Chapter 429 - Kill Li Tianfeng! (2)

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The soldiers under Li Tianfeng suddenly flew into a rage, wanting to attack Xi Rui. However, Xi Rui’s figure quickly disappeared, as if he had completely disappeared from the surroundings.

Death succubi began to appear in the surroundings, assassinating Li Tianfeng’s trusted aides.

A large number of invading lords and soldiers died, causing the surrounding invading lords to feel a chill down their spines.

They began to recklessly order their troops to charge forward, wanting to escape this place as soon as possible.

However, it was completely useless.

The surrounding new lords and troops continued to surround them. In addition to Li Tianfeng’s death, the surrounding invading lords and troops started to panic.

Under such circumstances, not to mention continuing to break out of the encirclement, it was already very good that they were able to block the attacks of the surrounding new lords and troops.

Under the siege of a large number of new lords and forces, the remaining invading lords and forces were quickly eliminated.

The entire process did not last long. Soon, the entire invading lord combat team was completely annihilated by Ren Qi and the others.

Not a single invading lord or force was let go!

Li Tianlan came to Ren Qi’s side and said softly, “These guys are considered settled. What should we do next? Continue with our previous actions?”

Ren Qi nodded slightly. “Let’s continue with our previous actions. If there’s any new developments, I’ll let you know.”

Hearing Ren Qi’s words, Li Tianlan nodded. Then, he quickly reorganized his troops and branches before heading toward the invading Lord’s Alliance.

Ren Qi also said, “Everyone, reorganize your branches and branches before charging out with me to continue with our previous actions.”

Hearing Ren Qi’s words, the surrounding new lords all nodded and began to tidy up their troops.

Following Ren Qi, their troops didn’t suffer much damage. Moreover, they also received a lot of resources. Naturally, they were very excited.

Following Ren Qi, they didn’t have to worry about anything. They were simply too happy.

The situation here was also discovered by the new lords who were observing from above and sent to the chat group.

“F * ck! What’s going on? The new lords and troops led by Ren Qi actually launched an attack on the invading Horde Leader Alliance, and it seems like they even succeeded!”

“What a thief! How could they dare to charge over with so few people?”

“Who knows? This Ren Qi is really reckless. He even dares to charge over directly. I have to say, it’s still shocking.”

“The most important thing is that he succeeded. Look, he seems to be able to predict the invasion of the Lord Alliance’s movements in advance. Every time, he’s able to attack the Lord Alliance’s cities at the right time and then quickly retreat after breaking through.”

“Look, there’s a movement in the Lord Alliance’s invasion. They’re starting to send the Lord Alliance’s combat teams to besiege Ren Qi and the others.”

“There are so many troops. Ren Qi and the others should be twice as many, right? Ren Qi and the others are probably going to run away obediently this time, right?”

“It looks like it. No, look, Ren Qi has scattered the surrounding new lords. What is he trying to do? Could it be that he’s trying to surround the invading lords and troops?”

“How is that possible?”? “With their small number of new lords and troops, how can they surround the invading lords and troops? Even if they gather together, they might not be able to defeat the enemy. Isn’t splitting up courting death?”? “I think Ren Qi is trying to scatter and escape this place.”

“That’s not right. Look, Ren Qi really wants to surround and attack these invading lords and troops. He’s really spreading out the surrounding new lords and troops.”

“F * ck! It’s true. This Ren Qi is really bold. If he’s not careful, he’ll probably bring the surrounding new lords and troops to die here.”

“I really don’t know what to say. I hope they can succeed, even though this decision seems quite foolish.”

“F * ck! Look, Ren Qi and the others seem to have won. Those invading lords and troops are starting to retreat.”

“That force belongs to Ren Qi, right? How can it be so strong? He killed so many invading lords and forces with a single sword strike!”

“F * ck, if I had such a strong force, I would also directly attack the invading lords and forces. It’s so cool to watch.”

