Chapter 412 - Kicked Her Out

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“Wow, so this is the legendary evil mother-in-law!” A young woman in the hospital whispered.

Qian Yun’s ears were very sensitive, so she heard everyone’s evaluation of her clearly.

She glared at the few women who were peeping at her and said angrily, “What nonsense are you talking about?! What do our family’s affairs have to do with you?”

The eldest son of the Zhou family was very rich. He was usually hospitalized with private doctors and VIP wards, so he would not come into contact with these people.

Although Yun Lian was not welcomed, the previous few prenatal check-ups and hospitalizations followed the tradition of the Zhou family as they went to their own private hospital.

However, this time, the situation was especially urgent. It was impossible to tell whether this person was rich or not just from his clothes, and it was not a serious illness either, she could only be placed in the most ordinary four-person ward.

The people beside her felt that this matter had nothing to do with them, so they shut their mouths. However, there was a hint of disdain in their eyes when they glanced over.

Yun Lian continued to add fuel to the fire.

“I really didn’t do it on purpose. In the past, when you asked me to buy a watermelon, I was able to hold it. It’s just that my five-month-pregnancy stomach was almost twice the size of my three-month-pregnancy stomach. That was why I couldn’t hold it…”

Yun Lian sobbed softly as she spoke, hoping to win the sympathy of the people around her.

Yun Lian’s performance was indeed very effective. Soon, someone continued to discuss.

“What this girl said makes sense. With this belly, it’s true that she can’t do some heavy physical labor.”

“The husband of this child hasn’t appeared yet, and this mother-in-law is so aggressive. Why did she marry into such a family in the first place?”

“It’s not easy for this child.”

The surrounding people discussed animatedly.

Hearing everyone’s discussion, Yun Lian cried even harder.

“Well, today I finally saw your ability. You really know how to manipulate people’s hearts.” Qian Yun was so angry that her mouth was trembling.

“Since you dare to offend me, then don’t go back to the old house. You seduced my son to give birth to a child, our Zhou family doesn’t want it!” Qian Yun was so angry that she broke out a few vulgarities.

“What?! Is it a child conceived by seduction? No wonder mother-in-law treated her like this!”

“That’s right. This kind of woman who doesn’t love herself, what kind of miserable situation she is in after getting married, that’s what she deserves.”

As the saying goes, if the whole picture is unknown, one should not comment.

It was the same group of people who, after hearing different words, completely changed the direction of what they said.

Qian Yun now had the upper hand.

Many people began to blame Yun Lian, and some people talked about Yun Lian’s husband.

“You can stay in the hospital alone. Don’t think that I’m one of those rural people that you’ve come into contact with since you were young and that I’ll go along with your wishes because of these rumors. That’s absolutely impossible!” Qian Yun walked out of the ward in a huff, she did not forget to turn around and threaten Yun Lian.

Her threat had clearly failed. After all, Yun Lian did not take her words to heart at all.

“Hmph! Then just wait and see!”

Qian Yun angrily left.

Yun Lian did not panic at all because she felt that there was still a child in her belly. That was someone who could be spoken to in this family. She did not believe that she would be left at the hospital.

However, she still miscalculated.

The solution to this matter was that Qian Yun had chased Yun Lian out of the Zhou family.

Zhou Mo had no choice but to bring her out of the hospital in the end. He had a one-bedroom apartment near the city center. There was a park nearby that was very suitable for sketching. This was the house that he rented when he first entered the art academy.

He did not usually live here because he felt that it was very noisy. For an art student like him, he preferred a quiet environment. If it was not for the fact that this place was very close to the forest park, he would not have rented a house here.

It was a special period now, so he could only bring Yun Lian to live in this single apartment.

He did not usually come to this single apartment. Aunt Jia, the cleaner, would come here every two days to help clean up the dust. When she was free, she would come once a day.

Aunt Jia could be considered an elder of the Zhou family. Ever since Old Master Zhou had brought the eldest son of the Zhou family into this world, she had been working as a cleaner in the old house. She could also be considered to have watched Zhou Mo grow into an adult bit by bit.