Chapter 435 - : Headed Towards the Hinterland of the Invading Lord Alliance! (2)

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After Ren Qi and the others invaded the territory, there were very few invading lords and troops. It was basically impossible for them to stop Ren Qi.

When Ren Qi saw this situation, he did not hesitate and directly led his entire team to charge towards the innermost area.

After arriving at the innermost area, Ren Qi directly charged towards the place where the invading Lord Alliance stored their resources under the hint of the spy.

As long as he could find this place, plunder it, and set fire to it, he would definitely be able to cause serious damage to the invading Lord Alliance.

After seeing Ren Qi’s group’s movement trajectory, the defending invading lord was also shocked. Without any hesitation, he immediately ordered his men to quickly report to Li Fuqing and tell him about the situation here.

At this moment, Li Fuqing was commanding the invading lords and troops to besiege the new lords and troops of the Cherry Blossom Alliance.

Under the cover of his confidant, Fuji Feng had really charged out of the right wing and quickly escaped.

Li Fuqing did not send people to chase after him. Instead, he increased the siege on the newly-born lords and troops of the Cherry Blossom Alliance.

The news of Fuji Feng’s escape reached the ears of the newly-born lords of the Cherry Blossom Alliance below, causing them to become even more chaotic.

This time, they were completely leaderless. These invading lords and troops would use any direction to break out of the encirclement and escape.

Li Fuqing quietly looked at the scene below, and the corners of his mouth revealed a smile.

This was the effect he wanted!

The people below were really stupid. If they were to gather together and break out of the encirclement in one direction, Li Fuqing wouldn’t be able to keep all of them. At the very least, he would release a portion of them to alleviate the pressure of the onslaught.

However, they were currently running around in all directions, breaking out of the encirclement in all directions. This immediately reduced the pressure on the invading lords and troops.

This time, not only would they not be able to wipe out all of these invading lords, they would also have to encircle and annihilate most of them.

However, they couldn’t be blamed. After all, their leader had escaped, which resulted in the current situation of a group of dragons without a leader.

Just as Li Fuqing felt that they would obtain a complete victory in this battle, the invading lords who had rushed over to deliver the message finally arrived.

When Li Fuqing heard the invading suzerain’s report of Ren Qi and the others launching a sneak attack from the rear, his expression turned gloomy.

He had originally thought that those small fish and shrimps were just taking advantage of this opportunity to plunder a little and obtain some resources.

He had never thought that they would actually head toward the place where the alliance stored their resources.

This was simply intolerable!

Without any hesitation, Li Fuqing directly called over one of his trusted aides. He looked at him and said, “Lead the 3,000 suzerains and their troops and quickly get rid of those bugs at the rear!”

In Li Fuqing’s opinion, the other party was at most a thousand or so new suzerains, and they were quite scattered.

Their side had dispatched over three thousand lords and troops. Naturally, they would be able to wipe them out.

After his trusted aide heard Li Fuqing’s order, he did not hesitate at all. He immediately gathered over three thousand invading lords and their troops, and swiftly charged towards the rear.

In the chat group, information about the invasion of the Lord’s Alliance kept appearing in the chat group.

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“F*ck! Look, that Fuji Feng actually managed to escape! It’s too easy for him! He escaped just like that.”

“Yeah, as the leader of the Cherry Blossom Alliance, this bastard actually abandoned so many new lords and escaped. He’s worse than a beast.”

“Back then, when he invited the new lords to join his Cherry Blossom Alliance, he had said it so well, but now it’s become like this. What a joke.”

“The new lords and troops of the Cherry Blossom Alliance are probably going to be gone. Looking at how the invading lords and troops are now, I’m afraid they want to completely devour the new lords and troops of the Cherry Blossom Alliance.”

“That’s right. If Fujii Fujii hadn’t escaped and led the new lords and troops of the Cherry Blossom Alliance to charge out, he might have been able to bring out a large batch of new lords and troops. But now, I don’t think there’s much hope.”

“This Fujii Ifeng is really killing people. Gao shouldn’t have charged in directly in the beginning. He would have been directly surrounded by the invading lords and troops. Now, he’s in such a desperate situation.”

“Fortunately, I didn’t get hot-headed at that time and directly joined the Cherry Blossom Alliance. Otherwise, I might have been the only one struggling inside.”

“Yeah, now it seems that the Soaring Dragon Alliance’s notes are still better. At least the alliance chief, Big Boss Seven, is a more reliable person.”

In the chat group, when everyone saw the current state of the cherry blossom alliance, everyone started cursing Fujii ifeng. If it weren’t for him, the Cherry Blossom Alliance wouldn’t have become like this.

If he didn’t escape, at least more people from the Cherry Blossom Alliance would be able to escape.

At this moment, news about Ren Qi quickly appeared in the chat group.

“Look, Alliance leader Ren Qi is so fierce. With the new lords and troops by his side, he’s unstoppable. Those invading lords and troops in front of him have no way of resisting at all.”

“It really makes people’s blood boil. Lord Ren Qi has entered and exited the Lord Alliance seven times. He’s really too cool.”

“I’ve said it before. The Soaring Dragon Alliance of Lord Ren Qi is more reliable. You guys still don’t believe it.”

“Yeah, I’ve thought so too. It’s just that I didn’t have the chance to join. After this, I’ll definitely join Lord Ren Qi’s Alliance of new Lords.”

“Speaking of which, I thought of something. When the Cherry Blossom Alliance announced that they would invade the Alliance of Lords, many of the other Alliance’s new lords were bewitched and left their own alliance of new lords to join the Cherry Blossom Alliance. I wonder if they’ll regret it now.”

“Do they regret it or not? Do you even need to ask? They must be regretting it so much that their intestines are turning green, especially those who left the Soaring Dragon Alliance. I reckon they will regret it to death by now.”

“That’s right. This is simply the difference between heaven and Hell. Those new lords of the Soaring Dragon Alliance who made such a choice must have lost their minds!”

“Hey, look, Big Brother Ren Qi and the others have already entered deep into the territory of the Lord’s Alliance. What are they trying to do?”

“Looking at Big Brother Ren Qi’s route, they should be trying to invade the territory of the Lord’s Alliance to accumulate resources.”

“F * ck! I understand now. Big Brother Ren Qi is trying to invade the territory of the Lord’s Alliance’s supplies! If we can cut off the resources and supplies that invaded the territory of the Lord’s Alliance, it will be a huge blow to the territory of the Lord’s Alliance.”

“What a thief. I didn’t expect Big Boss Ren Qi to be able to do this. If it were me, I probably wouldn’t have thought of this at all.”

“I apologize. I thought that big boss Ren Qi wouldn’t cause any damage to the invasion of the Lord Alliance with such a small number of troops. He was just taking advantage of the situation. Now, it seems that this isn’t the case at all.”

“That’s right. What Big Boss Ren Qi is doing now is the most direct damage to the invasion of the Lord’s Alliance. It’s much more useful than the cherry blossom alliance.”

“Hey, look quickly. The invading Lords’ Alliance seems to have noticed Big Boss Ren Qi and the others’ actions and is beginning to take action.”

“As expected, these guys are still quite sensitive. If they sense big boss Ren Qi and the others’actions, I’m afraid that Big Boss Ren Qi and the others will be in trouble.”

“Now, we can only see how big boss Ren Qi will deal with them. However, it doesn’t seem easy to deal with them.”

When everyone saw Ren Qi being discovered in the chat group and the large number of invading lord soldiers heading toward him, they couldn’t help but worry about him.