Chapter 338 - Peacock Cai Ling

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A seven-colored light emitted specks of charm and rushed out from the abyss. In an instant, the world seemed to have fallen into a seven-colored world.

When they saw the figure in the fog, everyone’s eyes widened.

The most intense reaction was none other than the Purple Lightning Cloud Swallowing Beast.

“F*ck! A girl, Big Brother, it’s a girl. A beautiful girl.”

His eyes widened as if he had gone crazy. It was as if he had not seen a woman for hundreds of years.

Ye Qiu couldn’t bear to look at his reaction and wanted to stay away from him. It was too embarrassing.

Ye Qiu saw the situation below after the short light faded.

The peacock that emitted seven-colored light was the peacock princess that Ye Qiu had met when he first entered. It had to be said that this peacock was indeed very beautiful. Its entire body was colorful, and its feathers were gorgeous. Its temperament was unique.

According to the aesthetics of ferocious beasts, she was definitely a fully deserving beauty, an existence that could topple cities. Most importantly, her bloodline was very noble. She was one of the great ferocious beasts of the avian lineage. Her ancestors had also produced an Immortal King-level giant. She was not inferior to any bloodline in the world.

Therefore, she was definitely the perfect candidate for the other half of the descendants of the great clans.

Moreover, the moment Princess Peacock appeared, all the descendants and experts of the large clans present were stunned. They looked infatuated and were completely intoxicated by her beauty.

Even the scammer behind Ye Qiu couldn’t hold it in.

However, Ye Qiu turned around and looked at the huge body of the Purple Lightning Cloud Swallowing Beast, then looked at Princess Peacock. A strange scene suddenly appeared in his mind.

Why did it feel a little strange to have such a huge ferocious beast riding on a peacock? Could she withstand it?

Ye Qiu couldn’t help but shiver. According to the customs of the Great Desolate World, this kind of marriage had always existed. It was not strange for every large clan to have such a strange marriage alliance in order to combine the outstanding bloodlines of the two groups and condense a better next generation.

Ye Qiu was just a little curious about how they reproduced the next generation. Hehe… this must be very interesting.

A dragon’s roar shook the sky. Under the sea, the flood dragon circled up, stirring up endless waves. For a moment, the entire immortal palace trembled. He let out a long cry and spat out a large amount of fog, trapping Princess Peacock inside. He circled his body and soared into the sky, wanting to lock her down.

The battle was about to begin. Princess Peacock was also a Martial Monarch expert. They watched as her seven-colored feathers emitted an intense light.

In a moment, the evil black aura of the flood dragon was gone. She flapped her wings, wanting to beat the flood dragon back.

However, the flood dragon only dodged that insignificant attack lightly.

After dodging the attack, the black flood dragon let out a deranged laugh. It looked at Princess Peacock with an infatuated gaze and revealed an evil gaze. After a while, he said, “Little beauty, give up. Come back with me obediently. The more you resist, the more excited I become. If we fight, I might hurt you if I’m not careful. My heart will ache then.”

Princess Peacock’s heart turned cold and killing intent erupted.

“Shut up!”

The cold voice echoed between the immortal palaces. Peacock Cai Ling replied with an incomparably cold attitude. There was only disgust in her eyes as she looked at the lecherous dragon in front of her.

He was originally an ancient dragon sleeping in the abyss.

Because of the opening of the immortal palace, Cai Ling did not participate in the competition for the Longevity pill. Instead, she went to explore the mysterious ancient land. She accidentally discovered him sleeping under the abyss. Because she accidentally barged in, she woke him up from his sleep.

From the start, she had expressed that she did not mean to disturb him. In order to apologize, she even wanted to compensate him.

Unexpectedly, as soon as this guy saw her, he was like a demon. No matter what treasure she took out, he was indifferent and only wanted her.

Princess Peacock was very disgusted by the flood dragon’s powerful possessiveness, so this underwater chase erupted.

Now that the flood dragon was closing in on her, Cai Ling panicked. She knew that she was no match for the flood dragon. However, she did not want to be captured by him as a toy and sink into the dark abyss.

There was another intense collision, and another conflict erupted above the abyss.

The battle was extremely spectacular. It had to be said that Cai Ling’s combat strength was indeed very strong.

The moment the two sides collided, Cai Ling spat out a mouthful of blood and glared at the flood dragon in front of her with killing intent.

“Damn it!”

This guy’s strength far exceeded her imagination. If this continued, she would definitely lose. The price of losing was to become the flood dragon’s servant and be played by him until she died. In the end, she might even become his food.

This guy would not give her any face. He could do all kinds of disgusting things in the world.

The flood dragon let out an evil laugh and said in an extremely playful tone, “Little beauty, you should be very honored to be able to become my woman.

“Don’t resist anymore. No one can save you today.”

As he said these evil words, he licked his lips. The evil nature of a flood dragon could be said to be vividly displayed.

Hearing their conversation, the surrounding crowd roughly understood the ins and outs of this matter. Some of the hot-blooded descendants were even more furious and indignant.

“How could he!”

“Disgusting, an embarrassment to the world.”

“What does he want to do? Does he want to use this method to make Princess Peacock his cauldron?”

“Hmph, the dignified True Dragon Blood lineage actually did such a despicable thing. How disgusting.”

The sounds of dissatisfaction and curses kept ringing in his ears.

When the flood dragon heard this, a shocking killing intent instantly erupted from its eyes, locking onto those indignant descendants of the Monarch’s bloodline. Wherever his gaze passed, everyone who was originally discussing fell silent.

Clearly, in the face of absolute strength, no one dared to help even though they were very unhappy. They could only curse to express their dissatisfaction.

“Hmph, a bunch of ants dare to discuss my ancestor’s true name?” The flood dragon said coldly.

At the mention of the True Dragon’s former reputation, he felt incomparably proud, as if it was his ancestor.

However, as soon as he said this, he suddenly heard a very disdainful voice.

“Ancestor? Heh… You really know how to curry favor. You’re just a bastard born from a descendant of a true dragon’s collateral branch and an underwater creature. Your bloodline has been diluted for countless generations, so you can’t be considered a true dragon.”

As soon as these words were spoken, the entire place fell silent. It was terrifyingly quiet.