Chapter 410 - Installation of Floor Heating Equipment

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If high-rise residential buildings continued to use this traditional heating method, it was likely to cause fire and a series of other hidden dangers.

So this time, the staff who came to the county town first contacted the well-known company team that installed floor heating in the city, preparing to implement floor heating measures in a large area of the city.

The underground heating measures this time not only had to be installed inside the building but also could reach every household. This could form a complete heating system underground, playing a convenient role for the people.

Moreover, this project was completed with a state subsidy. In order to enable every household to take the initiative to install the underground heating measures, everyone now set the price of underground heating to the lowest.

As long as they burned coal at half price for a year, they would be able to install the floor heating system in their homes. Moreover, with the floor heating system, they would no longer have to build their own fires.

When this news was announced, many people were tempted. With such a cost-saving and convenient plan, anyone with a brain would naturally know its pros and cons.

“Have you heard about the newly implemented floor heating system? I plan to install one in our house. I heard that there will be no need to build a fire in the future, and we will no longer have to live a dusty life.”

The neighbors were all talking about this matter. Some people immediately decided to install the latest underground heating system in their homes.

“My home is not the area for the demolition of new buildings. I am a little tempted by this matter, but let me see how everyone handles it!”

Some people were also very hesitant, but most people still maintained a supportive attitude.

Some people were completely opposed to this matter, and that was Yun Gang’s family.

If the city installed this heating measure, the husband and wife’s firewood business would be difficult to do. The number of customers who bought firewood would be fewer and fewer. If every household had its own heating system installed, there would be no need to build a fire to keep warm. How much money could they make from just some firewood that they needed to cook every day?

Those extremely large hotels and restaurants would never come to their homes to buy firewood. Instead, they would use the coal of those large-scale merchants, because coal was more resistant to burning than wood.

Although charcoal was much more expensive than wood, it was also more resistant to burning and also saved on labor costs. All in all, charcoal was still more cost-effective.

“Hubby, you said that the winter hasn’t passed yet, and the city is already doing this. Should we look for other ways to get money?”

Although Liu Fang’s area was far away from the suburbs, she had also received notice of the installation of the underground heating measures. Now, she was full of worry.

“There’s always a way. You forgot that I used to work in such a unit. Sometimes these notices were made at that time, but to implement them, they will be put on hold for a few years.”

Yun Gang did not mind. He thought that such a large-scale project would take at least a few years to be officially completed, so his firewood shop business could continue for a few more years, and there were countless possibilities of changes within these few years, so he was not worried at all.

However, Yun Gang’s calculation was wrong. This operation was greatly supported by the state, and the development of the county’s economy was imminent. The people sent were all the country’s top talents, so this measure would definitely be completed within half a year.

However, compared to the installation of the floor heating measure, which was something that troubled Yun Gang’s family, what happened to Yun Lian almost scared them out of their wits.

Up until now, Yun Lian was already five months pregnant, and her stomach was as big as half a watermelon. However, Qian Yun still made her do housework at home and bullied her.

She even let her go to the market to buy vegetables by herself with a big belly. However, Yun Lian still liked this job very much, because she could also take advantage of it and save it as a small treasury.

However, for some reason, Qian Yun just wanted to eat fresh live fish. Yun Lian bought a three-catty big crucian carp and put it in a bag, ready to take it home.

It was precisely because this crucian carp was too fresh, it lacked oxygen because there was a lack of water in the bag. The crucian carp felt uncomfortable all over and kept struggling in the bag.