Chapter 1183 - The Return of Da Bao’s Soul

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Sure enough, he didn’t talk, but once he did, you would be angry to death.

“In the end, what is the reason?” Zhai Yue felt helpless looking at this kid. Why did he now unexpectedly feel this kid and Fan Xing were similar? Strange.

“Do you need a reason to hate someone?”

“Don’t you?”

“Does it?”

“Doesn’t it?”

“Are you bored?”

“I learned it from you.”

“Are you still going to go through with it?” Little Treasure was a little impatient.

Zhai Yue looked at him and said. “You have to tell me why you misunderstood me. Have I done anything that has wronged you? But I remember that this is the first time we’ve met.”

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“I hate people who are flashy. You’re wearing white clothes. What are you doing? Also, don’t think that I don’t know that you’re certainly going to fight me for the Flame Fruit. Because on the ninth floor, other than the Flame Fruit, there’s also this person who’s always been suffering. As far as I know, there hasn’t been anyone suffering here for ten thousand years.”

“Ten thousand years without anyone? How do you know?”

“Don’t you know that I’m from another world? Of course I know.”

“But I’m there to save people.”

“You’re saving people? Saving who?”

Little Treasure looked at the Great White Dragon. Finally, he had said it. He wanted to hear what he had to say about Da Bao.

“I’m going to save my wife.”

Little Treasure had just taken out a water bottle from his storage ring and put it in his mouth to drink a mouthful of water when he heard this sentence. What did he say? Save who? His wife? When did his Da Bao marry him? The point was, did he agree? Did his parents agree?

Zhai Yue was already very surprised because he saw that the kid actually took out a strange-looking bottle out of thin air. What was this thing? Was he using a storage ring?

He actually had such a treasure.

“What are you doing?”

“Who did you say you were going to save? Your wife?”

“Yes, my wife. What’s so strange about that?”

“No, what I’m curious about is why your wife is on the ninth floor. What did she do? Why is she locked up there? I know that anyone who is locked up on the ninth floor is someone who will never be allowed to reincarnate and will be burned by the Nine Netherworld Flames.”

“Yes, because of a misunderstanding.”

“Misunderstanding? Then you’re really useless. So what if it’s a misunderstanding? You actually made your wife suffer like this. Why don’t you go and suffer yourself?”

Zhai Yue was a little puzzled by this kid’s way of speaking. Why was it so strange? He couldn’t understand it at all.

“It’s your wife, your wife. Do you understand?”

Hearing this, Zhai Yue fell silent. The other party wasn’t wrong either. He was really useless. He was useless and couldn’t protect Fan Xing. If he knew that this would be the result, how could he bear to let Fan Xing suffer like this?

“I am really useless.”

“Alright, I know you are useless. Can we continue now?”

“Yes, but I will still say the same thing. I will not fight with you for the Flame Fruit you mentioned.”

Zhai Yue said this to Little Treasure in an extremely serious manner. Little Treasure gave him a cold glance and then said, “You will only know if you will fight with me when the time comes.”

“Let’s go.”

The two continued forward, but Zhai Yue was really unlucky to have bumped into this little demon king Little Treasure. At least, without knowing Little Treasure, he wouldn’t be able to defeat that little brain of his. He could scheme at any moment until there was nothing left. For example, right now, the Flame Fruit had appeared out of nowhere. Little Treasure had already thought it through. When the time came, he would take out the Fire Dragon Fruit from his storage bag and pretend to be the Flame Fruit. Since the Fire Dragon Fruit looked like it, this person wouldn’t be able to recognize it. Furthermore, he was going to trick this d*mned Little White Dragon into helping him save Da Bao.

At this time, it would be nonsense to talk about backbone. Little Treasure was flexible. He wasn’t that particular. He wasn’t an ancient person, so he didn’t care about these things. As long as he could save Da Bao… He would be satisfied if he could deal with this d*mned Little White Dragon again.

Starting from the fifth level, the number and power of the flames that appeared also increased. They became stronger and stronger. Not only that, even the clothes on someone as powerful as Little Treasure’s body could not be seen.

‘F*ck, these clothes are all burnt. What kind of place is this? How much did my Da Bao suffer? It’s all because of this d*mned White Dragon.’

Zhai Yue was carefully fighting against those white fireballs, but he did not expect to be kicked in the buttocks by someone.

He turned to look at Little Treasure angrily and asked, “What are you doing? You kicked the wrong thing.”

“Who told you to wear white clothes? These d*mn fireballs are also white. How would I know how this fire has a white color?”

“You — Continue. Be careful behind you.”

“Got it.”

After kicking the d*mn White Dragon, he finally felt a little better. However, Little Treasure still took off a vest from the heat and continued to fight with these things.

“How can you dress so inappropriately and have such bad manners?”

Hearing Zhai Yue’s words, Little Treasure felt that it was a joke. Was there something wrong with this person’s brain?

“What’s wrong with you? Why do you care how I wear it? I haven’t taken off my pants yet, and I still want to wear underpants. Don’t tell me you’re not hot. I don’t believe it anyway. Wearing so many clothes won’t kill you?”

Hearing what Little Treasure said, Zhai Yue looked at Little Treasure with extreme disapproval. He was hot, but he wouldn’t be hot enough to take off all these clothes.

