about it, Brother Mark felt that it was better to step on Xu Zhiqin and build a new image for Yali.

Although Yali was also reluctant, she ultimately agreed. “Anyway, Director Xu, you’ve already thought it through. I have a lot of fans. If you can’t treat me fairly, it’s not impossible that they won’t tear down your production team.”

“Got it,” Director Xu finally said.

In the second episode, Xu Zhiqin also advanced. Her acting skills were alright, but she had very few scenes, so it was hard for viewers to make a conclusion.

The audience who wanted to see her acting skills was dumbfounded. [Do people really praise her for her good acting skills?]

Moreover, she said a lot of incongruous words when she was preparing. She looked like a fool.

At night, Su Bei was watching the show at home. When she saw the expected result, she couldn’t help but sigh. “Director Xu is truly smart.”

Lu Heting also glanced at her. “It’s indeed a brilliant move. It’s invisible killing.”

“What’s even more impressive is that from the third episode onward, fan voting will be introduced. It’ll no longer be up to the directors to decide. Yali’s fans and Zhi Qin’s anti-fans combined will vote her out in minutes.” Su Bei lowered her head and tried to think of a way.

Lu Heting lowered his head and pondered for a moment. “Didn’t you say that there are many actors who bring in resources?”

These words reminded Su Bei of something. She immediately understood and smiled. “Mr. Lu, you’re indeed Mr. Lu. You hit the nail on the head.”

“Sleep. Don’t think too much.” Lu Heting pulled her into his arms.

“Let me just think a little more!” Su Bei fought for a few more minutes.

Although Xu Zhiqin was a victim of malicious editing, she barely passed each round and steadily progressed to the next episode.

Because there were too many actors who wanted to be in the top three of every episode, their fans would fight to the death for the chance. Once the fans’ voting channel was opened, it was simply a blood bath. No one wanted their favorite celebrities to fall behind in the rankings.

Usually, even marketing accounts would join the fanfare. Naturally, everyone got more enthusiastic about it.

This led to a problem. Some actors’ fans who saw no hope for their favorite celebrities opted to vote for their main opponent instead.

Among them, Yali had the most votes in every episode. Naturally, the fans of others were unhappy and actively voted for Xu Zhiqin.

This was the idea Lu Heting had given Su Bei before. Yes, there were too many actors with resources.

Xu Zhiqin, who had no resources, became the person everyone was at ease with.

The fans were upset that Yali’s fans were suppressing their idols, so they decided to send Yali’s enemy to stand next to her. They wanted to make sure that Yali would not be able to get rid of Xu Zhiqin.

With this, Xu Zhiqin passed all the obstacles without any mishaps and steadily advanced.

Although there was still a lot of infamy and her scenes were edited in a way that made her look bad, at least people knew that she was still capable.

Su Bei was finally relieved.

On her side, Split had also successfully wrapped up filming and entered the later stages.

At the Lu family’s mansion.

It was rare for Su Bei to come here alone.

When she received Old Madam Lu’s call asking her to come over for dinner, Su Bei came over without hesitation.

Today, Lu Heting did not go with her, and she did not bring Da Bao and Gun Gun along either. She felt that Old Madam Lu had something to tell her.

She calmly ate with the two elders, drank some tea, and waited for them to speak.

Sure enough, Old Madam Lu put down her teacup and said, “Su Bei, Heting has been overseas for the past few days. However, he has a partner in the company who needs to be received. I don’t even know where Weijian is. Your grandfather and I are getting on in years. Why don’t you help receive the guest? It won’t trouble you, right?”

Su Bei immediately remembered that these two people had always wanted her to take over the Lu family’s matters and help Lu Heting.

Actually, she did not reject this idea. Since she had married Lu Heting, his business was naturally hers too.

What she had always rejected was their contempt and hostility toward her current career.

Hearing this, Su Bei put down her teacup and said, “Grandma, since it’s a partner of Lu Group, isn’t it my duty to receive him? I’ve attended some business activities with Heting. I can take up this task.”

“That’s good.” Old Madam Lu was relieved. She glanced at Old Master Lu. Indeed, some things had to be done gently.

Now that Su Bei had agreed to help, there would definitely be more chances in the future.

Slowly, she would give up her job as an actress.

Su Bei naturally saw through their thoughts, but since their attitudes were gentle, there was no need for her to fall out with them. Instead, she smiled faintly and said, “The Lu family’s matters are my matters. As long as it doesn’t affect my work, I’ll be at your service anytime.”

Old Madam Lu’s face darkened.

It seemed that Su Bei was still unwilling to give up her job as an actress.

“Su Bei, this partner is very important. It’ll take some time to entertain them. I don’t want you to work too hard…”

“It’s okay. I’m not afraid of hard work. Time will be tight, but I’ll make the arrangements,” Su Bei said with a smile.

Old Madam Lu could not say anything else.

“Grandpa, Grandma, if there’s nothing else, I’ll leave first.” Su Bei stood up and left.

Not long after she went out, she received a call from Lu Heting.

His voice tightened with a trace of worry. “What did Grandpa and Grandma say?”