Chapter 414 - Met an Acquaintance By Chance

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Yun Lian was not a kind person and would not be bullied for no reason.

“How can you talk like this?” Yun Lian asked angrily.

“I’ve always talked like this. If you think my words are unpleasant, then I’ll leave. You can do the clean-up yourself!” Aunt Jia did not back down at all.

When she heard that she had to clean up the house and cook, Yun Lian obediently shut her mouth. What was wrong with listening to a few unpleasant words?

As long as she could endure it, she could still live a respectable and good life in the future.

When Aunt Jia saw that Yun Lian finally stopped talking, she put down the rag in her hand and went to the kitchen to cook.

The dishes prepared today were especially simple.

Yun Lian saw a bowl of white rice, a plate of pickled vegetables, a plate of green vegetables, and a small bowl of soup on the table.

Looking at the shabby dishes, Yun Lian felt a little unhappy. She thought to herself, ‘This person is too stingy. Didn’t I just argue with her a little? Why isn’t there any meat on the table? Don’t you know that pregnant women actually need to supplement their nutrition?’

The current practice had nothing to do with knowledge. It was completely intentional.

“Don’t you know that pregnant women need to supplement their nutrition the most at this time? Are you trying to fool me with these little vegetables and pickles?” Yun Lian said.

“Hey, you say that as if I’m deliberately making things difficult for you. I’m just a housekeeper. How can I have that kind of ability? It’s just that there are only a few vegetables in the fridge. I’ve already made two dishes and a soup for you. That’s already very good.”

“No, you have to add more dishes for me. There are no more ingredients in the fridge. Then you can go and buy some ingredients! Otherwise, I’ll have to tell the Zhou family about this and let them know that you abused me.”

Yun Lian was also a little angry. She was not a person who was easy to bully. Taking care of the child was her top priority now.

If something bad happened to her body and the child, she would not tolerate it.

“It’s not that I can’t buy the ingredients. Just tell me what you want to eat. I’ll buy it for you. However, I’m just a cleaning lady with a meager salary. My salary doesn’t include the money for ingredients. If you want to eat anything, make a menu and give me the money to buy the ingredients!” Aunt Jia said as she looked at Yun Lian.

How could Yun Lian have any cash? The Zhou family only gave her some daily necessities.

Moreover, when Zhou Mo was the only one living here, Aunt Jia never asked for a single cent. She used her own money to buy some delicious things and gave them to Zhou Mo in exchange. However, this was only limited to Zhou Mo. She did not have such good intentions toward other people.

Yun Lian did not expect to receive such a cold treatment when she came here. Her mood also became bad.

This woman was really too much. How could she be treated like this?

“I’m pregnant, so the financial power of the family is naturally not under my control. Why don’t you just ask Zhou Mo directly!?”

Yun Lian did not dare to ask for the money herself, so she had to ask the nanny to ask for it herself.

“Whoever wants to eat should get the money. If you don’t have the money, you can just say so. Then, you can eat whatever I do. Just don’t nag me.”

Aunt Jia would naturally not spoil her. However, she would not always starve her and leave her alone. The food treatment in the future might be like today.

Aunt Jia did not think that pregnant women had to be nourished just because they were pregnant. In her era, people who were pregnant sometimes could not even eat fresh vegetables. In winter, they could only eat some pickled vegetables, but the child still grew up successfully. There were no diseases or deformities. As long as she did not starve to death, it would be fine.

Yun Lian looked at Aunt Jia and was so angry that her teeth were itching. She was thinking of how to teach her a lesson.

She had no choice but to take a simple bite and then go downstairs to take a walk to relax.

However, she met an acquaintance. It was not really an acquaintance, but a passer-by whom she had met once.

The two of them met in the hospital. Yun Lian was in the obstetrics and gynecology department to protect the fetus that day, and this woman was here to have an abortion.

“You’re the person who was made difficult by his mother-in-law that day, right?” The woman who had an abortion took the initiative to greet Yun Lian.