Chapter 420 - Don’t Make Slanderous Accusations

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Chapter 420: Don’t Make Slanderous Accusations

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However, just as the two of them continued to bicker over this matter, more people poured into the shop.

“Compensate us, compensate us for the cooling mat, compensate us for the medical expenses!”

It turned out that after Doctor Lu told the truth of the matter to these red and swollen patients, so they first obtained prescribed medicine from Doctor Lu. After thanking Doctor Lu, they did not even return home, they directly rushed to the shop of the Yun Gang’s family to demand an explanation.

This was because they were all certain Yun Gang’s family must have used improper means to obtain the bamboo at a cheap price.

Although they had voluntarily bought this mat, they were, after all, deceived. They must receive the compensation that they deserved.

Liu Fang’s face instantly turned extremely pale when she saw so many people rush into the shop.

However, Liu Fang still did not want to admit that this matter was the responsibility of her family.

“Stop spouting nonsense. I don’t know what caused it. Your entire body is red and swollen, yet you’re blaming this matter on the mat in our shop. Don’t tell me that just because you have more people, you can bully a small shop like ours?”

Hearing this, Yun Xi laughed in her heart. It seemed that Liu Fang would not give up unless she had no choice!

Yun Xi swept her gaze across everyone present and found that some of them were also very angry as if they were angered by Liu Fang’s words. It seemed that Liu Fang had really angered quite a number of people this time.

“If you say that it’s our cooling mat’s problem, then bring back the cooling mat. We can give you a half-price refund, but if you say we should compensate you in full, or even medical fees, that’s absolutely impossible!”

Of course, the money that she had eaten would not be spat out again. Liu Fang also looked like she was pestering them.

Her face made the patients who were already feeling uncomfortable due to the redness and swelling even more uncomfortable. Some of them who had a bad temper had already begun to clench their fists and wanted to walk over to Liu Fang’s family.

“You dare to fight with me? Do you believe that I will call the police? I will arrest you!”

Looking at the angry faces of those patients who wanted to hit someone, Liu Fang was so frightened that she took a few steps back and looked at them in horror.

Yun Xi’s brows furrowed and her face darkened.

It seemed that Liu Fang was really a shrew. These patients were all angered by her!

She walked up to the patients and patted their shoulders gently.

“Everyone, don’t be rash. It’s not worth it to lose your future because of a person like this. We were the ones who made the right decision. As long as I’m here today, I’ll definitely be able to help everyone obtain compensation!”

Yun Xi comforted every irritable patient here.

“You little girl, are you really helping the outsiders? Have you already forgotten your surname? Why are you still following these people to deal with your uncle and aunt’s family!”

Liu Fang began to roar. The situation had developed to such an extent that she could no longer control it with her abilities.

“As the saying goes, help the principle, not the family. You should compensate for your mistakes! Since you have always claimed that there is no problem with your mat, we can take it to the relevant testing agency in the city and test whether your mat really contains substandard rinsing medicine!”

Yun Xi did not give in. After all, Yun yang was also a victim, so she had to help him stand up for himself.

The two of them were a married couple, so they did not know what substandard rinsing subtainces was! When they bought these bamboos, they only thought that they were cheap and bought them back.

When Liu Fang was weaving these bamboos, her fingers also showed signs of redness and swelling. However, this was also the case when she was weaving the bamboos previously. Liu Fang did not care. She only felt that the small barbs inside the bamboos had pierced into her fingers, causing the redness and swelling to appear.

After that, when she was weaving the mat, she was wearing a thick layer of gloves, so the redness and swelling did not appear anymore. Now that she thought about it, it was really possible that these bamboos were not qualified at all!

Thinking of this, Liu Fang’s heart started to panic. She looked at Yun Xi, who was standing in front of her, with a complicated look in her eyes.

“I am only in charge of making the mat. These bamboos were not made by me at all. If you really want to pursue this matter, the real responsibility, then go and look for those people who sell the bamboo! I am also completely unaware of this matter!”