Chapter 405 - Living Together

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Yun Xi’s face was so red that it looked like was bleeding.

Although the two of them had developed an intimate relationship, they were not really married after all.

“I’ve already asked Qin Hai to help me apply for leave in the team. For the next half a month, I’ll be with you, so you don’t have to miss me too much.”

Zhou Lin said with a smile. His words were undoubtedly a reassurance for Yun Xi.

For the next half a month, the two of them lived together here without any shame or shame.

Yun Xi was about to turn 20 years old, so her parents did not interfere too much with her living outside and not returning home. Moreover, the two of them also believed in Zhou Lin’s character.

Zhou Lin was a good soldier, and he was also a responsible soldier.

However, on the day when the two of them hung out for ten days, Yun Xi suddenly woke up from her sleep. She rubbed her exploding hair, patted her thigh, and sighed.

“It’s over! We haven’t used contraception for so many days. What if I get pregnant?!”

Although condoms had already appeared in this era, the number of people who often used them was still a minority. Moreover, most people would not prepare them for themselves.

Hence, Yun Xi was very nervous now. She did not wish to have a small life in her stomach.

“What? Are you afraid that I won’t be responsible if there’s a small life in my stomach?!” Zhou Lin asked half-jokingly.

Yun Xi’s face instantly turned red. She did not expect Zhou Lin to actually say such words. She still trusted him very much.

She just felt that this matter was a little troublesome. She was only in her twenties and did not want to have children yet.

“Alright, I won’t scare you anymore. The last time you had your period, I had already marked the date. “These few days are your safe period, so the chances of getting pregnant are very low. I will respect your choice and let you do what you want to do. Before you finish your studies, I will definitely not let you become a mother. You will still do whatever you want to do.”

Zhou Lin looked at Yun Xi’s face and knew what she was worried about, so he did not force her.

“Really?” Yun Xi asked in disbelief.

“Of course it’s true. When have I ever lied to you? “Moreover, you are still a child in my eyes right now. You still need me to take care of you. How can we possibly have another child at home? Moreover, my job is to lick the blood on the tip of a knife. I have to be responsible for this little life, so for the time being, it’s not the best time to have a child.”

As Zhou Lin spoke, he picked up Yun Xi. Originally, he wanted to bring the person in his arms to the bathroom to wash her face and brush her teeth. However, he accidentally sparked a flame and the two of them had another ‘fierce battle’ in the bathroom.

Yun Xi had become more and more flirtatious recently, and her figure had become hotter. Zhou Lin was even more in love with her, and he began to work frantically.

Zhou Lin had always thought that his willpower could be considered top-notch, and he had always been a swift and decisive existence in the army. However, in front of this woman, all of his willpower was so weak, and he was utterly defeated by her.

Yun Xi wrapped her arms around Zhou Lin and closed her eyes, enjoying the happiness he brought her.

Waves of moans continuously flowed out of Yun Xi’s mouth. This voice made people want to commit a crime, let alone in the ears of a loved one!

After a round of sex, Yun Xi’s entire body was limp. She did not even have the strength to get up. Her entire body was limp as she lay in Zhou Lin’s chest. Her breathing was rapid.

“Xixi, I love you.”

Zhou Lin’s large hand caressed Yun Xi’s smooth and exquisite back as he whispered softly into her ear.

These words made Yun Xi’s face turn even redder. She buried her head in his chest and did not dare to look at him.

Yun Xi was completely out of strength. Zhou Lin helped her to clean up a little before wiping her clean and carrying her back to her bed.

Happy days passed quickly. Zhou Lin had to go back to work, and Yun Xi had to prepare for the start of school.

Under Qian Yun’s strong request, Yun Lian no longer took a break from school. She had dropped out. That was why this person no longer existed in school.