Chapter 341 - You're Not Worthy

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Cai Ling’s dim eyes gradually regained their light after saying this. It was as if she had seen a hero standing in the light, emitting an incomparably dazzling light. Gradually, her eyes began to fill with admiration.

Seeing this scene, the Purple Lightning Cloud Swallowing Beast immediately panicked.

“F*ck, this atmosphere isn’t right! Didn’t you say that you would help me pick up girls? Why are you bragging?”

The Purple Cloud Swallowing Beast panicked completely. This should have been his show. Shouldn’t Cai Ling be convinced by his dominance? Why was she looking at Ye Qiu in the blink of an eye? Wasn’t he handsome?

This sudden change caught the Purple Lightning Cloud Swallowing Beast off guard.

“No, looks like I have to do something.”

He thought to himself that his goddess could not be snatched away just like that. He had to do something.

The flood dragon’s expression immediately became extremely ugly after Ye Qiu said this. His killing intent gradually soared. He was completely furious.

Yes, this fire was started by Ye Qiu.

“Haha… good, very good…”

The flood dragon’s eyes were filled with killing intent as he spoke coldly. He, a dignified True Dragon descendant, was actually mocked by a human cultivator today? Easily? How arrogant and disdainful was this?

“Kid, there’s a price to pay for bragging. I want to see how you’ll do it easily today.”

In an instant, the battle was about to begin. The flood dragon roared into the sky. Suddenly, a violent wind rose, sweeping up ten thousand miles of the sea. A powerful aura crushed over, and the waves were slapped away. A shocking power ruthlessly slapped over.

Ye Qiu strolled leisurely and watched the scene in front of him. His right hand moved slightly and he instantly slapped down. A terrifying power poured out. A shocking power instantly suppressed the wave.

The violent wind slapped back with an absolute suppression. At first glance, the figure above the Nine Heavens had a peerless aura.

“What a powerful palm force. Is this an immortal technique?”

For a moment, everyone present was scared silly. Even the flood dragon was shocked. He turned around and looked at the hall that had been destroyed by Ye Qiu’s palm. Cold sweat flowed down his face.

“This guy is indeed something.”

He was shocked but quickly recovered. The flood dragon still did not believe it.

The Purple Lightning Cloud Swallowing Beast also had such a method, but it was only a terrifying method. A battle of this level was not something that could be resolved with this little method.

“Hmph… You’re only so-so. Is this all you’ve got? If that’s all, then that’s it.”

Seeing that Ye Qiu didn’t continue attacking, the flood dragon became even more determined and mocked. His patience was gradually worn down, and he was in no mood to waste his breath. He had to deal with Ye Qiu as soon as possible.

It had to be said that his dream was indeed not bad.

After the flood dragon said those words, its circling dragon body instantly soared into the sky, and its roar resounded through the clouds.


A strange rune instantly shot out in front of him. The destructive power instantly formed a mark and ruthlessly slapped down, wanting to end Ye Qiu in a single strike.

The moment the rune landed, Ye Qiu slowly raised his head and revealed a strange smile.

“Since you want to play, I’ll play with you.”

As soon as these words were spoken, the flood dragon’s heart trembled.

What does that mean? He was already trapped by his runes, so why was he still so arrogant?

The flood dragon did not understand, but in the next second, he understood.

Ye Qiu suddenly opened his hands. Pressure came. Brilliant golden runes floated in the air, and a dragon roar seemed to come from the sky.

“That… that’s…”

At this moment, the flood dragon completely panicked. He looked dazedly at the golden true dragon in the sky. The suppression from the soul made him lose his mind for a moment. It was as if he had really seen a true dragon appear in the world. It was an impact from the soul and the suppression of the bloodline.

“No… impossible. Why do you have my ancestral runes on you.”

For a moment, the flood dragon was in a daze. He stared at the holy and inviolable figure in the sky as if he had seen a nightmare and fell into extreme fear.

Ye Qiu looked at him coldly and said, “You’re just a bastard. How dare you call yourself a dragon? You think you’re worthy of being called a dragon?”

Ye Qiu’s cold words were like what the True Dragon had said. The impact on the flood dragon’s heart was incomparably huge. At that moment, he suffered a huge blow in his heart and denied it.

He had always claimed to be a descendant of the dragon race, but he did not have any bloodline connection with the dragon race.

This was also the reason why the Purple Lightning Cloud Swallowing Beast said that he was a bastard.

Ye Qiu’s words directly impacted his firm heart. He began to hesitate, feel uneasy, and gradually became unconscious. When the True Dragon Golden Body appeared, it was as if it had disappeared into thin air. All his firm beliefs were denied.

“No… impossible.”

After being dazed for a few seconds, the flood dragon went crazy and roared angrily.

“I am the descendant of a true dragon. No one can question me, not even you! Die!”

He was completely crazy. His eyes were red as if he had been possessed. He charged towards Ye Qiu.

A golden light flashed and he was firmly locked in a golden cage. Dark clouds covered the sky as rolling heavenly lightning struck down.

“Have you ever felt darkness?”

The flood dragon gradually woke up and began to fall into extreme fear. This person was too strong! His methods were extremely terrifying.

In millions of years, he had never encountered such a difficult opponent.

He looked up at the surging heavenly lightning. The moment the golden light appeared, the world seemed to have become dim.

“What secret technique is this?”

Cai Ling took a deep breath. This nervous and anxious battle and this ferocious and terrifying spell made her heart beat faster. This was too terrifying. Ever since she debuted, she had never seen such shocking heavenly lightning. This battle made her break out in cold sweat.

“What a ferocious attack. Think about it. If the person standing inside is me…”

Cai Ling didn’t dare to imagine what would happen next. She claimed to be a genius of the same generation and was peerless.

However, when she truly saw the invincible appearance of the world, she felt inferior.