Chapter 1176 - The First To Make a Move

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“What does Your Highness mean?”

“What do you mean? A princess who can’t even see her own position clearly. Do I need to tell you more?”

Miao Ling choked on Zhai Yue’s words. She couldn’t see her position clearly? What did he mean?

“Third Brother, tell this Princess what I mean.”

The Third Prince’s name was Zhai Li. This was a pleasant surprise to Zhai Li because it showed that Zhai Yue was really willing to push him up to the position. This was definitely good news. At least all the ministers here could see that.

Zhai Li was not afraid. He stood up and said to Miao Ling,”The Great Wei did not ask you to choose the prince. Or do you think you have the right to choose as you wish? Father, your son feels that we have already taken the first wife, and the Princess has a noble status, so she can’t be a side consort. I think it’s better to choose an unmarried son among the princes and ministers to officiate the Princess’ wedding. This is a kind of respect for the noble status of the Princess. Father, what do you think?”

“Hahaha, my son said it well. Let’s do as my son says. Dear ministers, if there are any unmarried sons of the right age in the family, you can tell me. I will personally arrange a marriage for them.”

Miao Ling’s face had already turned ashen. How dare he humiliate her like this? She was a dignified fairy of the Immortal Realm. Could these stupid humans pick and choose her at will?

However, at this moment, even Wei Yan felt that the Princess was asking for trouble. After all, from the very beginning, the other party had indeed wanted to betroth her to the prince. However, the Princess had jumped out uneasily. She, a princess, had said that she had taken a liking to the prince. How could the other party’s brothers still want her?

Other than the children of the court officials, there was no one else who could want her. Otherwise, she could only return with them. However, after returning to the country, the Princess could forget about marrying into a good family. Furthermore, she might even become the sinner of the entire Great Wei. The Princess was simply too willful.

Not only did the matter go beyond Miao Ling’s expectations, it made her even more at a loss as to what to do.

However, she still knew one thing. No matter what method she used, she had to infuriate Fan Xing.

Miao Ling knew that her current situation was not good. However, she was not the real princess of the Wei Kingdom. She did not care if she would have a good time. However, just as she was about to speak, she heard Zhai Yue speak again:

“How about the Third Young Master of the Wen family? Although he is two years younger than Princess Miao Ling, he is still a good match.”

Wen Tian and Wen Zhongguo did not expect Zhai Yue to suggest that their family should marry the Princess at this time. This was probably not a good thing.

“No, Your Majesty, you cannot order the Princess to marry to the Wen family. The Wen family has ill intentions. I have something to report.”

The assistant minister of the Ministry of War, the left and right hands of the Crown Prince, hurried in from outside. However, he was the first to make the call. Before anyone could react, they heard his words. This was not a good thing. An evil heart… What did he mean? Were they colluding with the enemy and betraying the country?

When Fan Xing heard this, she knew that this was the show Zhai Yue had said. She straightened her back in an instant. Even Zhai Yue found her appearance somewhat laughable.

Although Fan Xing had always said that she wanted the lives of everyone in the Jin Kingdom, Zhai Yue knew that Fan Xing hated the Wen family the most.

Therefore, the first to make a move was also the Wen family. Of course, the second was all the officials and the royal family who had participated in the Jin Kingdom back then.

“Shen Tianlin, don’t talk nonsense.”

When Wen Tian heard this, he reacted the fastest. He immediately stood up and shouted at Shen Tianlin who had rushed in from the main hall.

However, Shen Tianlin was a person of the Crown Prince. At least, this was how everyone felt. For him to shout without caring about his image, unless he had absolute evidence, he would not dare to cause trouble here even if he had ten guts.

“Your Majesty, Your Majesty, I have evidence, I have evidence.”

Shen Tianlin appeared to be very excited. As soon as he finished speaking, he turned his head to look outside. Then, everyone saw that the third son of the Wen family… The only son of the Wen family, the young master of the Wen family who had just been asked by Zhai Yue to get married, had been escorted up by two soldiers.

Not only that, everyone in the Wen family was terrified. What was going on? What had happened?

Not only that, at this moment, the former Yue family of the Wen family, the defeated general of the Great Qi State, had also been escorted up. Behind him were also two people, the other two young masters of the Wen family.

Good heavens, this was all over. What happened? What exactly happened?

“Minister Shen, what exactly happened? Why are they being brought here?”

“Your Majesty, I heard with my own ears that they are planning to seize the palace tonight. Not only that, the lord of the Wen family even entered the city for no reason. In the end, I saw with my own eyes that they had already occupied four city gates. The army of the defender-general of the Great Qi Kingdom was also waiting ten miles outside the city.”

Zhai Jin stood up from his seat in fright. Wen Tian was also panicking. How could it be? His Wen family army did not see his tiger talisman, so how could they privately send out their troops? What on earth was going on?

“Impossible, Your Majesty. This is absolutely impossible. My Wen family army would never do this.”

“Your Majesty, I am telling the truth. There is absolutely no need. Your Majesty can send someone to check it out immediately.”

Zhai Yue was supposed to appear at this time. He stood up slowly and said to his left and right hands, General Huwei,”General Huwei, go and check it out personally. If that is the case, immediately arrange for troops to step in from the four gates. Inform the guards outside the city to be ready to counterattack at any time.”

“Your subordinate accepts the order.”

He had no intention of reporting to Zhai Jin. As the marshal of the troops, Zhai Yue still had the military talisman in his hands. Of course, he did not plan to take it out now. Therefore, he issued an order to his left and right hands.

Although Zhai Jin felt uncomfortable, there was nothing he could do. The time was not right for him to be unreasonable at this moment.

In the hall, no one dared to say another word. Even this Miao Ling was a little surprised. Why was no one informing her? What exactly happened?

Did it conflict with their plan?

But even so, after about an hour, a soldier came to report in person. His words were exactly the same as Shen Tianlin’s. This time, the Wen family members were all dumbfounded. Even Wen Fu, who was already married, was shocked beyond words.

But at this time, the three young masters of the Wen family all looked at Wen Tian and Wen Zhongguo with guilty faces. With this appearance, no one would believe that there was nothing wrong with them.

Wen Tian looked at his grandsons. Regardless of what he shouted or said, they all knelt on the ground and did not dare to move. Besides looking around with fear in their eyes or occasionally staring at Wen Tian, they did not have any other reaction.

“Your Majesty, no, my son is not right. They seem to have been controlled by someone. Your Majesty, Your Majesty we have been wronged.”

Wen Qin’s reaction was too fast. Her brain also moved quickly. After she finished speaking, she knelt on the ground and could not get up.