Chapter 343 - The Use of the Charger Treasure

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He watched as the flood dragon fled crazily below, trying its best to tear open a hole to escape.

Ye Qiu smiled and sneered, “Stop struggling. Under the gaze of my Divine Sun, there’s nowhere to hide. Even if you escape to the ends of the earth, you won’t be able to escape my grasp.”

This Divine Sun was Ye Qiu’s most terrifying amplification immortal technique.

Once the Divine Sun was used, he could basically ensure his win.

Under the terrifying increase in strength, Ye Qiu’s strength began to increase rapidly.

“Oh my god, a Perfected Immortal!”

“What is this guy’s limit?”

For a moment, everyone was shocked. They had never seen a terrifying secret technique that could cross two realms in one step. With such a powerful increase in strength, would there still be a match for him in the same realm?

Cai Ling’s face turned pale.

“What… what kind of immortal technique is this?”

She was shocked. This was the first time in so many years that she had been so stunned. Such an invincible appearance was rare in the world. If she hadn’t come to the East Sea today, she probably wouldn’t have seen such a shocking technique.

What kind of experience was it to be an opponent of such an existence? She could understand the dragon’s despair. Yes… the helplessness.

It was the despair she had just experienced. Previously, the flood dragon could rely on its cultivation advantage to fight Ye Qiu to a draw.

However, now that Divine Sun was activated, this gap no longer existed.

This was Ye Qiu’s first time using the Divine Sun. He was a little excited. Perhaps he didn’t expect this move to be so terrifying. As he thought about it, the smile on his face became brighter and gradually became evil.

“Hehe… Divine Sun? Not bad, not bad. So this move has such astonishing effects. I’ll have fun in the future.”?He thought to himself and felt a little regretful. He had placed all his focus on the Cursive Sword.

Thinking of this, Ye Qiu immediately became excited. “This won’t do. In the future cultivation, I have to put Divine Sun first and practice it first.”

“Flood dragon, your crimes are unforgivable. You should be killed. Why aren’t you surrendering?”

Hearing that vast and empty voice, it was as if it was the judgment of the gods.

The flood dragon roared angrily and cursed, “F*ck you, come and kill me if you have the guts.”

He struggled for a long time and realized that he could not escape at all. In his despair, he turned into endless grief and indignation. As if he knew his ending, he might as well go all out.

The flood dragon gave up on the thought of escaping and adjusted its state. It was already prepared to fight to the death. He raised his head and let out a long cry. In an instant, the chaotic energy of heaven and earth erupted. As he breathed, darkness covered the sky.

The strength of a peak-level Deva gradually erupted.

Such astonishing power also shocked everyone present.

“Is this a situation of life and death? He has no way out. If he wants to leave alive, he has to fight to the death.”

Seeing this scene, everyone discussed it and began to look forward to it.

This battle was definitely the most exciting battle in the Heavenly Palace.

It was a battle between two supreme experts of the world. Although it was a little overwhelming, the flood dragon’s desperate struggle was worthy of admiration.

A powerful force gradually gathered, and the flood dragon’s aura instantly increased greatly. Seeing this scene, Ye Qiu frowned.

It had to be said that the power of the flood dragon, who had been forced into a state of despair, was indeed terrifying. It just so happened that he could borrow his life today to make the Divine Sun known to the world.

“Alright, then let me see what you have.”

Ye Qiu sneered and suddenly stretched out a hand. His energy formed a palm and grabbed the Purple Lightning Cloud Swallowing Beast.

“F*ck, Big Brother, what are you doing?”

This sudden grab caught the Purple Lightning Cloud Swallowing Beast off guard. He was in a panic.

Is there anything else for me to do? I can’t do it. I’ll only be sending myself to death in a battle of this level. Don’t drag me down with you.

The Purple Lightning Cloud Swallowing Beast immediately panicked and tried his best to break free from Ye Qiu’s shackles. Suddenly, he felt a shocking suction force coming from Ye Qiu’s palm force. The endless lightning power in his body was crazily absorbed by Ye Qiu.

Ye Qiu’s strange actions immediately stunned everyone present.

The purple lightning continuously gathered towards Ye Qiu. The moment the purple lightning entered his body,

Ye Qiu seemed to have obtained great satisfaction.

“Ah, awesome…”

He let out a long cry. It was extremely comfortable, as if he was filled to the brim. He immediately felt refreshed.

It was comfortable to have a charger with him. What was there to be afraid of?

Everyone below was dumbfounded when they saw his intoxicated expression.

The corner of Cai Ling’s mouth twitched. She suddenly felt that the man in front of her was a little indecent. At first, she thought that she might not be worthy of him. Now, it seemed like… she was.

Even the usually cold Lian Feng could not help but laugh at this scene.

“We will never guess what he will do next.”

Her eyes were filled with admiration and she found it very fun.

In less than a moment, Ye Qiu was revived. He felt refreshed and his aura instantly increased.

“Ah… comfortable.”

Ye Qiu let go of the Purple Lightning Cloud Swallowing Beast in high spirits. The smile on his face gradually became impudent.

Under the shocking increase of the Divine Sun, he gently raised his hand. His hand was filled with destructive lightning that was gradually wreaking havoc.

“Hehe… This power is violent enough. I wonder if I can kill him in one strike?”

Ye Qiu looked forward to it. He looked down coldly and prepared to test it.

“Come on, my time is limited. Let’s see if I can kill you in one move. If not, I’ll let you live today.” Ye Qiu said coldly. These words were extremely humiliating to the flood dragon.

He flew into a rage out of humiliation and roared, “Arrogant brat, you actually dare to humiliate me like this. Come at me if you have the guts. If your Grandpa Dragon frowns today, I’ll take your surname.”

Before he could finish speaking, dark clouds turned around and lightning flashed in the sky.

Ye Qiu’s figure flashed and he was above the chaos. In an instant, the lightning in his hand suddenly erupted.

“On behalf of the heavens, execute evil!”

With a cold shout, a shocking heavenly lightning instantly smashed down. The extreme power seemed to have pierced through the entire void.

The strike that crossed the void was extremely fast. The flood dragon barely had time to react before it was struck.