Chapter 1188 - Birthday Party

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“Mom, did I just grow taller but not smarter?”

Even though Da Bao was so powerful just now, she still felt a little uncomfortable after these people left. It seemed like she really didn’t understand a lot of things. Could it be that even that little friend could see through it?

A mother probably wouldn’t feel comfortable hearing her daughter say this, but when she was really about to say something to Da Bao, Little Treasure had already said it first:

“Dabao, you’re really stupid.”

Thomas struggled to move his body which was in so much pain. He winced and spoke in a low, barely audible voice. “There is an auction at the black market at 8 o’clock tonight.”

“Oh good. We can go together to take a look.”

Ye Tianxin was not the only one who was curious about the black market. The other girls wanted to explore the place too.

Although Thomas was not tied up with ropes, he still did not dare to move much. Initially, he had thought that ye Tianxin was just an ordinary pretty girl.

Many girls in the entertainment industry were willing to sacrifice something for fame and money.

Over the last few hours, Thomas had come to realize that Ye Tianxin was not a simple girl at all. She was unmoved by his wealth. She was unlike those materialistic girls.

He suddenly recalled Wales’ warning and realized that he had stepped on a landmine. Now he could not get out of the situation. The girls had held him hostage; he was at their mercy.

“So, if I bring you to the black market, we’re even?”

Wei Weiwei snorted. “Thomas, do you think life is so simple?”

“What exactly do you want?” Thomas started to get angry as he turned to look at Ye Tianxin. “I didn’t even hurt you.”

Wei Weiwei pinched Thomas’ chin hard to make him look at her in the eye. “Well, this is only wishful thinking on your part. Do you understand?”

Thomas looked up at Wei Weiwei, starting at her bright red lips. He felt that Ye Tianxin was a lot more likable.

She was gentle and endearing, understanding and demure.

Compared to Ye Tianxin, Wei Weiwei was like a shrew.

Ye Tianxin looked at Thomas. “Thomas, we will attend the auction with you tonight as your bodyguards. You should know what to do then.”

Thomas could only nod.

Ye Tianxin and the girls knew nothing about the black market. They spent the day learning from Thomas about what went on in the black market and what they could or could not do when they were there.

In the evening, they left in a luxurious car for the black market.

The black market was situated in a normal-looking lane. It looked inconspicuous and people rarely noticed it.

Thomas was seated in his wheelchair in the car. He looked at the four girls and Ye Tianxin who was disguised as a man. He realized that things were not going according to his plan.

“Well, it’s up to you. Mommy and Daddy respect your wishes.”

“Oh, Godmother, then I won’t go.”

“You won’t go? Alright, but Godmother will still leave a place for you in school. When you want to learn, you can go, okay?”

Huang Yueyan had been focusing on education all these years. After all, she had two brats, so she had run an international school with a few big tycoons in the country. The global teaching force was very strong, the children who went to school were either rich or very successful. Of course, there were also special students who were recruited. In short, this was their school, so they could do whatever they wanted.

“Okay, when I’m bored, I’ll go to school.”

“Okay, be good.”

Da Bao and Little Treasure sat at the side. Little Treasure helplessly looked at Da Bao gesturing at him like this since he was young. When they were young, the two of them looked very similar, and their figures were similar. Da Bao had learned how to disguise herself, so she liked to do these things the most… Little Treasure was the model for the longest time.

Now, the two of them sat together and started this kind of game again. Little Treasure didn’t feel anything bad about it. Instead, he felt instantly comfortable and satisfied.

It was better to be together with Da Bao. In the past, he always hated being dressed up like a girl by Da Bao. But now, he felt that this was really not bad.

Yan Kuan glanced at the two children. His gaze was as gentle as water. He smiled and said to the adults in the room,”The children’s 15th birthday, we are planning to hold a banquet.”

“This is feasible. Da Bao has not appeared in the outside world these few years. If we hold a banquet now, we can introduce Da Bao to everyone.”

“Alright, Lou Yin also said that she is going to celebrate the child’s birthday. How long will the time be?”

“Five days later.”

“Five days? Will this day happen? Did you guys forget that the opening ceremony of the foreign investor, De Cruz’s hotel chain, will be in five days?”

“I know, that’s why I chose that day.”

“What do you mean? Is there a grudge?” Huang Yueyan was a little confused. What did this mean?

“Yueyan, do you remember Black Peony? De Cruz’s new wife is Black Peony.”

“What? Is it her?”