Chapter 703 - Concealing the Signal

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Chapter 703: Concealing the Signal

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Although the game was to conceal the signal within 15 minutes, there was no time limit for the end of the game. If both teams were outstanding players, the longest record of the game had been seven days and seven nights.

At this time, the frying pan would work. After all, the texture of cooked food was more delicious than swallowing the animals in the forest raw.

During the competition, both teams had a bottle of fresh water when they set off. However, if the competition went on for seven days and seven nights, this bottle of fresh water would definitely not be able to sustain a person’s life. The frying pan was also a good tool to purify fresh water. In short, whether it was a frying pan or a telescope, they were much more useful than a cannon without shells.

“Commander Zhou Lin, it’s your turn!”

The battalion commander reminded Zhou Lin.

Zhou Lin walked up calmly and reached into the black cardboard box to take out a piece of paper.

How could the drawing of lots be so cool?!

Xu Mei looked at Zhou Lin’s figure in a daze.

Zhou Lin’s current actions were more advanced than Li Yang’s noisy drawing of lots just now.

People were born different from each other. In Xu Mei’s heart, even if Li Yang worked hard his entire life, he would still not be able to compare to Zhou Lin’s little toe.

“This is definitely not going to draw anything good either. What is there to look forward to?”

The words that came out of Li Yang’s mouth were a little sour.

The battalion commander read it out first.

The cannonballs that Zhou Lin drew were the ones that matched the cannon that that Xu Mei drew. This time, there would be a good show to watch!

One side had the cannonballs, and the other side had the cannon. They were just waiting to see who would win in the end.

“Okay, both sides will continue to adjust their positions for another five minutes. In five minutes, the match will officially begin.”

Other than drawing random weapons from the black cardboard box, the participants of the match could choose a weapon that was suitable for them to bring into the match.

Xu Mei still chose her own sniper rifle, but the bullets inside had been replaced with special bullets for the exercise.

Li Yang brought along a sharp dagger. This dagger could be used as a weapon in close combat, and it could also be used as a small shovel when burying a signal. Although its lethality was not as good as a sniper rifle, it was still a handy thing in this kind of actual combat.

Zhou Lin chose a pistol that was always by his side. The bullets in the pistol had also been replaced with practice bullets for practice.

Yun Xi was not a member of the army. The battalion commander had given special permission for Yun Xi to bring something that she liked.

Yun Xi mysteriously protected this thing in his pocket. Even Zhou Lin did not see the true face of this ‘weapon’.

After five minutes, both teams walked toward the depths of their camp.

The camp training ground was built on the side of a mountain. Behind the training ground was a relatively high mountain peak. At the foot of the mountain, there were a few other mountain peaks.

The mountain peak to the east of the spring water was the territory of Yun Xi and Zhou Lin, while the mountain peak to the west of the spring water was the territory of Li Yang and Xu Mei.

“Where should we hide this signal device?”

Although Yun Xi was eccentric, Zhou Lin was still experienced in this kind of competition. The place that Zhou Lin chose would definitely be safer.

“Firstly, don’t choose a place with a water source. Secondly, don’t choose an empty place or a place with a cave.”

If this competition became a protracted battle, these places would easily become the enemy’s foothold, and the signal device would be easier to find.

“I know a good place. Why don’t we hide the signal device in the bird’s nest?”

The forest on this mountain was very dense. As Yun Xi observed along the way, almost every thick tree trunk had a large bird’s nest.

The signal device was only the size of two fists. It was more than enough to be stuffed into the bird’s nest.

“This is not possible!”

Zhou Lin immediately rejected Yun Xi’s idea.

“Birds will push eggs that do not belong to them out of the bird’s nest. The same goes for the signal device. Even a bird’s nest without birds living in it is not safe. If this game turns into a protracted battle, the bird’s eggs will be the best nutrient supply. The bird’s nest is definitely not safe!”

Yun Xi nodded, feeling that Zhou Lin’s words made a lot of sense.

The two of them continued to walk deep into the mountains, looking for a good hiding place.