Chapter 1175 - The Situation Is Not Right

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Princess Miao Ling’s words shocked everyone. No way, was there something wrong with this princess’ brain? The Great Wei Kingdom wanted her to marry a prince because they wanted the title of imperial consort.

Although they knew that it was absolutely impossible for her to be the empress, there was still hope for the imperial consort or side imperial consort.

Otherwise, the document of peace would not have said that Princess Miao Ling would marry a prince.

Zhai Jin’s face cracked for a moment, but he recovered very quickly. However, he did not say a word as he looked at the reactions of the people below. This Miao Ling was only twenty years old. Naturally, she liked handsome men. If one were to really talk about it… Among the four sons, Zhai Yue was really the most handsome and good-looking. He looked very similar to when he was young.

It was understandable that Princess Miao Ling would choose Zhai Yue. However, he did not refute immediately because he had a thought in mind. He wanted to see how the other three sons would react. This could be considered a test.

“Princess, don’t mess around.”

Wei Yan, the Prime Minister of the Wei Kingdom, personally led the team this time. When he saw that Princess Miao Ling did not do as they had agreed and instead acted on her own initiative, he felt a headache coming on. This princess had always been unruly and willful. However, she was extremely well-liked by the king. Initially, he would not use her in this marriage. However, she was indeed the number one beauty of the Wei Kingdom. Her reputation was well-known. If they did not send her over, they would be worried that there would be trouble for this peace request.

Back then, Princess Miao Ling had caused quite a lot of trouble. The last time, she even went on a hunger strike to commit suicide. The king was ruthless enough to send the unconscious Princess to the carriage. Even if she died, she would still die in Great Jin. Only then did the Princess stop causing trouble. After waking up, she was extremely obedient and did not make any noise. This made him feel a lot more at ease. He thought that the Princess had gotten over it. He did not expect that she would actually cause trouble here again.

Of course, Wei Yan did not know that the Princess’ heart had been replaced. The current Princess Miao Ling was a real immortal. Her temperament and her unique clothes made her look even more ethereal and moving.

Now she said that the person she was going to marry was Prince Yi Zhao, which was Zhai Yue. Fan Xing did not know what other people’s reactions were, but her first reaction was that she was another annoying fly.

Just now, she thought that this girl was pretty and dressed beautifully. Compared to her, she was comparable. However, if she wanted to snatch someone away from her, she would be courting death.

Well, in fact, Fan Xing was the type of girl who was cute. She was different from Princess Miao Ling, who was extremely beautiful.

However, Fan Xing endured it very well this time. Before she came, Zhai Yue had said that one should think more about everything. Words that came to one’s mouth would cross one’s mind. Therefore, even Zhai Jin was waiting for Fan Xing to flip out. However, she had been sitting there silently. Her eyes were staring at Miao Ling. No one knew what she was thinking.

Even Zhai Yue could not understand why this little wild cat did not fly into a rage today.

However, Zhai Yue did not think that this Princess would really marry him. The reason why Zhai Jin did not speak was to give the others a test. He sat there calmly, he even peeled a grape and fed it to Fan Xing himself.

The meaning of this action was too obvious. Moreover, he did not even look at Princess Miao Ling. This was enough to show that he was trying to say, “Princess, you are thinking too much. I don’t like you. I already have someone in my heart.”

This fairy from the Immortal Realm was also an extremely proud person. In the Immortal Realm, her beauty was unrivaled. In the human world, this princess was 70% similar to her. She could be considered a rare beauty among humans.

Although she had never come into contact with Zhai Yue, in her eyes, he was just a black Flood Dragon in the deep pool and a demon. He actually dared to look down on her? Not only that, he even made such a provocative action.

Miao Ling turned her gaze to Fan Xing, who had been watching her from the side. Was this a half-demon?

She looked like a child and could only be described as cute. She was not even close to being beautiful. This black Flood Dragon’s acting was really good. Miao Ling did not think that Zhai Yue really loved that half-demon. It was just an act. He just wanted to get the demonic core.

However, this act was indeed well-acted. Unfortunately, no matter how well he acted, he had to end this act tonight.

“His Highness Prince Yi Zhao already has a wife and a side consort. I’m afraid Princess Miao Ling will have to choose another husband.”

These words were said by the Crown Prince. However, he did not know that the moment he said this, the throne would be lost to him. Zhai Jin looked at the Crown Prince with disappointment. How could a princess of a vassal state say that she had chosen a husband? And did she randomly pick this husband? The Crown Prince could not see their positions clearly.

He could treat them well because he was giving them face, but he did not necessarily have to. So, Zhai Xiao was too impulsive. Did he really think that he could get the support of the Wei State just by marrying the princess? He was silly. He was really silly.

“The imperial consort? Who is it? Is it her?”

Miao Ling was referring to Fan Xing because Fan Xing and Zhai Yue were sitting together while Wen Rong was sitting next to them at a table. It looked a little awkward, but there was nothing she could do. Zhai Yue did not want to sit at the same table with her. She could not just run over there.

“Princess, which Lady Fan Xing is Prince Yi Zhao’s side consort? The imperial consort is at the next table.”

The Crown Prince even put on a mocking look. Unfortunately, those who thought of the Emperor’s intentions all looked at the Crown Prince with disappointment. He had lost. His Highness the Crown Prince had truly lost.

“This is really strange. It turns out that the princess consort is not as important as the side consort.”

“What does this have to do with you?”

Perhaps she really couldn’t hold it in anymore, Fan Xing still asked this very ordinary question without any anger.

“Doesn’t Miss fan Xing know the rules?” Miao Ling looked at this half-demon. For some reason, she couldn’t see her true form. Even if it was a half-demon, half of it was still a demon. What she got was the demonic core of the Ghost Pond Qilin, shouldn’t it be a female Qilin? Why couldn’t she see anything?

“Zhai Yue, do I need to know the rules?”

“There’s no need. Our Fan Xing abides by the rules the most. Those who don’t abide by the rules are other unimportant people.”

“Oh, I got it. Then I’ll be good today.”

“Mm, good. My Fan Xing has always been the most obedient.”

The two of them talked sweetly to each other. Miao Ling’s brows furrowed slightly. Zhai Yue was actually unmoved? Was he too engrossed in the act?

Wen Rong watched anxiously from the side. Was there something wrong with this person sent by the Immortal race? She thought highly of herself and really thought that she was the number one beauty in the world. Moreover, her goal was to annoy that half-demon. She wasn’t supposed to let them show off their love.

And why did that half-demon have such a cool temper today? Why wasn’t she angry? Back then, she was already extremely angry when someone said that she wanted to be a side consort. Now, someone wanted to snatch her man, but there was no reaction. This wasn’t right, was it?