Chapter 416 - Brought Guests to the House

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Chapter 416: Brought Guests to the House

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Yun Lian knew the girl who had an abortion. She lived in the same building as her, and it was also in this single apartment.

The girl who had an abortion was called Fang Ling, and she was a mistress.

Fang Ling looked about the same age as Yun Lian, but she had stopped studying a long time ago.

“What’s the use of studying? Is it as comfortable as we are now? I don’t have to do anything every day now. I just live in an apartment like this. I even have a special nanny to take care of me. Isn’t it good for someone to give me pocket money regularly?!”

Fang Ling’s thoughts were different from most people’s. She did not feel that being a mistress was a particularly shameful thing. Instead, she felt that it was only natural that she could receive the treatment she received today because of her beauty.

“Then why did you go for an abortion the last time?”

Yun Lian did not think much and asked directly, but Fang Ling did not mind.

“Can you please use your brain? I’m just a third party after all. The child I gave birth to will be scolded. Moreover, I’m so young now. Maybe I can follow a richer boss in the future. I don’t want to be tied down by a child. As long as I tell my financial backer that I don’t want to burden his family and take the initiative to abort this child, not only will I not be a burden, but he’ll even think that I understand the bigger picture and give me more compensation!”

Fang Ling touched the latest bag on her back and explained to Yun Lian.

Yun Lian had previously thought that a house and a car were the symbols of money. Then, when she had the money to buy some delicious food, it would be considered a good life. However, it was not until she got to know the age of the house that she realized that there was something called luxury goods in this world.

No wonder when she opened the cabinet last time to carry Qian Yun’s bag, she was reprimanded by Qian Yun. Qian Yun even said that she did not deserve these things.

“I want to know more about these things. Let me invite you to my apartment to have a seat!”

Yun Lian recounted to Zhou Mo that she could not eat nutritious food last time. Zhou Mo’s heart softened and he could only take out money to subsidize her.

Now, Aunt Jia not only made four dishes and a soup every day, she even made her afternoon tea and a few exquisite cupcakes.

“Aunt, I have a friend coming to visit. Go make a cup of afternoon tea and give us a few cupcakes!” Yun Lian instructed.

“Got it!” Aunt Jia replied in a bad mood.

“Your house looks pretty good. Although it’s not much different from my size, your layout is very bright. Moreover, the decorations in the house have the temperament of an artist. Your husband should be an artistic youth, right?”

Although she had not studied before, Fang Ling had come into contact with society early and had a certain ability to judge people.

“That’s right. He’s an art student who studies painting.”

Yun Lian did not know where she got the sense of superiority from. Her tone made it sound as if she had eaten this man to death.

“There’s a balcony in our house. It’s sealed by the window now, but the sunlight is still pretty good. We can go there and have afternoon tea. I like that carpet the most. It’s very comfortable to step on it,” Yun Lian suggested.

Fang Ling did not refuse. The two women sat on the rattan chairs on the balcony one after the other.

Soon, Aunt Jia brought the cupcakes and afternoon tea over. The two of them ate the exquisite cupcakes and chatted about luxury items.

“Oh my, this is so hot!”

For some reason, one of the cupcakes felt especially hot. Fang Ling could not hold it and smashed the cupcakes onto the furry carpet.

When Aunty Jia heard the sound, she quickly ran over to see what was going on.

“You really treat this place as your own home. Do you know how hard it is to wash the cream and the carpet together? What an uncultured thing!”

Aunt Jia’s words became more and more unpleasant. Fang Ling was not the kind of person who would be bullied, so she began to argue with Aunt Jia. Both sides cursed each other.