Chapter 432 - The Ridiculed Cherry Blossom Alliance! (1)

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When Fuji Feng’s trusted aides heard his words, they were all stunned for a moment.

It had to be said that Fuji Feng’s suggestion wasn’t much. It only seemed extremely ruthless.

He directly treated the surrounding new lords as cannon fodder. He wanted them to attract the attention of the invading Lord Alliance so that they could escape.

This was still a little hard for them to accept.

After all, most of the new lords in the Cherry Blossom Alliance were new lords from the Wolf Country. It could be said that they were all people they knew.

It was still hard for them to accept the fact that they had to abandon them now.

Fuji Feng looked at his trusted aides and said fiercely, “What? Are you still thinking about others?”

“Let me tell you, if you don’t abandon them today, the ones who will die will be you!”

“You can bring your loved ones with you. This is the best outcome. If you continue to waste time, we will all die here!”

Fuji Feng’s confidants looked at his fierce look and looked at each other before nodding.

There was no other way. There was only one way now. They could only continue like this. Otherwise, they would probably die here.

Very quickly, Fuji Feng gathered his trusted aides and the other Wolf Country’s new lords and swiftly attacked the front.

Seeing Fuji Feng lead the new lords and troops towards the right wing, Li Fuqing, who was in the air, slightly raised his brows. He did not expect that the leader of the other party would actually choose to abandon his own alliance members, after which, he would lead his men to break out of the encirclement and escape alone!

The eyes of the few invading lords around Li Fuqing also flickered slightly when they saw this. After which, they turned to Li Fuqing and asked, “Boss, should we mobilize our troops to intercept them?”

This was the leader of the other party’s alliance. According to their thoughts, they naturally could not let him off.

Li Fuqing mused for a moment, then, he shook his head and said, “Don’t mobilize the troops. Just surround him like this. Focus on the new lords and troops in front of us. Don’t pay too much attention to these new lords and troops. If they manage to break out of the encirclement, let them go.”

The few invading lords beside Li Fuqing were puzzled. “Boss, why do we have to let this guy go? He’s the leader of the Alliance that organized this attack on us. Shouldn’t we kill him the most?”

Li Fuqing smiled, “Let me ask you, how is the performance of this new Lord Alliance leader?”

The invading lord beside Li Fuqing was stunned for a moment. Then, he replied in unison, “Trash! This is just trash. Without any strategic design, he directly charged into our trap.”

Hearing the words of the invading lord beside him, Li Fuqing nodded in satisfaction.

“That’s right. This guy is a complete idiot. He doesn’t need to be bothered at all. Since that’s the case, his life or death doesn’t matter anymore.”

“What’s our main target? It’s to eliminate as many of the new lords and troops that will attack us in the future as possible.”

“If we surround them and force them back, he might lead the new lords and troops around him into a desperate resistance. If that’s the case, our losses will be even greater.”

“If this fellow escapes, it will definitely cause a huge impact on the new lords below. It will cause them to lose their leader and become even more panicked. It will be more beneficial for us to kill them!”

“As for this fellow, it doesn’t matter even if we let him escape. After we return, he might even be able to form another stupid new Lord Alliance to send US our heads.”

Hearing Li Fuqing’s words, the surrounding invading lords all laughed out loud, agreeing with Li Fuqing’s words.

At this moment, the new lords of the Cherry Blossom Alliance below also discovered that Fujii Ifeng had escaped, and they immediately panicked.

“Where’s Fujii ifeng? Why is Fujii Ifeng Gone?”

“I saw Fujii Ifeng leading a portion of his men and troops towards the right wing just now. could he have left us behind and escaped alone?”

“Impossible. President Fujii Fujii wouldn’t do that. He must have gone to find another way out!”

“Don’t speak up for Fujii Fujii at a time like this. He must have escaped. He must have escaped somewhere else. He left us behind!”

“No, I can’t just die here. I have to follow President Fujii Fujii and rush out together!”

The new lord of the Cherry Blossom Alliance below instantly panicked. Without any hesitation, he immediately led his troops and charged out, heading towards the spot where Fujii Feng had left. He wanted to catch up to Fujii Feng, he wanted him to take him with him and leave this place.

However, if the new lord of the Cherry Blossom Alliance gathered together, they would still have some combat power. Right now, a portion of them wanted to find Fujii Feng, while a portion of them felt that they were about to break out of the encirclement and continued to charge forward.

The separation of the new lords and soldiers caused the combat power of the Cherry Blossom Alliance to instantly drop to its limit.

A large number of invading lords and soldiers surrounded them, causing the new lords of the Cherry Blossom Alliance to be defeated once again. They were practically powerless to resist.

At this moment, an invading lord rushed over from Li Fuqing’s side in the sky.