Chapter 1184 - Yan Kuan Teaches His Son

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Zhai Yue did not expect this kid to pretend to be a pig to eat a tiger. He actually dared to take away Fan Xing’s soul? Did he think he was stupid? He should have known that nothing good would happen as soon as the talisman was attached. However, he did not expect this kid, who looked so young, to have such ability to actually make a move right under his nose.

“Kid, you dared to take away Fan Xing’s soul. Give it back to me.”

“Hey, you said you wouldn’t fight with me for the Fire Dragon Fruit.” Little Treasure looked at Zhai Yue, trying to twist the truth. If it weren’t for the fact that Da Bao’s soul couldn’t make a mistake, he would have killed him long ago.

If it weren’t for him, would Da Bao have become like this?

Zhai Yue looked at the red fruit wrapped in a talisman. He clearly saw that Fan Xing’s soul was trapped in that talisman. No, it should be trapped in that Fire Dragon Fruit now… How could he watch Fan Xing being taken away? In his dreams.

“If I knew that your Fire Dragon Fruit was made by my wife’s soul, would I agree? Leave her soul, or else you’re courting death!”

“I’m really courting death. Do you think you can beat me? If you save your wife, then go save her. Isn’t she somewhere?”

“Why do you want Fan Xing’s soul? What do you want?”

“I didn’t take Fan Xing’s soul. That’s all I can say.” Little Treasure was smart. What he took was his Da Bao’s soul. Fan Xing’s soul? Her soul was in the Nine Netherworld H*ll. Oh, no… It was the Resurrection Lily that had turned into hell.

“What do you mean?”

“Go and see for yourself.”

Zhai Yue was stunned by Little Treasure’s words. What did he mean? It wasn’t Fan Xing’s soul? That was impossible. He had seen it with his own eyes. How could it not be?

“Little White Dragon, how about this? You’ll know once you go to the Netherworld. I’m not going to talk to you anymore. I’m going out now. If you’re willing, you can go out with me. If you’re not, you can continue to stay here and snatch your wife’s body. That’s up to you.”

“You want to leave? Leave her soul behind.”

Zhai Yue was already confused. It was precisely because he did not understand that he knew that this otherworldly brat absolutely could not leave.

Little Treasure placed the Soul-Subduing Mirror directly into his storage bag, but he deliberately held the Fire Dragon Fruit in his hand.

Zhai Yue’s attention was on the Fire Dragon Fruit in his hand from the beginning to the end, so he did not pay attention to where the truly important thing was.

The two of them instantly started fighting. However, at this moment, it was unknown if it was because the soul had been extracted, but the body of Fan Xing suddenly burst into flames and was instantly engulfed by the flames, it was completely burned.

“Fan Xing–”

This was the second time Zhai Yue had seen Fan Xing turn into ashes in front of him. What should he do?

“It’s all because of you. I won’t let you off. I won’t let you off.”

Even though Zhai Yue was burning with rage and wanted to take care of Little Treasure, the ninth level of the Nine Netherworld H*lls had finally revealed its ferocious side.

Just as Little Treasure had said, lava exploded from the spot where Da Bao had been tied up.

“F*ck, why aren’t you running?”

When Little Treasure saw that something was wrong, he immediately ran away. Moreover, this was different from normal. If he didn’t run now, once the lava touched him, he would be chased away.

“You’re not allowed to leave.”

“I don’t care if you go crazy. If you want to fight, let’s fight outside. Let me tell you, it doesn’t matter if you and I die. Once something happens to this soul, you won’t even have time to cry.”

Although Little Treasure’s words were harsh, they were not without reason. Besides, he was fast to begin with, so Zhai Yue had no choice but to run after him.

When they came, they had gone through a total of nine layers. However, when they went out, they realized that the flames on each layer were gone, and the lava was closely following behind them.

It seemed like this thing was going to chase them out.

The two of them ran extremely fast, and by the time they ran out of the cave, the lava was already in front of them.

“D*mn it! Pegasus.”

However, Little Treasure did not expect that the Pegasus was actually afraid of the lava and did not dare to go near it.

This was great. Was he really going to be burned to death by the lava?

“Give me that Fire Dragon Fruit and I’ll take you away.”

“Are you threatening me?”

“You can only listen to me now.”

Little Treasure put on an extremely resentful and troubled expression. He looked at Zhai Yue and threw the Fire Dragon Fruit in his hand fiercely into Zhai Yue’s hand.

Zhai Yue looked at the Fire Dragon Fruit that was stuck to the talisman and felt extremely uncomfortable. Now that he had his soul in his hand, but Fan Xing’s physical body was gone. It was all because of this d*mn kid.

He wanted him to save him at this time? Dream on.

“You destroyed Fan Xing’s physical body. You should stay here and have a good taste of what it’s like to have your physical body destroyed.”

“You, damn it.”

Seeing Zhai Yue floating away with the Fire Dragon Fruit in his hands, Little Treasure was extremely angry. D*mn it, he had learned everything over the years, but he was still in his physical body and could not really fly in the air.

Just as the lava under his feet was about to touch this place, a voice was heard:

“Kid, you’re still too young. Let your father clean up your mess.”

Hearing this voice, Little Treasure’s eyes instantly lit up. Great, his father was here. Sure enough, Heavenly Soldier was always reliable. Of course, it was his father and mother who were reliable.

Yan Kuan’s silver hair danced in the air. He stood in mid-air and cupped his hands as he watched Little Treasure struggle at the entrance of the cave. The way he watched the show made Little Treasure’s teeth hurt.

“Daddy, pull me up.”

“Climb on your own. Have you found Da Bao’s soul?”

“I found it.”

“Give it to me. It’s okay if you’re burned. Don’t burn Da Bao.”

Little Treasure’s heart was cold. Wasn’t his father being a little too obvious?

“I won’t… What if you don’t pull me?”

“Little brat, then you should swim well in this lava.”

“Daddy, I want Mommy.”

“You’re useless and you’re calling for your mommy again. Your mother is sleeping now. I didn’t know you were so useless. If she knew, I guarantee you would drink a few more mouthfuls of lava water.”

Little Treasure felt wronged. He felt so wronged. Why did he have to suffer like this? Why was his father so ruthless?

“Daddy, a tiger doesn’t eat its own son. If I die, you won’t have a son to send you off after your death.”

“It doesn’t matter. Your mother and I will give birth to another child.”

Little Treasure choked. His father was really annoying.

Alright, it was better to be soft than hard. He called out to Yan Kuan pitifully.

Sure enough, Yan Kuan hated to see him like that. The main reason was that this kid wasn’t good at growing anything, but he just had a pair of eyes that looked exactly like Shen Xiaoxiao’s. Every time, Yan Kuan couldn’t help but feel soft-hearted.

“You’re good. You’ve been deceived by a Little White Dragon. To think that you’ve had so much more experience than him.”

“He’s so sinister. I’m not stupid if he’s not good. The real Soul-Subduing Mirror is in my hands.”

After saying that, Little Treasure suddenly realized that his feet were burning. That d*mned lava was near his feet. “Daddy, help.”

“Daddy, the lava is near my feet. Hurry up and save me.”

“You can’t burn to death. Stay in a daze. I’ll teach you a good lesson.”