Chapter 408 - Gu Ting’s Background

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The demolition work on the side was in full swing. Meanwhile, in a luxurious house, a father and son were quarreling.

“Can you stop causing trouble for me outside? Can you save me some trouble? How many times have I cleaned your butt behind your back?”

A middle-aged man around 50 years old was sitting on the sofa in the living room. This man looked very tough. He had a full beard on his face and his posture was very straight. He looked like a soldier.

“When did I need you to help me wipe my ass? You haven’t cared about me for so many years. What are you doing here at this time?!”

The man’s voice was very pleasant, but his words were not very pleasant to the ear.

“I know you still hate me because of your mother’s matter, but you can’t sacrifice your own life because of me. While we can still turn back now, I still have the right to wipe away all the dirty things you’ve done. You’d better get on the right path. After all, you’re my biological son. How can I harm you?”

The tall man still lowered his head and looked at his son helplessly.

This tall man was the deputy brigade commander of the military region, Zhang Yuan. Sitting opposite him was his son, or more accurately, his illegitimate son, Gu Ting.

Gu Ting was a mistake that Zhang Yuan made when he was young. At that time, he was not married yet, so he met a woman who sold tea outside.

When men were young, most of them were full of vigor. When they saw a beautiful woman, they immediately started to pursue her passionately. Zhang Yuan was considered a promising young man at that time. Moreover, his height and appearance were not bad. The tea girl quickly fell in love with him.

After the two of them spent some time together, the girl who sold tea became pregnant. It was Zhang Yuan’s first time as a father, but before he could experience the joy of being a father for the first time, he was called back by the Old Master.

The Old Master arranged a blind date for him with the daughter of a well-matched aristocratic family.

At that time, Zhang Yuan had a younger brother at home. The two of them fought over the Old Masters property, so no one dared to disobey the Old Master’s words.

There was no other way. Zhang Yuan could only come up with some lies to coax the tea girl while he returned to his home in the city and married the daughter of an aristocratic family.

However, lies were like a fragile piece of paper. In the end, they could not contain the flames of reality. After the tea girl came to find him, she found out that the man was already married. At that time, she was already nine months pregnant and was about to give birth. It was impossible for her to abort the child in her belly.

However, due to her emotional agitation, she gave birth prematurely. The baby was born prematurely, and its vital signs were very weak. Although the Old Master of the Zhang family would not admit that the wild woman outside was their daughter-in-law, the child still had their family’s blood. The Old Master of the Zhang family still sent the mother and son to the hospital for emergency treatment.

After two days and two nights of emergency treatment, the mother and son were both saved. However, because the child was born prematurely, his constitution was particularly weak, and the organs in his body were naturally deficient. This was also the reason why Gu Ting’s body had always been cold.

He had become an illegitimate child that could not be seen in the light, and could only follow his mother back to the small county town to live. Since he was young, he had been scolded for being an illegitimate child. This also caused his heart to gradually become not as sunny as the other children, but rather gloomy.

After the death of the Old Master of the Zhang family, Zhang Yuan gave his son some money and power so that he could call the wind and summon the rain in the county. This could be considered compensation for his son.

Gu Ting did not know whether he had done well or not. With these properties and power, he slowly developed his own huge dark empire with this county as a base.

When Zhang Yuan found out about all this, it was already too late. Gu Ting’s huge dark empire had already been involved with many high-ranking officials. It was no longer something that he could settle on his own.

However, he had always wanted to pull his son back to the right path. Firstly, it was for his future, and secondly, it was for his reputation.

Now, the demolition and renovation plan in this city was a very good opportunity. Zhang Yuan hoped that Gu Ting could return to the county with a legitimate identity and use his position as a supervisor or other position to clear his name.