Chapter 415 - Making Money Using Mats

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Chapter 415: Making Money Using Mats

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The heating system was officially implemented. Zhou Lin was extremely busy every day, so the young couple had not been in contact for a while.

Yun Xi discussed this with her family and began to study the matter of self-admission exam. The school was chosen to be in the city, the university near Zhou Lin’s home.

However, just as everything was developing in a positive direction, the Yun family’s eldest son and wife began to panic.

“Hey, just lend us some money. All of our money has been used to stock up. Now that these stocks can’t be sold, what should we do about the rent?”

The Yun family’s eldest son and wife had no choice in the end. In order to not lose a single cent, they still came to Yun Shan’s family and shamelessly began to borrow money.

“Uncle and aunt, I remember that we had already made it very clear before. From now on, our two families will stay out of each other’s way. Even if you want to borrow money, there’s no reason for you to come to our house, right?!”

Before Yun Shan could speak, Yun Xi spoke first.

“Why are you so vengeful? Then let bygones be bygones. After all, we are still family. Your family is so rich, so what if you lend us some money?” Liu Fang began to pester them.

She knew that Yun Shan’s family was relatively rich, but she did not know how rich they were. In her opinion, Yun Shan’s family must be very rich.

“Don’t think that I don’t know that primary school is about to start. The primary school in the county town that you went to is the same as Yun Zhu’s. The tuition fee is not cheap. It is enough if you take out the tuition fee to help your firewood shop. However, you would rather pay Yun Lang’s tuition fee and come to our house to borrow money than use that money to solve the urgent problem. Are you taking us as fools?”

“How can this be taken seriously? You also know that our family only has one son, so we definitely want him to go to school. Even if you don’t feel sorry for us, you should feel sorry for your own brother! If he doesn’t go to school, won’t his life be ruined? We have to prioritize things!” Liu Fang continued.

After seeing Yun Zhu’s accident, Yun Xi had been quite concerned. Now that she had used Yun Lang as a shield, she felt that Yun Xi would be soft-hearted.

“My younger brother is only Yun Yang. I have nothing to do with Yun Lang. So, whether he goes to school or not or what kind of work he does in the future has nothing to do with me.” Yun Xi’s words left Liu Fang speechless.

“Just be so heartless! You won’t get any good outcomes!”

Liu Fang looked at the situation in front of her. It was impossible for the other party to take out the money, so her mouth was full of curses.

Yun Xi looked at Liu Fang and felt that this woman was really pitiful from the beginning to the end. Such things were usually done by men who came to borrow money, but Yun Gang not only did not come out to borrow money. He also hid behind the woman to enjoy the benefits.

Therefore, Yun Xi laughed off these curses. However, it was absolutely impossible for their family’s money to be lent to Yun Gang’s family. As for Yun Gang’s family, the rest of the days would depend on their own choices!

“Hubby, what should we do next? We have just paid Yun Lang’s tuition and miscellaneous fees for the first year. What should we do about the tuition and miscellaneous fees in the future?”

Since Yun Shan’s family did not want to borrow money, they had to think of a way to deal with this matter. However, even though he had a way to solve it, what should he do after that?

“I did not expect the underground heating project to be implemented so quickly. However, even though they do not use firewood to make a fire to cook now, they still have to take some measures to lower the temperature in the summer! I remember that you used bamboo to weave that mat. Now that it is already spring, the temperature will probably warm up in a few days. This period of time will give you sufficient time to weave these mats. When the time comes, wouldn’t it be another source of income for us to sell the mats?”

Yun Gang looked at the bamboo curtains in the shop, and a new idea suddenly popped up in his mind.

“Weaving the bamboo mats is a big project that requires bamboo, and it doesn’t require as little as what I need to weave a fan. We still have to buy these bamboos from outside. If we want to do business, we have to buy a lot more,” Liu Fang said.

“Okay, then we’ll find a small vendor to buy some of this. It’s settled!”

Yun Gang found a small vendor to order some bamboos, and Liu Fang began to weave mats at home every day. Bamboos were a tough plant after all. The bamboo strips were very sharp, so after she wore a few of them, Liu Fang’s hands were covered in wounds and looked very scary.

She could feel the stinging pain when cooking and soaking in the water. Liu Fang looked at the sky and gradually forgot the feeling of playing mahjong with her hands…