Chapter 340 - It Wasn't That Serious

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Ye Qiu was just curious. How did he say this without blushing? How could he be so thick-skinned? Who did he learn it from?

Ye Qiu stretched his muscles and bones. He happened to want to test out the completed lightning technique. He didn’t refuse and slowly walked out.

The atmosphere instantly stirred when he appeared.

“Why is this guy here?”

An old powerhouse in the chaos said with a trembling body.

Everyone immediately became nervous when they heard this.

“Who is he?”

Clearly, many people present did not know much about this young man. Just like the flood dragon, he didn’t know Ye Qiu’s background.

One of them said nervously, “This person’s is Ye Qiu. He is the White-Robed Sword Immortal, and a Sword-Wielding Elder of the Eastern Wasteland’s Heaven Mending Sect. He comes from the Violet Cloud lineage.

“When he debuted, he once broke the legendary record of a King-Ranked killing a Martial Monarch. After he advanced to the Martial Monarch realm, he even defeated the immortals of the heavens, the Pixiu, the White Tiger, and other supreme experts with a single strike.

“He has set an undefeated record in the world. So far, no one has been able to take advantage of him.”

As soon as these words were spoken, the expressions of everyone present instantly froze.

“Invincible record, White-Robed Sword Immortal?”

“Is this guy that strong?”

“A King-Ranked killing a Martial Monarch, and a Martial Monarch killing an immortal. Such a legendary record has indeed never appeared in history.”

“This is too terrifying. I can feel a suffocating and fear-inducing sword intent from his body.”

“How’s his exact strength?”

An old man shook his head and said, “I’ve never seen his final limit. I only know that this person is invincible in the mortal world.”

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone immediately understood something. The meaning behind the old man’s words was very obvious. In this world, one could provoke anyone but this person.

Cai Ling, who was struggling in the darkness, trembled when she heard their discussion. She could not help but look at the white figure in the void with confusion in her eyes.

“Is this person really that strong?”

She was puzzled. They were both in the Martial Monarch realm, but her background was not inferior to others at all. However, she unexpectedly felt a trace of danger from Ye Qiu’s aura.

This aura seemed to be stronger than the pressure that the flood dragon gave her. It was hard to imagine that a human cultivator could do this. Had he cultivated all his techniques to the limit?

“Ye Qiu!”

Cai Ling’s attention was attracted as she muttured in an ethereal voice. She also wanted to see what was so amazing about Ye Qiu.

In terms of temperament, she was not inferior to Lian Feng. In terms of figure, she could also compete.

Ye Qiu secretly praised her. No wonder she could make old perverts like the Purple Lightning Cloud Swallowing Beast and the Flood Dragon go crazy. She was indeed something.

The Purple Lightning Cloud Swallowing Beast was even brave enough to fight the flood dragon for her. As he took a step forward, the world suddenly changed color, and rolling heavenly lightning condensed in the sky.

The flood dragon looked solemnly at the blood moon in the sky and felt a little afraid. He could feel that the man in front of him was very strong.

This was the second time in tens of thousands of years that he had felt such a suffocating pressure.

The first time was given to him by the Purple Lightning Cloud Swallowing Beast. However, that fellow was just an empty shell and only knew how to pretend. The pressure was indeed strong, but his strength was not good. He would be exposed once he fought.

Back then, the flood dragon was also frightened by the Purple Lightning Cloud Swallowing Beast’s imposing manner. It thought that he was a ruthless person. In the end, he suddenly realized that he was pretending.

He stared fixedly at Ye Qiu. It was this familiar pressure again.

The flood dragon suddenly revealed a strange smile. “Haha, another pretentious person.”

Seeing that Ye Qiu was with the Purple Lightning Cloud Swallowing Beast, the flood dragon immediately understood that this guy was probably pretending. After all, birds of a feather flock together. Those who could mix with the Purple Lightning Cloud Swallowing Beast more or less had the same thoughts.

The Purple Lightning Cloud Swallowing Beast was good at using his appearance to scare people. Back then, he also thought that the Purple Lightning Cloud Swallowing Beast was very strong.

Ye Qiu’s current aura was also very intimidating.

The flood dragon had already gained experience, so he naturally would not fall for it again. Before they fought, he did not believe anyone. Moreover, he was a half-step Perfected Immortal and Ye Qiu was only a Martial Monarch. What did he have to fear?

After thinking this through, the flood dragon gradually became confident and continued, “You… want to stand up for him?”

Facing his question, Ye Qiu shrugged and smiled. “I was entrusted by someone to do it, it’s easy anyway.”

Such arrogant and rude words instantly angered the flood dragon. He was at the peak of the Deva Realm after all. How could Ye Qiu dare to be so rude?

“Hmph, human ant, you have to think carefully. The consequences of fighting the great Flood Dragon are very serious. Cultivation is not easy. I hope you will consider carefully and not ruin your future for the sake of so-called loyalty.”

Hearing this, everyone’s hearts trembled as they discussed softly.

“What the flood dragon said makes sense. Everyone present is smart. Which one of them didn’t experience mountains of blades and seas of flames to reach this realm? It’s indeed a little stupid to personally destroy your own future for someone you don’t know, or so-called loyalty.”

Cai Ling began to feel nervous as everyone discussed. How could she not guess the pros and cons? She had already become a fish on the chopping board, at their mercy.

If Ye Qiu didn’t care, then she would have to face the flood dragon’s crazy attacks. Just now, she had already understood that the flood dragon was very strong. She was no match for it. She couldn’t help but feel nervous. She didn’t want others to die because of her, nor did she want to become the Flood Dragon’s plaything. She was very conflicted.

Cai Ling clenched her fists silently and stared at the white figure above.

Yet, he smiled and said, “It’s not that serious. I was just dealing with a lecherous dragon. How can it harm my future?”

As soon as these words were spoken, the atmosphere instantly froze and gradually became anxious.

“This guy really doesn’t mind things getting out of hand.”

“Is he that confident?”

For a moment, everyone was stunned because Ye Qiu’s tone was very relaxed and calm. It was as if dealing with the flood dragon was too easy for him.

How arrogant was this?

Cai Ling’s heart trembled when she heard this.

“This guy… is tough enough. I like it.”

A faint smile appeared on that cold and beautiful face.