Chapter 407 - Self-Admission Exam

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Yun Xi was not interested in self-admission, but she was very interested in entering the city. On one hand, she could be closer to Zhou Lin, and on the other hand, she could improve her business.

“Okay, I’ll sign up,” Yun Xi said firmly.

“Okay. This is the notice of self-admission. Each of you can take one back and have a look. You can think about it when you have time. The deadline for registration is the end of next month.”

After the homeroom teacher finished speaking, he distributed the three pieces of paper to the three of them and let them discuss on their own.

The three of them took the flyer and returned to the classroom. Yun Xi sat in her seat and looked at the contents. This was very similar to the independent enrollment in her previous life.

At this moment, Zhou Lin also received a task from the higher-ups.

It turned out that the higher-ups had replanned the city. In addition to developing the city’s economy, they also had to start paying attention to the economic development of small counties. Nowadays, in small counties, besides having more shops and being more prosperous than the countryside, most of the residents lived in ordinary bungalows. Buildings were not particularly popular in this era.

The higher-ups decided to start building buildings in the small county towns to promote the economic development of the county towns.

At the same time, asphalt roads were also built in the small county towns, which also allowed the car economy to be promoted in the small county towns.

The higher-ups attached great importance to the reform this time. They hired famous architects and many people went to the small county towns to help design the buildings. At the same time, they also sent many soldiers to take charge of the security measures for this operation. They made sure that everything was done flawlessly.

Although it was a little overkill for the special forces to protect the engineers and build the buildings, the higher-ups attached great importance to this matter and insisted on sending the special forces.

This also opened the door to convenience for Zhou Lin. He took the initiative to come to the small county town where he lived in Yun Xi and brought his brothers here to carry out the mission. It was for work and personal reasons.

Not only that, in order to complete Zhou Lin’s mission successfully, they also sent a transport plane to escort him in the air. There were also many armed police forces in the air to keep watch.

“Yun Xi, do you see these planes? It’s still very rare in our small county. Sometimes, we can fly so many planes!”

Seeing Yun Xi staring at the planes in the air in a daze, Jing Yu walked up and said to Yun Xi.

“I guess our county is going to be changed by a big move. We can use this opportunity to develop our business again,” Yun Xi nodded.

“Why are you absent-minded today?” Jing Yu asked.

“Are you thinking about the self-admission exam? If you want to take the exam this time, I will study hard and try to get a registration form from the teacher. I will accompany you to the county to study at the self-enrollment university.”

Jing Yu made his attitude clear.

“It’s nothing. I’m just not used to the new semester. This kind of life is probably a holiday syndrome!” Yun Xi casually thought of a reason to prevaricate.

At the end of the night, she saw Zhou Lin at her home. Zhou Lin explained the ins and outs of this matter clearly and then left in a hurry. This period of time was the busiest time, so he had to finish this period of time before he could have time to be alone with her.

Yun Xi was not in a hurry. She just felt very sweet in her heart. Perhaps both of them wanted to be closer to each other. This was a two-way rush of love!

After living in this small county town for a year, Yun Xi had gradually gotten used to life here. She also slowly accepted the environment here. She also began to slowly fall in love with the small county town.

Suddenly realizing that he would have a drastic change, there was still some nostalgia in her heart.

The higher-ups decided to first convert the bungalows in the prosperous area into buildings and to give the families in this area a considerable compensation fee.

The bungalow that Yun Xi’s family now lived in was located in the school area. It had also been designated as a key area for demolition, preparing to turn this area into a school district house. The demolition work was handled by the higher-ups. Yun Xi’s family did not have to worry about the money for the demolition. Their family had also received a large number of subsidies, and they had also been provided with a house that had a similar size to theirs.