Chapter 554 - Eighth Sword Technique

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Chapter 554: Eighth Sword Technique

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Ye Qiu erupted with all his might. The thick tendons in his right hand swelled, and golden runes flowed ferociously. In an instant, he erupted with hundreds of times the power. The Divine Dragon’s Hand had already been used to the limit, wanting to crush Heavenly Venerate Yaoshan in the cradle with the power of one hand.

A loud shout came from the violent vortex. Following that, the Yin and Yang energy converged. Heavenly Venerate Yaoshan held the determination of being seriously injured and broke through the shackles of the Divine Dragon’s Hand.

With a loud bang, the Four Symbols Cauldron in his hand collapsed and was crushed by Ye Qiu. He finally broke free from the shackles with the help of the impact of the Four Symbols Cauldron.

It could be said to be a narrow escape. He was still in a state of shock and cold sweat flowed down his face when he escaped.

Ye Qiu’s move was too terrifying. Even a Heavenly Venerate expert like him almost lost his life. If he hadn’t thought of something in a hurry and sacrificed an immortal treasure, he would have been trapped in the dragon claw.

“Haha… Old thing, you’re quite capable.”

Ye Qiu couldn’t help but praise when he saw him use the Four Symbols Cauldron as a scapegoat to escape. If it were an ordinary person, they would probably not be willing to waste this immortal treasure. However, he could choose at the last moment in such a hurry.

It could be seen how ruthless this person was.

It was impossible to achieve a surprise victory. With Ye Qiu’s strength, it was actually very difficult to trap him to death again.

Heavenly Venerate Yaoshan, who had escaped, was still panting heavily. At this moment, he looked at Ye Qiu with fear.

“Damn it, I underestimated this kid’s potential and almost fell into his trap. What a pity, my Four Symbols Cauldron was wasted just like that.”

Even now, he was still in a state of shock and panted heavily.

Heavenly Venerate Yaoshan looked coldly at Ye Qiu, his killing intent instantly soaring. He said coldly, “Ye Qiu, you’ve finished swinging your three axes, right? It’s my turn now.”

Ye Qiu smiled and didn’t say anything. He only waved his hand, indicating for him to come at him.

Such an action made Heavenly Venerate Yaoshan a little afraid. Through the exchange just now, he roughly knew that the young man in front of him was far from as simple as he had imagined.

This person’s shrewdness and thoughts were heavier than anyone else’s. He must have a backup plan since he was so fearless.

For a moment, Heavenly Venerate Yaoshan hesitated. He looked at the sky. Ming Yue displayed her might and suppressed the seven ultimate experts. They were about to collapse. The opportunity was fleeting. If he still couldn’t kill Ye Qiu, it would mean that their operation had failed.

And the price of failure might be death.

Heavenly Venerate Yaoshan knew the temper of the Patriarch on Mount Yao very well. If he lost again, what awaited him would only be death. There was no other path.

Heavenly Venerate Yaoshan gritted his teeth and did not intend to continue hiding anything.

“Ye Qiu, I originally wanted to give you a dignified death, but it seems like there’s no need.” As he spoke, he propped himself up with one hand. Suddenly, a huge wheel appeared in his hand.

“Hmm? This is… the Luosheng Wheel?”

As soon as this wheel appeared, Ye Qiu instantly frowned. Little Senior Sister was even more shocked.

“Junior Brother, be careful. This is the Luosheng Wheel known to devour everything and a taboo of life. This wheel is an ancient immortal artifact. It’s extremely powerful and has a strange power. Once one is trapped by it, it’s very difficult to escape. Back then, during the chaos of the ancient times, this wheel appeared and was once mighty. Countless lives in the world were devoured by it and fell into the Nine Nether forever.”

Little Senior Sister instructed nervously. When Ye Qiu heard this, his heart warmed and he was very gratified. It seemed like Little Senior Sister was still very concerned about him.

Looking at the wheel, Ye Qiu’s eyes gradually turned cold. After a while, he said, “Luosheng Wheel? Haha, today, I’ll make this damn thing completely disappear.”

After traveling everywhere for so many years, Ye Qiu had seen all kinds of strange Dharma treasures. Confidence was his strongest Dharma treasure.

“Ye Qiu! It’s your honor to die under this treasure. Prepare to meet the million vengeful spirits under Luosheng Gate. Soon, you will know what a true hell on earth is.”

Heavenly Venerate Yaoshan instantly exerted strength. A golden light enveloped the world. At that moment, it was as if a shining sun had risen into the sky. The light of the sun was incomparably dazzling. That incomparably terrifying vicious aura surged over, making one shiver.

Ye Qiu subconsciously took a step back, as if he was affected by this vicious aura. However, his body suddenly emitted a clear light. In an instant, it was as if an evergreen green lotus had grown in the chaos. It bloomed in the darkness and purified everything in the world.

Ye Qiu used the Green Lotus Technique with all his might to resist this vicious aura. Suddenly, the power of the brilliant sun poured down, and the terrifying power seemed to burn the world to ashes.

There was a loud bang in the sky. Wherever the light passed, the hundred miles of wasteland was instantly roasted by the scorching sun. The beautiful mountains and rivers began to dry up, and a crack appeared on the ground.

“What intense flames. Is this the Luosheng Gate known as the Hidden Latch of Life and Death?”

Ye Qiu frowned as he looked at the open Luosheng Gate in the sky.

“Haha! Struggle. No matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to escape my grasp.”

Seeing that Ye Qiu’s expression was so solemn and his condition was very bad, Heavenly Venerate Yaoshan let out a deranged laugh.

A few clear sounds rang out, as if a world that had been burned by the sun had been exchanged for a chance of survival.

Ye Qiu’s eyes were lifeless. After a long silence, he vaguely revealed a strange smile.

“Luosheng Wheel? Is it very scary? Haha… Showing off in front of an expert. Today, I’ll let you experience what true ultimate fear is.”

With a cold laugh, Ye Qiu suddenly stretched out his hand. The Immortal Slayer Sword tore through the sky and slowly landed in his hand.

Under this extreme pressure, Ye Qiu forcefully opened his realm and actually opened his sixth Heavenly Sanctum in an instant.

Breaking through in battle was as difficult as ascending to the heavens. Such a thing actually happened to two people at the same time today. For a moment, everyone present was shocked.

The Immortal Slayer fell into Ye Qiu’s hand. The blood-red sky enveloped over. At that moment, the white-clothed youth in the void seemed to be an Asura from hell. He walked towards the light step by step.

Suddenly, he withdrew and the world-destroying sword energy wantonly attacked. It was as if it had cut through the entire darkness.

“Nirvana of Heaven and Earth!”

A cold voice sounded. Ye Qiu’s sword force changed, and violent power spewed out. At this moment, he was like the Nine-Leaf Grass that had swept through the ages during the tumultuous era of the Immortal Ancient.