Chapter 419 - The Mats Were Highly Toxic?!

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Chapter 419: The Mats Were Highly Toxic?!

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However, strange things happened one after another. Yun Yang was not the only one to have such a red rash. There were also some patients who came to Doctor Lu’s clinic to take a look at these inexplicable red rashes.

The situation of these patients was very similar to Yun Yang’s, except that some of them were even more serious.

In the end, it was discovered that these people had actually bought the cheap cooling mats from Yun Gang’s family. Yun Xi and doctor Lu discussed this matter and finally felt that the source of this matter lay in these cooling mats.

“Can we detect that these cooling mats are the real cause of the allergy?”

Yun Xi knew that doctor Lu was helpless, so she began to communicate with the space in her mind.

The space, “This allergy is because these cooling mats contain a lethal poison. Once this lethal poison is consumed by humans, it will cause irreversible brain death. If the body is in contact with it for a long time, it will produce this red rash that is mixed with stinging pain. It will become more and more serious until the skin festers. In fact, it can even cause skin cancer.”

The space paused for a moment before continuing.

“After testing and analysis, this bamboo is the cheapest bamboo on the market. Its function can only be used to burn. Its toughness is extremely low and its color isn’t good, so it can’t be used to make a mat. However, there are some illegal traders who use a flexibility agent that contains a lethal poison to re-treat this bamboo. After reaching the same state as other high-quality bamboos, they will sell this bamboo cheaply. Therefore, this mat contains a lethal poison.”

After hearing the explanation from space, Yun Xi had an answer to everything. It seemed like the rash on Yun Yang’s body was the lethal poison contained in the mat.

Now, she had to tell Doctor Lu the truth about this matter. She wanted Doctor Lu to tell the other patients not to sleep on this poisonous mat.

Then, she took out some powder from space that could treat this lethal poison and handed it to Yun Yang. She asked him to dissolve the powder with water and apply it to his red and swollen skin regularly.

Of course, doing all these things was the most basic thing. The most important thing was to seek justice from Yun Gang’s family.

It was as if it would really unbearable for them if they did not cause any trouble even for a day!

“Hurry up and come out. Give me an explanation!”

Usually, Yun Gang’s family would take the initiative to find Yun Shan’s family to cause trouble. Now, when Yun Gang’s family heard Yun Xi’s voice, they still felt that it was a little inconceivable!

After all, when they were living well in the past, they had never seen the members of Yun Shan’s family come to take advantage of them. Now, their family’s standard of living was not only on the same level as Yun Shan’s family, what was this person doing in this remote suburb of theirs again?

“Hey, isn’t this the person who doesn’t lend us money? Since you’re already so heartless, why did you come to visit us again? Could it be that you saw that our family was doing a cooling mat business and earned some money, so you came to take advantage of us?”

Liu Fang was still brooding over the matter of not being able to borrow money the last time, so her words were full of ridicule.

When Yun Xi heard Liu Fang’s words, her expression turned cold. Her eyes narrowed slightly, and a dangerous light shot out from them.

“With just this little bit of money from your family, you think you’re worthy!? Also, I’m really too embarrassed to borrow money that was earned through dirty means!”

Yun Xi opened her mouth to speak, and her tone was full of sarcasm!

“Who are you saying is earning money through dirty means? Our money this time is earned openly and aboveboard. This is all clean money that we earned through making a mat. Don’t slander people like that.”

Although this was the suburbs, people still came and went. Moreover, they had a shop here, and customers often came to buy things, Liu Fang naturally would not allow others to smear and spread rumors about her family in the shop.

“Do you really want me to make things clear? The bamboo that your family used to make the mat was the cheapest and lowest quality. Moreover, you can’t sleep on that bamboo! Yun Yang slept on the mat that you made. His entire body was already red and swollen, and some parts of his body were even festering. “Do you really have a conscience?!”

Yun Xi was so disgusted by the faces of Yun Gang’s family that she wanted to vomit.

“Stop slandering us. Your brother’s red and swollen skin might have been caused by something else. What does that have to do with us? Our family’s mat has been sold to so many people. Why is your brother the only one who has red and swollen skin? Are you trying to link those unrelated matters to our family?” Liu Fang quibbled.