Chapter 334 - I'll Teach You How to Pick Up Girls

The Most Generous Master Ever Su Yu 2022/9/13 16:08:02

Ye Qiu happily took the yellow plum blossom. Perhaps he didn’t expect this matter to go so smoothly.

“Not bad, not bad…”

Ye Qiu was delighted as he looked at the yellow plum blossom in his hand that was emitting a dazzling light and was filled with an immortal aura. This longevity medicine happened to have experienced the maturity period of the hundred-year cycle. It was just right to eat it now.

Ye Qiu estimated that if he ate it now, his cultivation would definitely break through the final shackles and comprehend the profundity of the Immortal Dao. He would establish an immortal body, step onto the immortal path, and enter the Deva realm.

However, it was a pity to use it like this.

After pondering for a while, Ye Qiu turned around and looked at Lian Feng behind him, revealing an evil smile.

“Very good, you’re very sensible. From today onwards, you’re my second brother. If anyone dares to bully you in the future, feel free to say my name. I want to see which blind person dares to bully my underling.” Ye Qiu said domineeringly. The Purple Lightning Cloud Swallowing Beast was excited when he heard this.

“F*ck, Big Brother, you’re fierce.”

After calming down and thinking about it, he became even more excited. He rubbed his palms together. Was his big brother’s reputation so resounding?

As he thought about it, the Purple Lightning Cloud Swallowing Beast let out an evil smile and became even more impudent. He even felt a little eager to give it a try. He wished he could find someone to test it out on now. He would tell them his big brother’s name and see if it worked.

All these years, he had been too aggrieved. It was not easy for him to have a chance to hold his head high. He had to take back all the credit he owed all these years.

However, after thinking about it, the Purple Lightning Cloud Swallowing Beast said carefully, “Big Brother, this… that…”

He stammered and looked troubled. Ye Qiu was a little stunned when he heard this.

“What are you talking about? Speak properly.”

Hearing this, the Purple Lightning Cloud Swallowing Beast gritted its teeth and hurriedly said, “Big Brother, you promised me just now that you would find me a girl. You can’t forget.”

Ye Qiu was amused by his anxious look.

“Haha! Alright, I’ll definitely find one for you.”

Ye Qiu agreed. He didn’t expect that in this guy’s heart, girls were even more tempting than longevity medicine.

Hearing Ye Qiu agree, the Purple Lightning Cloud Swallowing Beast immediately heaved a sigh of relief.

You’ve misunderstood me. I’m not lecherous. I was mainly doing this to reproduce. After all, I was the only one left from my bloodline. If I don’t reproduce as soon as possible, how am I going to meet my ancestors if anything happens to me?

Therefore, I’m only a little lecherous. Everyone, don’t be misled.

As he comforted himself, the Purple-Lightning Cloud Swallowing Beast’s imagination ran wild. When he thought of his beautiful life in the future, he couldn’t help but laugh like a pig.

Seeing him like this, Ye Qiu couldn’t help but laugh. But on second thought, what kind of girl should he find for him? There was definitely no hope for his fellow clansmen. After all, he was the last survivor of his clan.

“Hmm… Why don’t I consider the Golden Crow in the East Sea’s Fusang Land?”

Ye Qiu suddenly remembered that there seemed to be an extremely beautiful Golden Crow in the East Sea. After thinking for a moment, he hurriedly shook his head. “Forget it. That Golden Crow seems to be a male. He can’t digest it.”

Moreover, Ye Qiu could imagine such a huge walking beast riding on a bird. That would be too beautiful. Moreover, this love that transcended species must be especially interesting.

Thinking of this, Ye Qiu’s expression immediately became evil. He vaguely remembered seeing a peacock emitting seven-colored light in the vast sea of people when he entered the immortal palace.

She was really beautiful.

That peacock seemed to have come from the Southern Wasteland. Why not her?

“Hmm… her it is.”

After thinking for a moment, Ye Qiu said, “Second Brother, I’ve found a suitable candidate for you. However, wooing girls is also a skill. Clearly, you’re still inexperienced and might not be able to win them over.”

“Then what should I do?” Hearing this, the Purple Lightning Cloud Swallowing Beast immediately panicked and hurriedly said, “Big Brother, teach me.”

Ye Qiu smiled at him, who’s anxious. The corners of his mouth curled up into an evil smile.

“Hehe, since you have a request. How can I stand by and do nothing? How about this? I’ll show you how to pick up girls. Watch carefully later. It’s all knowledge. What you learn will be what you earn.”

The Purple Lightning Cloud Swallowing Beast rubbed his fists in excitement. He thought to himself,?Hehe, after learning Big Brother’s pick-up skills, won’t I be able to pick up as many girls as I want in the future? Yes, I had to learn this well.

The Purple Lightning Cloud Swallowing Beast was instantly excited. He was even more excited than letting him cultivate powerful precious techniques. He was incomparably serious, as if he was afraid of missing out on some details.

Ye Qiu calmed down as he held the yellow plum blossom in his hand and revealed an incomparably confident smile. When he returned to Lian Feng’s side, there was a Purple Lightning Cloud Swallowing Beast behind him, but his expression looked a little wretched.

Lian Feng’s face darkened. She didn’t understand what Ye Qiu wanted to do. Just as she was about to speak, a yellow plum blossom was handed over.

Lian Feng was stunned. What did he mean? She forcefully held back the words she wanted to complain about.

Ye Qiu looked at her lovingly. He gently grabbed her hand and placed the Longevity pill in her hand. The incomparably sincere gaze on his face was even more dramatic than an actor.

He said sincerely, “Lian’er, I’ve said it before. As long as you want something in the world, I’ll give up my life to get it for you. As expected, I’ve successfully obtained this longevity medicine.”

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone was shocked.

“F*ck, is this guy crazy? That’s a longevity medicine.”

“Not to mention a Martial Monarch, even an immortal from the Heavens would find it difficult to endure such temptation. He spent so much effort to obtain it, but he just gave it away?”

For a moment, everyone was dumbfounded. This was too sudden. Could it be that girls were really that fragrant? Even more fragrant than longevity medicine?

Not to mention them, even Lian Feng was a little stunned.

Is he really going to give it to her? At first, Lian Feng thought that he was just joking. Who would have thought that he was serious?

“This… are you serious?”

Lian Feng was stunned. She looked at the yellow plum blossom in her hand in disbelief.

“This is a longevity medicine. You need this longevity medicine to help you enter the Deva Realm. You…”

She wanted to say something else, but Ye Qiu smiled and interrupted her. He pulled her into his arms domineeringly and looked down at her confused gaze. “Lian’er, in my heart, there’s nothing in the world that is more important than you. Not to mention the longevity medicine, even a Primordial Chaos Immortal Treasure is not as good as one in ten thousand of yours.”