Chapter 331 - Come On, My Charger

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At this moment, the profundity of the lightning technique in Ye Qiu’s body truly entered a perfect state.

In his body, two Dao Flowers, one ice and one fire, bloomed. In the middle of these two flowers, there was a faint purple lightning. It was the additional law of the third Dao Flower.

Ye Qiu’s perfect body could be said to have pulled his potential to the limit. Was it difficult to reach the Deva Realm? No… that was just a starting point for him now.

The initial completion of the lightning technique was not as pure as the Red Lotus Karmic Flame and the Extreme Ice. It required endless lightning energy to accumulate and baptize the Dao Body to reach the most perfect state.

Thinking of this, Ye Qiu looked evilly at the Purple Lightning Cloud Swallowing Beast and licked his lips. “Hehe, charging treasure, I’m here.”

Ye Qiu’s evil gaze and strange actions made the Purple Lightning Cloud Swallowing Beast’s heart skip a beat. It had an ominous feeling.

The Purple Lightning Cloud Swallowing Beast immediately wanted to retreat. It cursed, “Damn it, liar, you cheated my feelings.”

Just now, he really thought that he could do it. Before he could be happy for a few seconds, he suddenly realized that he wasn’t the one who could do it, but the human was playing with him. He had not used his true strength at all and had been playing with him. He was just waiting for him to use the lightning technique to charge the other party.

After thinking this through, the Purple Lightning Cloud Swallowing Beast turned around and was about to escape.

Damn it, whoever wants to fight can fight. I’m not serving them anymore. As long as there was life, there was hope. I’ll retreat first.

He was really decisive. When he realized that he could not defeat him, he slipped away without looking back.

This sudden change stunned everyone present.

The huge beast in the depths of the void disappeared with a whoosh as if it had been smeared with oil.

Everyone was stunned. Was this a serious ferocious beast?

Everyone seemed to have been struck by lightning and was at a loss. After thinking for a long time, they could not figure out what was going on.

“Can someone explain to me what’s going on?” A burly man asked with a dumbfounded expression.

“I don’t know.”

Everyone shook their heads, also dumbfounded. It had been brewing for a long time. It should have been an exciting battle. Why did the situation suddenly change?

In the void, the figures chasing after each other flew around the spatial domain.

Everyone was a little stunned.

Not to mention them, even the Purple Lightning Cloud Swallowing Beast was a little stunned. He couldn’t figure out why Ye Qiu could come and go freely in his spatial domain as if he wasn’t being controlled.

At this moment, his heart completely collapsed. He turned around and cursed, “F*ck, why are you chasing me? I didn’t offend you.”

In the past, he had encountered many powerful opponents. Once he couldn’t defeat them, most of them would choose to escape. It was impossible for anyone to catch up to him in this void, so he had been safe all these years.

Until he met a hooligan, an unreasonable hooligan.

The lightning technique that he was most proud of had become the other party’s charging treasure. The only spatial domain that he was proud of couldn’t control him.

The most terrifying thing was his speed. It was as if he was flying a plane. He caught up to him in a flash. If he didn’t have a spatial secret technique to shuttle back and forth, he would have been stabbed long ago.

Hooligan, this was definitely a hooligan. He was unreasonable.

“Hehe…” Hearing his useless rage, Ye Qiu chuckled and said, “Weren’t you quite arrogant just now? Why are you afraid now?”

Ye Qiu was furious when he thought of how the Purple Lightning Cloud Swallowing Beast had pretended to be cool and almost scared him.

This guy didn’t have any other abilities, but he was quite good at scaring people. He was almost frightened just now.

At this point, the Purple Lightning Cloud Swallowing Beast wanted to cry but had no tears. It said, “Do you think I want to? It’s not easy for me either. All these years, wave after wave of people have come to covet my Longevity pill. If I don’t change myself, how can I scare those ambitious people?

“For thousands of years, I haven’t had a good night’s sleep. I’ve been thinking about how to deal with people like you who want my Longevity pill.

“I’m so young, but my beard has turned white. Firstly, I don’t cause trouble, and secondly, I don’t show off. I just hide in this dark corner and want to live a good life. What did I do wrong?”

At this point, the Purple Lightning Cloud Swallowing Beast cried.?It was too difficult. There was no way to live like this anymore. I would die if I bragged, but I would also die if I didn’t. What was wrong with this world?

I just want to live and become an immortal. What wrong did I do?

The Purple Lightning Cloud Swallowing Beast’s words undoubtedly impacted Ye Qiu’s heart. This seemed to be the most honest thought in most people’s hearts.

Among the living beings, many wanted to live an ordinary life. Even if they were struggling at death’s door, they did not want to take the initiative to cause trouble.

However, this world did not allow it.

The Heavenly Dao was like this. How could it not fight? Even if you didn’t fight, others would. The competition on the path to immortality was extremely cruel. One wrong step would lead to a bottomless abyss.

When the storm came, you would realize that sometimes, it didn’t mean that you could stay aloof from the world and live peacefully without competition.

The world did not allow it.

This was the helplessness in the hearts of many living beings. Many innocent living beings had lost their lives because of this.

The Purple Lightning Cloud Swallowing Beast was an auspicious beast. His bloodline was pure and he was a treasure himself. Moreover, he still had a longevity medicine in his hand. This was his fault.

A man’s wealth is his own ruin.

Some wanted to take his longevity medicine, while others wanted to drink his blood and refine their supreme bodies. As long as he was still alive, he would never be able to escape this calamity unless he was strong enough to control his own fate.

Ye Qiu gradually sympathized with this guy. Life was really bitter. Ever since he was born, in order to save his life, his father sealed him in the Immortal Palace during the chaos of Ancient Chaos.

When he finally removed the seal and was strong enough, he suddenly discovered that there were also many powerful bloodlines sealed from his era around him.

They all wanted to kill him and suck his blood. He had finally found a longevity medicine and wanted to silently protect it. When it matured, he would eat it and his strength would increase greatly.

Unexpectedly, the immortal palace suddenly appeared. The moment the yellow plum blossom matured and released its immortal aura, it immediately attracted a large group of powerful enemies.

At this moment, the more the Purple Lightning Cloud Swallowing Beast thought about it, the more aggrieved it became. He wanted to cry as he felt terrible.

Why did he always encounter unlucky things?

In the past, he could still deal with powerful enemies. Now that he had encountered a hooligan, he was completely helpless.

Heavens, you might as well kill me.

Looking at the fleeing figure in front of him who recounted his tragic past with snot and tears, Ye Qiu laughed unkindly as he listened.

“Haha, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it. I just couldn’t hold it in. I can only apologize and sympathize with your tragic experience. Haha!”