Chapter 434 - Headed Towards the Hinterland of the Invading Lord Alliance! (1)

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“Look, Ren Qi’s method seems to have worked. Those invading lord territories have already been turned upside down by them. Hahaha, as expected, I didn’t misjudge Ren Qi.”

It was indeed out of everyone’s expectations that Gu Qinger was able to break through, but he was a trial-taker and had a proper identity. To the Holy Palace, this was a good thing.

The only thing worth thinking about was…

“Supreme Master, do you think his breakthrough will affect the internal world of the Divine World?” Bai Lian asked solemnly as he retreated.

Mu Ling fell silent for a moment.

Theoretically speaking, no one could simply shout a few words and breakthrough on the spot, right?

“I hope…” Mu Ling only uttered two words and didn’t say anything else.

Bai Lian fell into deep thought.

He wondered if his supreme master’s “I hope”, meant that it would affect the internal world of the Divine World, or… that it wouldn’t affect it?

Unlike the few people who knew little about the ancient swordsman and hid in the way of the heavens, the scruffy-looking man was petrified in the spatial fragment.

The 129,600 golden swords shocked him to the extreme.

“Nine Swords Technique, in infinite number?”

“This idiot with an empty brain actually comprehended the first realm of the Nine Swords Technique? He broke through here?”

“How old is he?!”

Without any hesitation, Ren Qi led the new lords and troops beside him and charged into the invading Lord’s city. They quickly plundered the city.

With Ren Qi’s command, the invading lords in the frontlines were even more vulnerable.

At this moment, Ren Qi received another piece of news about the spies he had arranged.

The invading Lord Alliance’s main focus was now on besieging the new lords and troops of the Cherry Blossom Alliance. They were very weak in terms of defense.

Ren Qi did not let go of this opportunity. He allowed the troops that should have retreated to continue advancing, wanting to cause more serious damage to the invading Lord Alliance.

As Ren Qi and the others advanced deeper, not only did the number of invading lords not increase, but it also became more and more empty.

This was not difficult to understand. After all, the majority of the invading lords were at the front to deal with the new lords and troops of the Cherry Blossom Alliance. There were fewer people at the back.

The majority of the invading lords and troops at the back were at the outermost area.