Chapter 1187 - Face Slapping

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Shen Xiaoxiao did not expect to see this mother and daughter here. This was none other than the daughter left behind by Nan Ya and Jiang Haoming’s new wife, Liu Lili, the youngest daughter of a food and beverage magnate.

Liu Lili was a widow and was quite good-looking, but she was not very lucky. Earlier, she had argued with her husband while driving. In the end, her husband died in a car accident, and she lost the child in her belly. She was unable to have children anymore.

It was a kind of fate to marry Jiang Haoming. After all, her husband was killed by her. A family with a little bit of face wouldn’t marry her.

But Jiang Haoming had no choice. He could only marry her. First, his best friend couldn’t resist Liu Lili’s seduction. Second, they didn’t know if Jiang Wenyi listened to Jiang Shuixian’s words too much or if his brain was enlightened, he really couldn’t tell how good he was to the Jiang family.

On the contrary, Jiang Wenyi treated Jiang Haoming and Jiang Haoting equally. Every month, he would give them some living expenses. If they wanted more, he absolutely wouldn’t.

After the death of Old Madam Jiang, Jiang Haoting was defeated in the election. It had been many years. He only grew flowers and plants every day. He looked very relaxed.

If it was anyone else, they would definitely not know how good their lives were. However, for Jiang Haoting, who had pursued power all his life, his life was really not good.

Moreover, Qiu Shaowei really did not come back after she went abroad to study. Even after Jiang Haoting lost the election, they had already cut ties.

Qiu Shaowei and Kong Qi brought their child. Yes, the child had officially taken Kong Qi’s surname after the heart transplant surgery. Other than not having a marriage certificate, the three of them had a really good life.

As for Jiang Haoting, he had caused trouble many times, but it was useless. He had no choice because he had forced his wife to leave. His identity meant that he would never be able to leave the country in his life, so he could only stay in the country. He watched Qiu Shaowei and the others live happily.

Liu Lili and Jiang Haoming were pretty good after they got married. They knew what was going on, and they didn’t mind who the twins parents were. Anyway, as long as they were children recognized by the Jiang family, she would take care of them.

The most important thing was that these children were young. If she raised them from a young age, she wouldn’t lose out. The most important thing was that Jiang Wenyi had said that in the future, the Jiang Corporation would also have the rights to these two children. It was because of this point that… She would definitely take care of the children.

When Jiang Shuixian saw that someone was taking over, it was mainly because Liu Lili couldn’t bear a child, so she directly handed the children over to Liu Lili.

However, she didn’t expect that Liu Lili’s personality was also like that of a delicate girl. Her style of doing things was often ruthless, and one could imagine the children she had taught.

Fortunately, she also knew that the boundaries of the capital could be used to catch anyone who was a third generation official or second generation official. It wasn’t someone she could afford to offend.

If it was the Jiang family in the past, perhaps she wouldn’t be afraid. But now, she didn’t dare to offend anyone casually.

When she heard her daughter, Jiang Jiaojiao, say that she saw a fool, she actually responded very naturally. She did not think whether her words were correct and just said it.

That was why Shen Xiaoxiao was so angry.

As expected, the Jiang family and her were the nemesis.

“With a person like you, the natural class and style of this place will be much lower. The child is so young and you do not know how to teach her. You are really good at being a stepmother. Don’t tell me that you are deliberately spoiling the daughter of someone else and trying to kill her with a stroke of flattery?”

Shen Xiaoxiao’s words were enough to slap her face. Liu Lili was so angry that she immediately stood up. D*mn it, who, who actually dared to say such things about her?

But when she turned around and saw Shen Xiaoxiao, the anger on her face was completely stuck in her throat.

“Yes, yes, it’s President Shen. This, this, this, this, misunderstanding, misunderstanding…”

Liu Lili was a coward. She really didn’t expect that the person she was facing with her back facing was actually Shen Xiaoxiao. Liu Lili knew the young master beside her. The extremely famous Young Master Yan in the capital, but the girl beside her… She really hadn’t seen her before. She hadn’t heard of any rumors either.

Although she had always known that Yan Kuan and his wife gave birth to dragon and phoenix twins, there had always been rumors that their daughter was studying abroad. No one had seen her before. Who would have thought that after all this time, she was actually a fool.

They had been wondering why this young lady had never brought her out to see the world. It turned out that she was a fool.

Liu Lili seemed to have discovered some new world. If this news were to be exposed, it would be a big deal.

But now was not the time to be excited about such big news. Now that she had offended Shen Xiaoxiao, that famous wife slave of Yan Kuan, she would be in trouble.

“Why did you say that to my mother? That sister is a fool to begin with. She’s just a tall girl.”

Jiang Jiaojiao, who was 10 years old, spoke in a way that made people dislike her. If not for the fact that she was too young, Shen Xiaoxiao would have wanted to give her a couple of slaps. Anyone who dared to bully her daughter would be courting death.

“Have you grown taller? You haven’t grown taller or a heart. The most important thing is that you’re ugly. You even came out to scare people.”

Da Bao was not someone who was easily bullied. Although her IQ seemed to be around 6 years old, she knew everything that they had said in her ears over the years. No matter how foolish she was, she had learned something.

“Mommy, she scolded me. That fool actually scolded me.”

Shen Xiaoxiao was quite happy. Her Da Bao was still the same. It was best if she did not suffer any losses.

“Why do you look for your mother if you can’t win a scolding? What a character. Ugly people are always causing trouble.”


“President Shen, look at your daughter?”

“Why? I think my Da Bao’s words are very good. But you, old woman, if you don’t know how to manage your children, I will help you manage them. Didn’t you say that the class here is low? Manager, come and recognize her face. In the future, when you see her, I don’t need to teach you how to do it, right?”

The manager of the boutique pastries had already come over after Little Treasure and the others entered the shop. This shop was originally opened by them for Da Bao because Da Bao used to like to eat desserts such as cake and chocolate. Therefore, Shen Xiaoxiao and the others found the most famous pastry chef. They even specially sent it to Lou Yin’s place to learn from the so-called imperial chef. Needless to say, their craftsmanship was not bad.

After opening the shop, the business was very good. Later, it was simply made into a membership system. Usually, people who were not members would not open the shop to the outside world.

That was why Liu Lili said that the quality of the shop was low. Little did she know that she was the boss.

“Yes, Young Master.”

Liu Lili did not expect that the matter would turn out like this with just one sentence.

“President Shen, is it really necessary to do this from the bickering between children?”

“It’s not necessary? I think it’s very necessary. My daughter absolutely won’t allow anyone to gossip about her. Ms. Liu, please take care of yourself.”

“Madam, please!”

The manager directly called out to Liu Lili. Even though Liu Lili felt uncomfortable, she could only leave. She also had some complaints about her daughter who had already begun to cry. Why did she provoke others for no reason? She knew that she was a fool, so she could keep it in her heart, but she actually said it out loud. She was really looking for trouble.

“Why are you crying? Why aren’t you coming back with me? You’re embarrassing yourself.”

Liu Lili yelled at Jiang Jiaojiao and pulled her away. Just wait and see. Before long, the entire upper-class society would know that this Yan Kuan and Shen Xiaoxiao’s daughter was a fool. When that time came, she would anonymously post it online. She didn’t believe that they would know that it was her who posted it.