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“She’s just the female lead in the movie. How dare she put on airs in front of me? If I don’t make her leave today, I won’t be able to face our entire family!” This man was really rich and imposing. He was kicking up a fuss while walking over.

Zhang Chengke had been pampered since he was young, but he was beaten up today. Now, he was filled with hatred. When he heard his uncle’s words, he calmed down a little and said, “It’s Xu Zhiqin. Not only did she seduce Pan Hongsen previously, but she’s also seducing me now. When she couldn’t seduce me, she got someone to beat me up! He Xuyan is the guy! He’s just a director. Does he really think he’s more capable than others? He even dared to hit me! Uncle, you mustn’t invest in He Xuyan’s works in the future!”

“Of course. How can I invest in such a person?” His uncle said loudly.

The two of them came over. When Zhang Chengke’s uncle saw Xu Zhiqin, he said sternly, “Are you the one who hit my nephew?”

“It’s me! But it started because of him. You can watch the video I recorded…” Xu Zhiqin’s phone contained the recording from earlier. She could use it as evidence directly.

Zhang Chengke’s uncle waved his hand. “What’s the use of looking at that? My nephew said that you’re in the wrong, so you’re in the wrong! Xu Zhiqin, you have to leave the set! Do you think you’re the only beautiful young woman who can act?”

Seeing that this person was so indiscriminate, Xu Zhiqin knew that she couldn’t keep reason with him anymore. Fortunately, she had evidence in her hands. Even if she was fired, she could ask the production team for an explanation and protect her reputation in front of others.

“Fine, I’ll leave, but there are others who can reason with me. I hope that you, as an uncle, will be able to protect your good nephew for the rest of your life!” Xu Zhiqin said mockingly.

Zhang Chengke pointed at He Xuyan. “And him! He’s the one who hit me!”

“Apologize to my nephew! Otherwise, I won’t let you film here anymore!” As He Xuyan was not from his production team, this investor could not subdue He Xuyan for the time being and could only do this.

This was a film studio. If he couldn’t film here, He Xuyan would find it difficult to film his future movies.

Xu Zhiqin immediately stood up and said, “This has nothing to do with Director He. It’s all me. Don’t make things difficult for him!”

Zhang Chengke touched his chin and said, “Xu Zhiqin, you’re really good at seducing men. Even He Xuyan was willing to speak up for you. I’m really convinced by your skills now. How about this? When you settle down and stop causing trouble in the future, how about you accompany me? I guarantee that you’ll live a good life.”

He had the face of an idol. With some good PR, he gained many female fans and was known as a pure young actor.

Who knew that he would be so disgusting in private?

No wonder Pan Hongsen was friends with such a person.

In the past, when Xu Zhiqin was Pan Hongsen’s manager, she did not agree with him being friends with such a person. It would ruin his reputation.

Xu Zhiqin gritted her teeth. She didn’t want He Xuyan to be implicated again. She lowered her voice and said to him, “Director He, you can leave first. I’ll settle this!”

He Xuyan’s eyes were cold. She would solve it? She could indeed solve it through legitimate means.

She was smart and had tricks up her sleeve, but these were useless in front of a scoundrel.

“What? Are you two planning to stay on the same sinking ship?” Zhang Chengke smiled viciously. “Alright, I’ll give you a quick death!”

He raised his hand, but before he could do so, a dignified voice sounded from the side. “Stop!”

Zhang Chengke looked to the side. The person who spoke was the biggest investor in the production team, Mr. Yu. He also had the most authority. People like Zhang Chengke’s uncle could not compare to him at all.

He hurriedly let go. The fat on his face also shook as he smiled obsequiously. “Mr. Yu.”

“What are you doing here?” Mr. Yu asked.

He rarely came to the set, but he received a call saying that there was something urgent going on, which was why he rushed over.

As soon as he arrived, he saw such a thing, then he spotted He Xuyan.

He didn’t know He Xuyan very well, but… he had participated in a meeting previously and had seen people of much higher ranks than him bowing down to He Xuyan.

Therefore, he knew very well that He Xuyan’s identity was definitely not as simple as it seemed.

Zhang Chengke hurriedly said, “Mr. Yu, never mind that Xu Zhiqin seduced and harassed Pan Hongsen previously, but now, she’s seducing and harassing me. She even found her lover, He Xuyan, to support her. I don’t want to ruin the reputation of the production team, so I asked my uncle to fire her and choose another female lead again! At the same time, I want He Xuyan to apologize. Otherwise, his production team won’t be welcome to film here anymore!”

“How dare you?!” Mr. Yu said angrily. “With Director He here, do you have any right to speak or do anything?”

Zhang Chengke did not expect Mr. Yu to be so angry.

His uncle was also stunned. “He’s just a director…”

Before he could finish speaking, Mr. Yu had already walked toward He Xuyan and said gently, “Director He, it’s all my fault. After investing, I didn’t come to this production team to take a look at how things are run here. I wonder how these people developed such domineering personalities?! Please don’t take it to heart!”

Zhang Chengke’s uncle was shocked, and so was Zhang Chengke himself. He did not know why Mr. Yu had such an attitude toward He Xuyan.

He Xuyan did not say anything. Ever since he became a director, he had never been willing to use his status as someone from the He family to suppress others. However, since Mr. Yu had already recognized him, he tacitly agreed.

Mr. Yu shouted at Zhang Chengke’s uncle, “Wu De, is your brain damaged?! It’s fine if you usually bully others, but today, you actually bullied Director He! The production team doesn’t need your investment this time. You should withdraw your funds as soon as possible!”

Wu De had always been investing with Mr. Yu, so if he lost this opportunity, he would be left with no means of survival.

Hearing Mr. Yu’s words, he immediately softened. “Mr. Yu, don’t be like this. I made a mistake. It’s all my nephew’s fault! I’ll teach him a lesson now!”

He raised his hand and slapped Zhang Chengke on the ground. He was still angry and continued to slap him a few more times, causing Zhang Chengke’s face to swell up.

Seeing that He Xuyan’s expression did not change at all, Mr. Yu stood at the side with his arms crossed. He had a distant and cold expression. Mr. Yu naturally knew that He Xuyan’s anger had yet to subside, so he continued to scold, “This is a good production team, yet you’re letting your nephew play one of the male roles? Didn’t you look at his ability?! If it weren’t for his terrible acting skills, you would’ve gotten him to play the male lead, wouldn’t you?!”

That was what Wu De was thinking. If it weren’t for the fact that Zhang Chengke was really useless and could only rely on his face to deceive young girls, he would have been made the male lead long ago.

Now that Mr. Yu had exposed him, he apologized again and again.

Xu Zhiqin was a little puzzled. Mr. Yu’s attitude toward He Xuyan was too respectful.