Chapter 704 - Nut Bar

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“Why aren’t you leaving? It’s already been five minutes, and it’ll be over in ten minutes.”

Xu Mei looked at Li Yang, who was squatting beside a big tree, with a look of disdain on her face.

“We’ll bury the signal here!”

Li Yang pointed at the big tree.

“What? Are you out of your mind? Burying the signal so close to the spring, are you afraid that people will come to our territory and not see it?”

Xu Mei looked at Li Yang with a caring gaze.

“As the saying goes, the most dangerous place is the safest place. According to normal people’s logic, they would definitely think that we buried the signal device in a place deep in the mountains. So if they entered our territory first, they would definitely go deeper. They would never think that the signal device was actually right under their noses.”

Xu Mei felt that what Li Yang said made sense.

Although this method was a little dangerous, it was indeed a good idea. This was a big gamble, and it was a gamble of time.

“Alright, then we’ll bury it here. Hurry up and settle it. There’s not much time left. It’s best to bury this signal device deeper.”

Xu Mei urged Li Yang while looking at the surrounding environment.

“That’s for sure!” Li Yang was full of energy.

“Alright, now it’s about time!”

After Li Yang buried the signal device, he used his feet to stomp on the fluffy soil. He didn’t stop until the fluffy soil looked no different from the surrounding soil.

Li Yang was, after all, the champion of the scouting competition. He definitely had some strength and experience.

“Then what about our cannon? We can’t just push it into the enemy’s camp, right?”

This cannon was especially heavy. It would affect the speed of the two of them and might even be discovered by the enemy.

Zhou Lin’s combat strength could not be underestimated. With the addition of the mischievous Yun Xi, they might be wiped out before they discovered the signal device.

“Then let’s leave this cannon in the camp!” Li Yang said after thinking for a while.

“Are you stupid?! If this was just an iron frame, it wouldn’t matter. The key was that the people on the other side have cannonballs in their hands. If we leave this in our own camp, wouldn’t it provide an opportunity for them to assemble a complete set of equipment?”

Xu Mei rolled her eyes helplessly.

“Then what should we do?”

It had to be said that Li Yang had a very good temper in front of Xu Mei. If Zhang Ling was his partner today, Li Yang and the others would very likely quarrel directly.

“Then hide it in a relatively safe place first! We’ll follow this waterway to the opposite camp to look for the signal device.”

Xu Mei did not have a better idea.

“Alright, alright, we’ll listen to you!”Li Yang nodded.

“15 minutes are up! Players from both sides stop moving the position of the signal device. Now, players from both sides can cross the spring water to reach the opposite territory. The match has officially begun!”

The sound of a large broadcast echoed in the mountain stream. The match had officially begun.

Yun Xi and the others hid the signal device in a dense thicket. Zhou Lin took out some cannonballs and modified them into mines to bury around the signal device, giving it double protection.

“Are you hungry? Let’s not rush into the other party’s territory. Let’s eat a nut bar to replenish our energy. The other side has snipers, so let’s not show ourselves first.”

Yun Xi took out two nut bars from the space and handed one of them to Zhou Lin.

“The special weapon that you secretly hid just now, could it be these snacks?” Zhou Lin took the nut bars and asked.

“Of course not, I’m not that stupid.” Yun Xi shook her head.

“Look, you’re all wearing camouflage clothes, and I’m wearing normal sportswear. “It’s already not as convenient to hide in the forest as you guys, so don’t tell me you won’t allow me to carry an extra storage bag. These nut bars are what I prepared in the storage bag.”

Yun Xi patted the bulging storage bag on her waist.

The army had prepared two compressed biscuits for each contestant as dry rations, but how could dry compressed biscuits be more delicious than nut bars?!