Chapter 344 - Who Else?

The Most Generous Master Ever Su Yu 2022/9/13 16:08:05

The flickering lightning ruthlessly shattered the darkness.

Outside the Nine Heavens, the raging storm was like the roar of a true dragon in the violent wind.

Under the terrifying enhancement of the Divine Sun, in less than a moment, a huge body smashed into a hall.

The flood dragon spat out a mouthful of blood. Its aura began to dim and its vitality rapidly decreased. He had lost. Facing this move, he had no way of fighting back. Even if he used his inherited secret technique in the end, he was still unable to save the situation. His eyes were filled with despair as he looked at the god-like figure in the sky. He was no longer as lawless as before.

The furious lightning streaked across the sky again and ruthlessly struck the dragon’s body under everyone’s gaze.

At this moment, he completely closed his eyes.

This shocking scene stunned everyone present and they all sucked in a breath of cold air.

“F*ck, isn’t this too ruthless? He still wants to whip the corpse after he dies…”

Everyone could not bear to look at the corpse that had been struck until it was charred on the outside and tender on the inside.

“This guy is too terrifying! Damn it, whoever provokes him will definitely be unlucky for eight lifetimes.”

“Too ferocious. Their methods are each more ferocious than the other. It’s simply torture to be opponents with such a person.”

For a moment, everyone present had the same thought.

Today’s battle could be considered the opening battle of the Divine Sun, allowing this secret technique that had been lost for many years to reappear in the world.

The battle ended. Suddenly, a figure darted past Ye Qiu and quickly arrived in front of the flood dragon’s corpse.

It was none other than the Purple Lightning Cloud Swallowing Beast.

When he arrived in front of the flood dragon’s corpse, he kicked it twice worriedly. After confirming that the other party was deader than dead, he immediately revealed a confident smile.

“Hehe… Little bastard, aren’t you arrogant? If you have the guts, stand up and fight me one-on-one.”

The Purple Lightning Cloud Swallowing Beast was furious when he recalled his painful experience of being tortured by the flood dragon.

Now that he saw him die, the anger in his heart was finally relieved.

The Purple Lightning Cloud Swallowing Beast immediately felt refreshed as he looked around and felt the respectful gazes around him.

Awesome… It felt so good. For millions of years, I’ve never bragged before. Today, I finally had the urge to show off. It was too awesome. As expected, I could only brag if I followed the right big brother.

He sorted out his emotions and changed to a very domineering expression as he looked at all living beings disdainfully.

He shouted, “Who else?”

No one dared to meet his gaze.

Everyone thought to themselves,?“His brother is already so powerful, he’s probably even more ferocious. We’d better not provoke him. Yes, yes, yes. I think so too. Bear with it for a while and everything will be fine. Take a step back, your life is more important.”

Seeing how everyone was angry but did not dare to say anything and looked afraid, the Purple Lightning Cloud Swallowing Beast immediately felt that he could do it again.

“Oh my god, this is too awesome. What kind of immortal experience is this?”

He was so happy that he almost laughed out loud. He was a little fearless. In his words, his big brother was right in front of him. If you’re awesome, come and fight me.

He had managed to brag.

After having a good time showing off, the Purple Lightning Cloud Swallowing Beast quickly arrived in front of the dragon’s corpse and dug out an inner core from its body. It swallowed it in one go without any hesitation.

In an instant, the world changed. The inner core that contained tens of thousands of years of cultivation was instantly devoured by him.

After a while, the Purple Lightning Cloud Swallowing Beast burped in satisfaction, and his aura suddenly underwent a tremendous change.

Even Ye Qiu was shocked when he saw this.

“Damn, this guy… takes everything for himself?”

Ye Qiu could clearly feel that the Purple Lightning Cloud Swallowing Beast’s strength was rapidly increasing. His cultivation actually showed signs of breaking through to the Perfected Immortal realm. Moreover, he had also absorbed the power of the flood dragon’s runes, strengthening his physical defense and increasing his strength by several times.

Ye Qiu was stunned. He hadn’t thought of this, so the Purple Lightning Cloud Swallowing Beast beat him to it. What made him most speechless was that he was the one who killed the flood dragon, and he was the one who did the hard work.

Why did it seem like he was working for the Purple Cloud Swallowing Beast?

The worst thing was that he finished bragging alone.

After devouring the inner core of the flood dragon, the Purple Lightning Cloud Swallowing Beast emitted a dazzling purple light. In the blink of an eye, his body began to rapidly shrink, about the height of an adult.

He did not choose to take human form. Perhaps it was because he was extremely confident in his race’s appearance and thought that he was very handsome.

On the other side, the Purple Lightning Cloud Swallowing Beast was still intoxicated when Ye Qiu flew over with a black face.

He said unhappily, “Second Brother, it’s not a good habit to eat alone.”

Hearing this, the Purple Lightning Cloud Swallowing Beast’s heart skipped a beat. He hurriedly explained, “Big Brother, I didn’t eat it alone. This inner core is mine to begin with. Back then, this lecherous dragon slept calmly, ambushed me, and snatched my inner core. Today, it’s just returning it to its owner.”

After hearing his explanation, Ye Qiu felt relieved. After all, he didn’t want to work for others. He had always been the one who tricked others. When was it anyone’s turn to trick him? He was just feeling uncomfortable just now.

“Don’t do it again.”

Ye Qiu nodded and looked at the flood dragon’s corpse below, thinking about what other valuable treasures he had. This was the corpse of a Deva Realm expert, not to mention that it was a true dragon descendant. Its entire body was filled with treasures, so he could not waste it.

Just as Ye Qiu was worrying, Lian Feng flew over with a small knife in her hand and said indifferently, “This little loach’s scales are a good treasure. Its defense is extremely strong. You can take it back and refine a few precious armors for your two disciples to protect themselves.”

Before Ye Qiu could say anything, she had already begun to dismember the corpse. Her movements were very agile.

It had to be said that as a mistress, she was quite concerned. She cared more about his disciples than Ye Qiu.

Ye Qiu sweated. He thought for a moment and hesitated for a moment before saying, “Only two?”

When Lian Feng heard this, she was stunned for a moment. She said with a blank expression, “Two is enough. One for each.”

Ye Qiu was silent for a moment before saying, “Actually, I have a little disciple… She should be eight this year.”

Lian Feng : “…”