Chapter 422 - Was Reluctant

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Chapter 422: Was Reluctant

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“Hubby, what should we do? I’ve already signed those promissory notes. If I don’t pay now, I’ll probably go to jail. I don’t want to go to jail!”

After Yun Gang returned, Liu Fang explained in detail what had happened today.

“No wonder this kid sold us bamboo so cheaply. There’s actually such a strange thing behind it.”

Yun Gang was first angry with the person who sold him the bamboo, then he started to blame Liu Fang for signing so many promissory notes when he was not home.

“Let’s not blame each other. Let’s think about how to solve this matter first. If you really blame me, I would also like to blame you for finding such an unreliable seller!”

Liu Fang was a little emotional, but she was more afraid of going to jail now, so her focus was now on getting money!

“Yun Shan’s family will definitely not lend us any more money. Now we can only find one person to borrow money, and that is the in-laws who live in the city!”

Yun Gang thought for a while and then said.

This was indeed a good idea.

As the saying goes, ‘difficult the first time, easy the second’. The two of them came to the city for the second time, and they had already figured out a lot of ways to go. Following the route in their memories, they arrived at the Zhou family’s eldest son’s house.

“Why are you here again?”

The one who opened the door was the Zhou family’s nanny, and the one who spoke was Qian Yun, who had been doing maintenance at home.

“In-laws, we have encountered some difficulties here. We hope that you can lend a helping hand and help us,” Liu Fang said kindly, but Qian Yun’s expression did not look too good.

“We are not a charity organization and have no obligation to help you. I advise you to leave as soon as possible.”

“Come on, what are you talking about, in-law? No matter what, we are now considered a family. If we are in trouble, you should help us no matter what!” Yun Gang also said.

His tone was as if it was natural for the Zhou family to help them.

“What kind of family can we be? Please, you two, have some face and don’t make things more difficult for yourself, okay?!” Qian Yun sneered and asked.

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“In-laws, don’t worry. We are only here to borrow money. As the saying goes, you have to pay back what you borrowed. We will definitely pay back this money. We definitely take it for granted,” Yun Gang said with an enigmatic look.

“You are the only ones who will repay the money? Why don’t you see what you are made of? !” Qian Yun said sarcastically. She really could not stand this family.

“If you are worried, we can write a promissory note for you right now. However, if you don’t lend us the money, I’m afraid that your entire family will be implicated!”

Yun Gang’s tone contained a hint of threat.

“What does your debt have to do with my family?” Qian Yun did not really want to continue talking to their family.

Yun Gang told them everything about their debt due to the inferior bamboo. If they did not pay back the money, they might very well face the danger of going to jail.

Although the Zhou family’s eldest son was a businessman, he was born into a military family, so he valued his reputation the most.

Moreover, Yun Lian had a baby in her belly. After all, it was also a child of the Zhou family. If this child had a grandfather and grandmother who had been in prison, it would have an impact on his future life.

Even if it was not for the sake of the monk and the Buddha, the Zhou family should still lend money to Yun Gang’s family for the sake of this child.

After listening to Yun Gang’s narration, Qian Yun fell into silence.

What Yun Gang said was right. Although she did not like the child, the child was still a member of the Zhou family. If they could not take the civil service exam and join the army because of this pair of disappointing grandparents, it would be their regret.

“I can help you think of a way, but you must promise me that after I help you pay off this debt, you will immediately disappear from my sight.”

After a long time, Qian Yun finally spoke, but this sentence also made Yun Gang and Liu Fang heave a sigh of relief.

Yun Gang immediately agreed.

The matter in the future could be discussed later. The most important thing was to first agree to solve the urgent matter at hand.

Yun Gang, Liu Fang, and Qian Yun talked for a long time before walking out of the Zhou family’s courtyard.