Chapter 406 - Final Exam Results

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“Students, after being separated for a holiday, I wonder if everyone here has grown up a little? Before the new school year begins, let me read out the results of last year’s final exam. After you hear your results, go look for the corresponding class. Those who remain in our class, please stand in a row in the corridor after reading out the results. I’ll give you seats.”

They had not seen each other for a holiday. The homeroom teacher was still the same. What he cared about the most were the students’ academic results.

“First place, Yun Xi.”

She did not expect that this time, with her own ability, even though she had borrowed a little of the space’s photographic memory function, it was mostly her understanding of the questions, Yun Xi still got the first place position that she had always maintained.

“Here, I want to give special praise to student Yun Xi. Ever since school started, she has been sitting firmly on the throne of first place. She has never been arrogant, nor has she slacked off. I hope the students can follow her example and work hard to achieve the ideal results in their hearts.”

The homeroom teacher paused for a moment before continuing, “Second place, Li Jun..”

This result was a lot worse than Yun Xi’s. However, as everyone expected, Li Jun had always been an outstanding existence in the class.

After all, he had always been fighting for first place. However, this person seemed to have grown up a lot. He did not cry or say anything threatening because of his loss.

He just sat quietly in his seat. He wore a pair of glasses and was silent. No one could see his emotions. “Third place, Li Xue.”

Li Xue’s results were not much different from second place.

“Fourth place, Wu Kai.”

“Fifth place, Wang Qian.”

“Sixth Place, Zhao Yu.”


The class teacher’s voice echoed in the classroom. Some of the students were frowning, while others were beaming with joy. Perhaps this was the charm of the exam!

After the class teacher read out the results, he redistributed the class to each student. Then, the teacher called the top three students of the elite class to his office for a private discussion.

“Yun Xi, Li Jun, and Li Xue, the three of you come to my office. The other students are studying in the class and waiting for the next subject teacher to come over and give you a lesson.”

Yun Xi, Li Jun, and Li Xue followed the homeroom teacher into the office.

“Although you are only in the first year of high school now, there are still two years before you can enter university. However, the higher-ups have recently announced that there is now a self-admission examination method. Each university will look for students with potential in their high school. They need to be good at their studies as well as have good qualities. They can enter the school to study through the internal recruitment examination instead of the regular college entrance examination.”

The class teacher explained this to the three best students in the school.

“What does this self-admission examination mean?” Li Xue seemed to be very interested in this matter.

“This kind of self-admission examination does not examine all the subjects of the students like the college entrance examination. Instead, it examines a specific subject. The majors in the university are very clear, so the examination will be carried out based on each specific major. However, before you participate in this independent recruitment examination, you still have to conduct a comprehensive examination of the study of each subject. This is also considered a preliminary exam.”

As the class teacher spoke, she took out the results of the three of them during the last few exams.

“For example, Li Xue, your Chinese scores are quite good. You can consider applying for this type of self-admission examination. Li Jun, your mathematics results are quite good. You can consider this type of self-admission examination. Yun Xi’s results are quite balanced. Each subject is so outstanding. However, the teacher suggests that you major in English because this language will definitely be very useful in the future.”

The class teacher looked at the report card and gave everyone a professional opinion.

“If you can pass the independent recruitment, you can enter the city one and a half years earlier, or even two years earlier, to study and enter college.”