Chapter 438 - Use the Power of the Plague! (1)

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Outside the Black Fog, in the meeting room of the five great nations, the representative of the Dragon Country watched on the projection screen as Ren Qi and the others successfully occupied the city that had invaded the territory of the Lord’s Alliance. He could not help but reveal a smile on his face.

“As expected, this brat did not disappoint us. He actually directly invaded the other party’s base. Hahaha, this is really satisfying!”

“I originally thought that he wanted to do something. It turns out that he wanted to invade this city in the heart of the Lord Alliance. His idea was very bold. However, he really did it. This brat is not bad. He has a bright future.”

The expressions of the Lord representatives of the surrounding countries were a little complicated when they heard this. On one hand, the new lord in the Black Fog had played a relatively good role. They were naturally extremely happy when they performed well.

However, on the other hand, this new lord, whose performance was exceptionally outstanding, was not from their country. Their hearts were still a little prickly.

This was especially so for the representative of the wolf country’s Lord. His expression was so gloomy that it was about to drip water. As he looked at the projection in front of him, his gaze flickered, and no one knew what he was thinking about.

The representative of the tiger country’s Lord looked at the projection and said, “Although this new lord named Ren Qi’s performance is not bad, it is still a little too early to be happy. After all, the invading Lord Alliance has already sent many invading lords and troops to chase after them.”

When the wolf country’s Lord representative heard this, he also snorted coldly and said, “That’s right. This guy seems to be quite powerful, but in the end, he still can’t escape the fate of being destroyed by the invading Lord Alliance.”

“There are more than 3,000 invading lords rushing over to attack them, and there are also so many troops. This Ren Qi and his new Lord Alliance definitely won’t be a match for them.”

“I estimate that in less than an hour, the city they have occupied will be broken down. At that time, they will all die inside.”

Hearing the words of the suzerain of the wolf country.., the suzerain of the tiger country at the side said, “What the suzerain of the wolf country said is not unreasonable. It is still too dangerous to charge into the hinterland of the other party like this. I really don’t know how he will end up.”

Previously, the representative of the Lord of the wolf country was arrogant, and the representatives of the Lords of the surrounding countries were helping the representative of the Lord of the dragon country to ridicule the representative of the lord of the wolf country.

Now that the new lord of the dragon country had risen to power, the representatives of the Lords of the other countries, apart from the bear country, also began to help the representative of the Lord of the wolf country in a subtle way.

What they used was just the way of checks and balances.

They didn’t want to break the balance between the five great kingdoms easily.

They didn’t want to see the representatives of the suzerains of the Wolf Kingdom become arrogant, but they also didn’t want to see the representatives of the suzerains of the Dragon Kingdom become arrogant.

The representatives of the suzerains of the dragon kingdom naturally understood the meaning of the representatives of the surrounding suzerains. He smiled and said, “Let’s wait and see what the result will be.”

The representative of the Lord of the dragon kingdom was very confident in Ren Qi’s abilities. He also placed a lot of importance on Ren Qi.

This fellow had a strength that could make others believe in him.

Compared to the impetuous Fujii ifeng from the Sakura Alliance, Ren Qi’s actions were more stable. This also made the new lord beside him more loyal to him.

Even if Ren Qi was in a difficult situation, he was likely able to form a pretty good counterattack.

As long as the new lords around him were loyal to him, there wouldn’t be much of a problem.

At this time, if he could repel the invading lords and troops that had attacked them, the effect would naturally be even better.

In the tavern beside Ren Shirley’s territory, many lords were still nervously watching the scene on the projection.

“DAMN! This Ren Qi is really fierce. Not only did he barge in and out of the Lord Alliance’s territory, but he even captured a city where the other side stored their items. What a thief!”

“If I’m not wrong, this city should be the place where the other side stores their items, right?”? “It can be considered the other side’s supply lifeline. If we can capture it, it will definitely be a very serious blow to the invasion of the Lord Alliance.”

“That’s right, that’s indeed the case. After capturing this city, the invasion of the Lord’s Alliance will at least lose a large amount of resources. I’ve seen one of Ren Qi’s teammates move strangely in a city. I reckon that they can take away more than half of the resources inside.”

“It looks like there’s such a possibility. Such a young hero. I never thought that Ren Qi would actually be able to do such a thing.”

“Yeah, who would have thought that the new lord in the black fog could have such a great ability? However, this guy is really powerful. Ordinary people probably can’t even reach his level.”

“Be more confident. He definitely can’t reach his level. Even an experienced old lord might not be able to reach his level.”

“He really gave our long kingdom face. Compared to the new lord of the Cherry Blossom Alliance just now, the difference is even greater.”

“Who says so? Those new lord of the Cherry Blossom Alliance just now are no different from trash compared to Ren Qi.”

“Hahaha, I’m dying of laughter. Those Cherry Blossom Alliance lords just ran away by themselves. I really don’t know what’s going on in their heads. They only want to run for their lives now.”