Chapter 421 - Write Promissory notes

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Chapter 421: Write Promissory notes

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Liu Fang thought of the crux of the matter and quickly tried to clear her name. She wanted to push the blame onto the bamboo seller.

Yun Xi snorted coldly. “Aunt, aren’t you too naive? We don’t even know who this bamboo seller is. Even if we knew, we wouldn’t go looking for him. He didn’t know that the bamboo was being used to make a mat. What if he said that it should be used as firewood to burn? What explanation would there be? After all, the mat was sold by you, so you have to bear the full responsibility!”

Yun Xi still knew a little about the law. The other people also took this seemingly elegant little girl as their only pillar of support and followed her!

“Yes, you must take on this responsibility!”

Liu Fang’s face was livid.

“Your family also has children. If you don’t take responsibility for this matter today, I will let your son experience what it feels like to be red and swollen all over!”

One of them saw Yun Lang lying inside the shop through the curtain of the shop and then threatened.

Liu Fang snorted, but when she saw the man’s huge fist, she swallowed the sarcastic words in her mouth.

“How do you think we should handle this?”

Liu Fang began to ask for the opinions of the victims, desperately calculating another plan in her mind.

“If I were to say, you have to compensate us with the money for the cooling mat, the medical fees for our treatment, and finally the mental damages!”

One of the red-and-swollen patients who came to cause trouble suggested first!

Hearing what he said, the people around him also agreed with him. They felt that what he said was very reasonable and agreed with him.

“Yes, you must compensate us with these expenses!”

A man stood up and rolled up his sleeves as he spoke.

“Hey, this matter is indeed our family’s responsibility. We won’t go back on our word. However, I, a woman, can’t control the financial power of my family. I have to wait for my boss to come back before I can give you the money.”

“My husband has gone out of town for the past few days and won’t be able to come back for the next few days. Why don’t you come back in a few days? I’ll settle the money for you one by one.”

All Liu Fang could think of was delaying. She wanted to first appease these people and then escape with the family assets overnight. When the time came, these people would not be able to find their family, so naturally, they would not be able to get the money from their family!

“Aunt, you’re not thinking of running away, are you? ! There are so many people here, and they’re all waiting for an explanation today. Even if they can’t get the money, they should at least get a promissory note, right?!”

Yun Xi understood Liu Fang’s cunning behavior too well, so he had to grasp her weak spot and give her a vicious stab.

Seeing that her thoughts had been exposed, Liu Fang was furious in her heart, and the words that came out of her mouth also became very excited.

“You black-hearted lady boss, I’m afraid you don’t really want to run away, right? Then you must write a promissory note to us today. This way, even if you run to the ends of the earth, we can still take this certificate to look for you!”

This person who had always had a bad temper also shouted. If he could not get the promissory note, it seemed like he would raise his fist to hit people in the next second.

Yun Xi curved her lips slightly and revealed a faint smile.

“Aunt shouldn’t be that kind of person, right?! It just so happened that I just came out from school and there was a newly bought homework book and pen in my schoolbag. Aunt, you can take these and sign these promissory notes!”

As soon as these words were said, some of the people in the crowd became restless.

Liu Fang originally wanted to use the lack of paper and pen as an excuse to reject them again, but now that everything was in front of her, everything was ready. She only had to write them!

With so many people surrounding the shop, there were still some emotional victims inside. Liu Fang had no choice but to write down the promissory notes one by one. Looking at these red and swollen people, she left with satisfaction.

Yun Xi took the promissory notes and waved them around. Then she got up and left the shop. Of course, she would not let these people off easily. The real show would begin three days later when they could not afford the money!

Liu Fang looked at Yun Xi’s back and gritted her teeth. She swore in her heart that she would make this girl pay a painful price!