Chapter 413 - The Housekeeper, Aunt Jia

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Now that Aunt Jia was old, the Zhou family treated her very well. Now, she could live on her pension at home every day.

However, if people do not find something to do when they were old, they always felt that they had lost their social value. Moreover, Aunt Jia still thought that she could do something to repay the Zhou family.

When they heard that Zhou Mo rented a single apartment near her home, she volunteered to come here and help him clean up.

Zhou Mo was a very picky person. He usually hated strangers touching his things. However, this Aunt Jia was also someone who took care of him when he was born, so Aunt Jia took his keys and entered the room alone to help him pack up. He was not worried that his things would be lost. He also did not feel disgusted and agreed.

When he was here, Aunt Jia would always help him cook a delicious dinner. Therefore, this kind of interaction was considered very harmonious.

Now, Yun Lian was arranged to this house. Firstly, she would not go against Qian Yun. Secondly, Aunt Jia could take care of her here.

Aunt Jia’s cooking skills were also very good. Moreover, she was also very enthusiastic. In this house, besides his mother, Zhou Mo liked Aunt Jia the most.

Aunt Jia’s cooking skills were indeed very good, and Zhou Mo also ate very contentedly.

However, Aunt Jia only treated the Zhou family well. Aunt Jia also had a rough idea of Zhou Mo’s wife’s background. From the bottom of her heart, she looked down on such a woman, and her heart ached for Zhou Mo.

After Yun Lian moved to the small apartment, she could be considered to have been much more comfortable. The living conditions given to her were all the same, and she did not have to endure the abuse of that vicious mother-in-law, helping the family wash clothes and cook, it was also the happiest period of her life since she came to the city.

“This is Aunt Jia, who has taken care of me since I was young. You can look for her if you need anything in the future. You can live here by yourself. There is a landline phone number inside. If you encounter an emergency, call your hometown. We will send you all the things you need for your daily life.”

Zhou Mo left after giving these few words. After all, he was not used to being alone with her. When he recalled the previous experiences, he felt disgusted.

“Okay!” Yun Lian nodded obediently.

Yun Lian was also a person who knew the severity of the situation. Now that she had a child in her belly, she would not run around randomly and would not throw a tantrum. Everything had to be done according to the rules of the Zhou family. She could not be willful.

Although she and Qian Yun no longer had any chance of getting along happily, Zhou Mo was a man who was going to spend the rest of his life with her. She would always find a way to make him fall in love with her again.

The days were still so long. How could they live with each other if they hated each other? They could only leave these things to time. The child would become the most powerful bond, tying the two of them together.

After Zhou Mo left, Yun Lian did not have the mood to do anything else. She sat on the recliner on the balcony, basking in the sun and enjoying the scenery.

After an unknown amount of time, her stomach began to rumble.

The feeling of being hungry made her feel very awkward.

“Aunt Jia, I’m a little hungry. Can you help me make lunch?” Yun Lian’s words were as if she was ordering a servant. Although it was a question, her actions were firm.

“If you’re hungry, wait for a while. I need to clean up the dust in the living room first.” Aunt Jia did not spoil her. She continued to do what she was doing.

“Did you eat too much salt? So much hair has fallen onto the floor. It’s so hard to clean up!”

Aunt Jia cleaned up the gap between the sofa and began to mutter.

Yun Lian heard it and even understood it. This was a common saying in the countryside. If dogs ate human food, it would be too salty for the dogs, and they would start to shed fur. Could this be comparing her to a dog?

Yun Lian’s mood also became irritated. She was here to enjoy life, not to suffer.

“Who are you calling a dog?” Yun Lian immediately scolded.

“How would I dare to say you? There is no dog here. It’s just us servants. We don’t have much knowledge. We just speak the local dialect of the countryside!”

Aunt Jia looked at Yun Lian and said with a mocking expression.

Yun Lian also looked at her. Her eyes were burning with anger.

She did not know what was wrong with Aunt Jia. She did not say anything, but the other party was targeting her like this. This kind of attitude was simply intolerable.