Chapter 707 - Missed Coincidence

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Chapter 707: Missed Coincidence

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“Let’s move forward! The thickest part of the mountain should be the peak. We can try our luck. Maybe they will hide the signal device at the peak of the mountain.”

Li Yang could not smell the strange smell on his body. He even felt that blood and sweat were symbols of masculinity. He even felt that he was very attractive!

Upon hearing the word ‘signal’, Xu Mei did not want to argue with Li Yang anymore.

She had already scolded Li Yang to death countless times in her heart.

Li Yang did not dare to stay any longer. The two of them had already wasted too much time. The two of them quickly ran towards the peak of the mountain.

“Quick, look here! Why are there signs of a camp here?” Li Yang stared at the four neat holes in the ground and fell into deep thought.

“I didn’t expect that the secret weapon hidden by Yun Xi was actually a tent! Looks like they want to fight a long battle with us.”

Xu Mei swallowed a compressed biscuit and said.

After a day and night of traveling, she had to replenish some energy in her body.

Li Yang saw that they left in a hurry and did not even wipe away the traces, so he must have left in a hurry. He wanted to use these traces to find their tracks, but Xu Mei’s thoughts were completely different.

There were only four neat holes in the ground, which proved that there was only one tent. Thus, Zhou Lin and Yun Xi must have slept together last night. Thinking of this, Xu Mei’s eyes turned bright red. Jealousy could drive a person crazy.

“Look! There’s only one person’s footprint in the direction they left! From the size of the footprint, it should be a man’s footprint.”

Li Yang was not in the mood to pay attention to the subtle changes in Xu Mei’s expression. He was seriously analyzing the situation in front of him.

“Look at the traces of their encampment. It proves that they did not reach our territory last night. The footprints heading toward the spring now only have the footprints of a man. It should be Zhou Lin who arrived at our camp to look for the signaler, while Yun Xi was left behind to guard their own signaler,” Li Yang’s analysis was logical.

Yun Xi did not have the physique of a professional soldier. The roads in the mountains were steep and close to the water, making it extremely muddy.

Zhou Lin felt sorry for her, so he let Yun Xi only stay in her own camp to guard the signaler.

“Next is a battle of time! It depends on who can find the enemy’s signal device first.”

Li Yang was certain that the two of them were more than enough to deal with Yun Xi alone. The rest of the matter was left to luck.

How could a person with so much experience like Zhou Lin leave such obvious traces of setting up camp?! How could he let his footprints point so clearly in the direction of the spring?!

All of this was just done on purpose by Yun Xi and Zhou Lin.

The person who had actually crossed the spring and arrived at the enemy’s camp was actually Yun Xi.

The alarm device that Yun Xi used to detect the presence of wild animals actually had another function.

That was to sound the alarm when a signal device or an iron item was found. Although doing so to find the enemy’s signal was a little suspicious, the rules of the competition never stated that such a tool could not be carried.

Even if it was on a real battlefield, it was not necessarily a clash of swords and guns. It was also possible to use high-tech to win the war.

When Yun Xi approached the spring, the alarm started to sound.

Yun Xi was very shocked. Was the other party so confident in themselves?!

They actually dared to hide the signal device near the spring.

Yun Xi lowered her body and searched around the spring. Suddenly, the alarm sounded louder.

Yun Xi was afraid that the enemy would hear her nearby and come over to find her.

Yun Xi covered the alarm with her hand and lowered her body to search around.

“It’s actually a piece of iron!”

This spring was living water that would transport things from other places to settle here.

“I told you they couldn’t just hide the signal near the spring!”

Yun Xi picked up this piece of iron and threw it into her own camp, continuing to search deep into the mountains.

This piece of iron saved Li Yang’s team once.

Yun Xi began to move toward the enemy camp.