“I have to say, Ren Qi’s combat strength is really strong. He’s even able to gain the upper hand.”

“His commanding ability is also very strong, alright? If I let you pass, can you command the new lords around you to the extent that Big Brother Ren Qi is able to do so?”

In the chat group, when the new lords saw Ren Qi’s actions, they were all amazed. They did not expect Ren Qi to be able to do so much.

If they were allowed to pass, even if they had such a powerful army, even if they had such a new lord, it would still be very difficult for them to reach Ren Qi’s level.

“Do you guys think that Ren Qi’s actions are a heavy blow to the invading lords? To us new lords, it is a great boost to our morale!”

“Of course it is. The life and death of the Sakura Alliance led by Fujii Ifeng is currently unknown. However, Big Brother Ren Qi is able to attack the invading Lord Alliance back and forth and even obtain a lot of resources. He has definitely surpassed the Sakura Alliance.”

“That’s right. I remember that there were people who said that our dragon country’s new Lord’s Alliance is cowardly. Now, they’ve slapped us in the face, right? We’re not cowardly, we just have brains.”

“That’s right. Just like the Sakura Alliance led by Fujii Fujii, they charged forward recklessly. What are they doing? Are they going to attack the Lord’s Alliance? That’s practically no different from sending themselves to their deaths.”

“In the end, it still depends on our dragon kingdom’s new Lord. At a time like this, they can cause damage to the Lord’s Alliance.”

“No, why are you guys so arrogant? What did Ren Qi Do? He just took advantage of the situation to rob them. If the Sakura Alliance wasn’t dragging things out, what would ren Qi have done?”

“Aiyo, you guys are still being stubborn?”? “When the Cherry Blossom Alliance attacked, how did you guys brag?”? “Now that we’re caught in a trap, Ren Qi and the others might be able to help the Cherry Blossom Alliance alleviate the situation. It’s fine if you don’t say thank you, but you’re still mocking us.”

Previously, when the new lord of the Wolf Kingdom bragged in the chat group and even took the opportunity to step on the new lord of the Dragon Kingdom, the new lord of the Dragon Kingdom didn’t say anything.

Now that there was an opportunity, he naturally had to retaliate!

At this time, outside the black fog, Ren Qi’s actions were also presented in the meeting room of the five-nation Alliance.

Looking at the contents of the projection.., the representative of the dragon kingdom laughed and said, “This kid called Ren Qi really has a way. To be able to suddenly invade the Lord’s Alliance at this time and even take away a large amount of resources, he’s really not bad, Hahaha.”

Hearing the laughter of the representative of the Dragon Kingdom, the representative of the Lord of the Wolf Kingdom felt that it was particularly ear-piercing!

With a cold snort, the representative of the Lord of the Dragon Kingdom looked at the representative of the Lord of the wolf kingdom and said, “HMPH! What’s the point of going over now? We’re just taking advantage of the situation.”

“With so few people, what harm can they do to the Lord’s Alliance?”

“If it weren’t for our Cherry Blossom Alliance attracting a large amount of attention from the Lord’s Alliance, this guy and the new lord beside him would have been destroyed long ago.”

The representative of the Dragon Country raised his eyebrows and said, “You can’t say that. Your Cherry Blossom Alliance is besieged. It’s your own business. What does it have to do with the new lords of the Dragon Country?”

“And you’re still saying that it’s all because of you. What a joke. Look at this team of new lords of the Dragon Country. They’re obviously elites. Even without you, they could still do it to this extent.”

“Moreover, the leader, Ren Qi, has clearly thought it through. He was making preparations in a territory not far from the invasion of the suzerain alliance. Compared to the Cherry Blossom Alliance’s recklessness, it is a stark contrast.”

Hearing the words of the Dragon Country’s lord, the face of the Wolf Country’s lord turned extremely ugly. However, he wanted to refute, but he did not know how to.

He could only snort coldly and stop talking!