“When we get to the ninth level, you have to put them on.”

“We’ll talk about it then.”

Little Treasure knew that this d*mned Zhai Yue wouldn’t let him wear this in front of Da Bao. Tch, She had seen it when they were young, when they were naked. These short-sleeved underpants were a waste of time.

“Let’s go. We’re almost to the ninth level. There are still two more levels.”

The two of them continued forward. Of course, as they reached the end, it became more and more dangerous. It must be known that both of them were so powerful, but they were still injured in the Nine Netherworld H*lls. Although their injuries weren’t serious… However, even the slightest touch of these different colored flames would cause a black hole to appear. One could imagine how careful they had to be on their way here.

“D*mn it, why are there so many colors in this fire? If this is the eighth level, then what else is there on the ninth level?”

“It’s probably a volcano erupting and lava spewing out.”

Little Treasure said it casually. After all, in modern times, the most powerful thing was this lava, so he naturally began to make up stories.

However, no matter how powerful they said it was, at this time, they had to focus all their attention on dealing with these d*mned flames.

They took the longest time to reach the eighth floor. Only when they reached the other side could they reach the ninth floor. The two of them fought hard, but their cooperation could be considered close.

Finally, when the two reached the entrance of the eighth floor, they sat on the ground in a sorry state at the same time.

“Phew — d*mn it, what is this thing? It’s so powerful.”

“Put some clothes on. We’re already on the second-last floor.”

Little Treasure did not expect that this d*mn Zhai Yue would still think about his clothes at this time.

“Are you blind? Can’t you see the wounds on my body? Can I wear clothes if I’m burned? How am I supposed to wear them? Am I stupid?”

“No, you have to wear them, or else you’re not allowed to go in.”

“I said, you’re being pretentious. You’re not going in, are you? Then I’ll go in.”

After saying that, Little Treasure walked straight in. However, Zhai Yue did not want to let Little Treasure in so easily. He reached out and attacked Little Treasure’s back. However, Little Treasure was a very sly person… How could he not know what Zhai Yue was going to do? He turned to one side and dodged Zhai Yue’s attack. Zhai Yue was just about to attack when he saw a woman chained to a stone wall not far away. Her entire body was burning with red flames, and she could not move.

“What, what, what, what is that?”

Little Treasure was already scared. He was so scared not because of anything else, but because he had seen something that he absolutely did not want to see. He knew that Da Bao was suffering. He had seen Da Bao’s appearance in the illusion before. Her entire body was burning.

But seeing it with his own eyes and seeing it on a screen were two completely different feelings.

“Fan Xing.”

Zhai Yue couldn’t care less about whether Little Treasure was dressed or not. Instead, he walked over and stared blankly at the scene in front of him.

He had never dreamed that Fan Xing would be in such a state.

She hung her head low and her four limbs were bound by thick demon chains. Her white clothes had long been burnt black. Other than some special parts that covered the accident, her clothes were tattered and her entire body was covered in burns. It was really unbearable to look at her.

“Fan Xing, Fan Xing, wake up, wake up,”Zhai Yue said as he tried to break the demon chains. Countless spells were cast, but they had no effect at all.

Little Treasure, who was standing at the side, was still standing there in a daze. He had seen Zhai Yue’s actions, and he would not stop him at all. He knew that the demon chains could never be broken. Not only that… He could not save Da Bai just like that.

Before he left, Shen Xiaoxiao had personally placed the Soul-Subduing Mirror in Little Treasure’s hands. He did not want Wen Jiu’s body. What he wanted was Da Bao’s soul, a soul that truly belonged to Da Bao.

Zhai Yue was still foolishly preparing to break the demon chains, but Little Treasure had already taken out the Soul-Subduing Mirror. Not only that, he had also taken out a Fire Dragon Fruit. He stood directly behind Zhai Yue, he took out all of his abilities over the years and began to attack the ball of flames. Spells, arrays, and talismans were thrown forward.

Not only could the demon chains lock people, but they could also lock souls. It would not be easy for Little Treasure to take out Da Bao’s soul.

However, that did not mean that it was impossible.

Little Treasure and Da Bao were twins. They shared the same umbilical cord blood. He bit his finger and pointed at the talisman in the air. The moment his blood touched the yellow talisman paper… The talisman paper was no longer burned into ashes before it even got close to her. Instead, it passed through the flames and stuck to Da Bao’s forehead.

Before Zhai Yue could react, he saw the talisman paper stuck on Fan Xing’s head.

Little Treasure seized the moment and bit the tip of his tongue. He chanted an incantation and spat out a mouthful of blood into the air. “Retract!”

Zhai Yue saw with his own eyes that a white shadow floated out from Fan Xing’s head and landed directly on the yellow talisman.

The talisman flew back into the young man’s hand as if it had a life of its own.

Little Treasure stuck the talisman onto the Fire Dragon Fruit in his hand, while Da Bao’s soul fell into the Soul-Subduing Mirror through the talisman. Da Bao’s soul returned to its original position.

“D*mn it, you took away Fan Xing’s soul. Who are you?”

“Who do you care who I am? Didn’t you say you weren’t going to fight me for the Fire Dragon Fruit? Look, the Fire Dragon Fruit is this soul. How about it? It looks like fire, right?”

“Brat, you’re still wet behind the ears. I want your life…”