Chapter 1180 - He Obtained the Demonic Core, But Lost Her

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Everyone was targeting the demonic core, including Zhai Yue. They were determined to obtain the demonic core.

Fan Xing was besieged by everyone, so she was naturally no match for them. However, Zhai Yue was struck by lightning, so he could not move at all. He stayed where he was and continued to recuperate.

“Half-demon, how about we send you and Zhai Yue to be a pair of desperate lovebirds?”

“Get lost!”

“Yo, you’re still so ruthless even at this time. It seems that Zhai Yue has spoiled you too much. Take a look for yourself. Zhai Yue only has half a life left.”

“Zhai Yue, Zhai Yue.”

Fan Xing called out a few times, but there was no response from Zhai Yue. Zhai Yue wanted to respond, but then the second and third lightning bolts struck down, and all of them struck his head. He had already mobilized all of his spiritual sense to resist the lightning bolts, so he was unable to immediately lend Fan Xing a helping hand.

“Stop shouting. You’ve been beaten to such a state by us. If you don’t die, you’ll be ruined for the rest of your life. Imperial Preceptor? Hmph, what bullsh*t Imperial Preceptor, you’re just so-so.”

The Ghost King’s entire body was cold, and his words caused Fan Xing’s entire body to be devoid of any warmth. She felt a bone-chilling chill.

“You, you, you…”

The thunder struck again. The others were a little scared, but at this time, it was the critical moment, and they had to act.

“Actually, you can save Zhai Yue.”

“What do you mean?” Fan Xing had a bad feeling. These people’s goal was not as simple as killing Zhai Yue, right? What did they want to do? Demonic core? Yes, their real purpose was the demonic core.

But how could she hand over the demonic core? It was absolutely impossible.

“Little girl, you have to remember that if anyone wants to get your demonic core, unless you voluntarily break through your dantian, no one can do anything to you. Not only that, without the demonic core, not only can you not be a demon, you can not even be a human. You will even be imprisoned in the Nine Netherworld Fire for life, never to be released again, never to be reincarnated again.”

These words were still fresh in her mind. This was not something that could be done simply by taking out the demonic core. For fan Xing, not only would she not be able to reincarnate for the rest of her life, she would also never be able to escape from the Nine Netherworld Fire.

She could not be a human or a demon. How could she be willing? How could she be willing?

But if she was not willing, then what about Zhai Yue? What would happen to Zhai Yue?

During these five years of companionship, Zhai Yue was willing to enter the Yin Tai Tower on his own for her sake. He was willing to protect her with his life. He was even willing to take every step of the way to avenge her. They wanted her to watch Zhai Yue die right in front of her eyes? She could not do it. She could not do it.

Fan Xing crawled to Zhai Yue’s side and hugged him in her arms.

Zhai Yue heard her cries and felt extremely uncomfortable. However, he knew that he could not be soft-hearted. He had to let Fan Xing take out the demonic core on her own. As long as she took out the demonic core, no one would dare to hurt her. No one would dare. He would surpass the Six Realms, he would dominate the Six Realms and be the supreme being.

Therefore, for the sake of his future happiness, he had to let Fan Xing suffer a little. It did not matter. Yes, it did not matter.

At this moment, another bolt of lightning struck. Fan Xing saw the lightning strike Zhai Yue’s head with her own eyes.

Even if she wanted to help him block it, she could not. The lightning had completely separated her. It was as if the lightning was aimed at him.

“Why? Hit me, hit me.”

Zhai Yue listened to Fan Xing’s words. He couldn’t bear it, but he had to hold it in.

Fan Xing was extremely conflicted. What should she do? What should she do? Why did Zhai Yue, who was so powerful, become like this? Did these people gang up on Zhai Yue just for this d*mn demonic core?

A mouthful of blood was spat out from Zhai Yue’s mouth, who was already unconscious. This mouthful of blood dispelled all of Fan Xing’s hopes. Zhai Yue was really injured, and it was very, very serious.

These d*mn monsters, they wanted her demonic core, right? Dream on, they wanted to snatch the demonic core when she took it out? They had underestimated her, Fan Xing. Alright, since only one of them could live, and even if she lived, she would definitely not be a match for those people, then it was better to let Zhai Yue live.

There was no hope for the Wen family, and half of her revenge had been avenged. Since that was the case, then it would be good to return the favor of Zhai Yue for the rest of her life, and forget about her own love.

“Zhai Yue, Fan Xing likes you!”

After Fan Xing said this, she suddenly raised her head and let out a long howl. Zhai Yue, who was in her arms, could clearly feel countless streams of air sweeping over from all directions. It turned out that Fan Xing really loved him and was really willing to give him the demonic core… Strong feelings and love swept through his body. Zhai Yue had no idea what Fan Xing would experience in the future.

Intense pain assaulted her limbs and bones. The explosive feeling in her dantian made Fan Xing endure the intense pain.

At this moment, Fan Xing suddenly lowered her head. Everyone saw that at this moment, Fan Xing actually kissed Zhai Yue.

Not only that, Fan Xing reached out her hand to the top of her head. She pulled hard, and the smell of blood filled her mouth.

“Not good, she’s passing the demonic core to Zhai Yue. Hurry up and do it.”

Fez was shocked. She had not expected that this d*mned half-demon would use such a method to pass the demonic core to Zhai Yue. However, they were going to snatch the demonic core at this critical moment today. How could they let her pass the demonic core smoothly?


A few screams rang out. Everyone was thrown far away by a layer of red light and fell heavily to the ground.

Not only that, after the demonic core of Fan Xing was successfully swallowed by Zhai Yue, she raised her head, grabbed her horn, and threw it at those people.

Two earth-shattering explosions rang out. Mo Lou, the Ghost King, the Beast King, and the seven Elders were all blasted far away. They spat out blood and fell to the ground, not moving at all.

Miao Ling fainted on the side, and her aura was also churning. Now she finally understood that it was really a Dragon horn. Only a Dragon horn could have such great power when it was taken off.

She knew that her cultivation had been completely destroyed. She couldn’t even be a human. She could only become a beast.

Not only that, the Ghost King and the others had all lost their cultivation. None of them were good.

The only good one might be Demon Princess Fez.

When Fez was hit by the explosion, she was blocked by the seven Elders. Therefore, she was only injured and her cultivation was still there. However, none of the seven Elders were spared. They were all dead.

“D*mn it, d*mn it, you d*mn half-demon, I’m going to kill you.”

Fez was extremely angry, but when she saw Fan Xing’s head full of blood and her red eyes that looked like ghosts. She was so scared that she didn’t dare to move.

If this half-demon still had some tricks up her sleeve, she wouldn’t have any helpers.

Fez was unwilling to accept this, so she said to Fan Xing,”I am the Empress of the Demon race. The Demon Emperor, Zhai Yue, and I worked together to obtain your demonic core. It’s ridiculous that a mortal woman like you is qualified to be a demon!

“Fan Xing, do you really think that Zhai Yue doesn’t want your demonic core? If you don’t believe me, you can take a look at Zhai Yue’s left chest. Does his left chest have the mark of a peach blossom? He is a deep pool black Flood Dragon cultivating by the Peach Blossom Stream. Fan Xing, you are a fool. You have been deceived!”

Fan Xing looked at Fez in disbelief. Yes, Zhai Yue’s left chest indeed had the mark of a peach blossom, but why would he lie to her? Lie, lie, she was lying.

“Fez, you talk too much.”

At this moment, Zhai Yue stood up with a cold air. He looked at Fez and stretched out his hand, striking her.

Fan Xing turned to look at Zhai Yue. That incredulous look, that icy coldness all over her body, she was actually no longer so afraid.

She no longer had her demonic core, did she?

Now that Zhai Yue had suddenly stood up, how could she believe that he was not lying to her?

“Zhai Yue, did you want my demonic core?”

Zhai Yue looked at Fan Xing and wanted to explain, but at this time, another wave of lightning tribulation descended. Zhai Yue dodged to the side and adjusted his mind to resist the lightning tribulation.

“Fan Xing, be good. With the demonic core, I can successfully survive the lightning tribulation. In the future, I will transcend the Six Realms. Don’t worry. From now on, no one will dare to touch you, and no one will dare to hurt you.”

Zhai Yue said this to Fan Xing as he resisted the lightning strike.

However, Fan Xing just stood there in a daze. Her white clothes fluttered in the wind, and red blood flowed down instantly, dyeing the pure white dress.

The red marks on the white dress were so bright, so brilliant, and so frightening.

Fan Xing only repeated that sentence from beginning to end. She only asked Zhai Yue if he wanted her demonic core. It seemed that she only wanted this answer. She did not care about anything else.

Zhai Yue did not dare to be distracted, but Fan Xing repeated this sentence again and again. Zhai Yue knew that Fan Xing would not stop until he told the truth.

He could only stand to the side and say while resisting the lightning tribulation,

“Yes, I want your demonic core. I’ve always wanted it.”

“Hahahaha, that’s great. So, Zhai Yue, you’ve always wanted my demonic core. The kindness you’ve shown me is all for the sake of the demonic core.”

Tears of blood flowed down from her eyes. She had never known that this was the case. So, everything that had happened in the past few years was just an act. It was all an act.

And she would never be able to recover from this. She would never be able to reincarnate.

“Zhai Yue, Fan Xing likes you…”

“Hahahaha, hahahaha.”

Because of the demonic core, Zhai Yue had to fight against the lightning while refining it. He had to look at Fan Xing. But when he melted the demonic core, when golden light appeared all over his body, when he was no longer afraid… When he no longer had any fear to fight against the world, the ten-thousand-year lightning tribulation would not be able to hurt him in the slightest.

Not only that, his hair turned silver and he looked extremely enchanting.

“Hahaha, hahaha, transcend the Six Realms, transcend the Six Realms, hahaha…”

Zhai Yue was extremely excited. He stood where he was and turned around happily. However, before his smile faded away, it froze on his face instantly.

He saw with his own eyes that Fan Xing, his Fan Xing that no one would ever bully from now on, had turned into ashes bit by bit and disappeared before his eyes.

This sentence was repeated in his ear, “Zhai Yue, Fan Xing likes you…”

“Fan Xing…”