Chapter 555 - Another Powerful Enemy

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Chapter 555: Another Powerful Enemy

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Nirvana of Heaven and Earth was the eighth sword technique of the Cursive Sword Art. It was a miniature version of the ninth sword technique.

Just hearing this name made one feel suffocated. It was as if the invincible demeanor and pressure of that person from ten thousand years ago had appeared.

Heavenly Venerate Yaoshan’s Dao heart was instantly greatly affected by the destructive sword intent.

“No! That’s impossible.” He began to shake his head crazily. He couldn’t believe that Ye Qiu could actually use such a shocking strike.

“Old thing, you claim to be the justice of the Heavenly Dao and eliminate evil for the world. You, Yaoshan, are the greatest pest. Today, I won’t need you to do anything. I’ll get rid of you.” Ye Qiu replied coldly, as if he was responding to what Heavenly Venerate Yaoshan had said when he first appeared. He would punish them severely on behalf of the heavens.

Everyone present knew who the traitor was.

With a loud bang, Ye Qiu slashed out with that shocking sword. The world trembled and fell silent. A violent storm instantly arrived. It began to rain heavily under the blood-colored sky. The sword energy streaked across the sky and slashed towards Luosheng Gate.

A loud bang sounded as the two terrifying forces collided from afar. The entire world seemed to be trembling.

A clear sound rang out. Ye Qiu’s sword erupted with all his might and actually shattered the Luosheng Wheel.

Heavenly Venerate Yaoshan let out an indignant roar. He could not accept the fact that another immortal treasure had shattered. When he faced Ye Qiu right now, there was only endless fear in his eyes.

“Driving Shadow, catch.”

After severing the Luosheng Gate with one move, Ye Qiu didn’t give the other party a chance to catch his breath at all. The dragon claw appeared again. Before Heavenly Venerate Yaoshan could catch his breath, he controlled the dragon claw with his left hand and instantly grabbed him.

He spat out a mouthful of blood, as if it had dyed the entire world red.

Heavenly Venerate Yaoshan had lost. He never thought that he would lose to a fledgling young man. This young man’s combat strength was too terrifying. It was impossible to judge his strength with common sense.

In the Endless Realm with six Heavenly Sanctums, he could raise his strength to the Heavenly Venerate realm. Moreover, the immortal technique in his hand was extremely terrifying. Any move he took out was a heaven-defying existence.

“Reincarnation Technique! Suppress!”

Ye Qiu instantly exerted strength after grabbing Heavenly Venerate Yaoshan with one hand. He erupted with the Reincarnation Technique, wanting to completely lock down the Luosheng Gate.

Reincarnation was like the nemesis of death. Ye Qiu easily entered the Luosheng Gate. The million vengeful spirits wailed and were completely destroyed by Ye Qiu’s holy light.

Heavenly Venerable Yaoshan spat out another mouthful of blood. Under the impact of the violent power, he was on the verge of collapse. He was slapped hundreds of miles away by Ye Qiu and ruthlessly collided with the ground.

Ye Qiu drew his sword and jumped up. He added his last strike and prepared to completely end this battle. He was already exhausted after using these few big moves. If he didn’t end the battle as soon as possible, there would probably be a reversal. He had never been a person who liked to give others a chance to take your life while you were down.

This had always been Ye Qiu’s principle.

“Old thing! Bring your dirty treasure to hell with you.”

Heavenly Venerate Yaoshan had no ability to withstand the ferocious slash. At this moment, everyone on Mount Yao panicked.

Heavenly Venerate Yaoshan’s expression changed. Once he died in Ye Qiu’s hands, then… it would also announce their death sentence. With Ye Qiu’s personality, he would definitely not let them off.

“Venerable Master, I’ll help you.”

Suddenly, a loud bang sounded. Hua Feiyu, who was originally on the verge of death, had begun to recover from his injuries early in the battle. At this moment, he had just recovered. He slashed over from afar, wanting to stop Ye Qiu. However, he, who had lost the Torch Dragon, didn’t even have the qualifications to carry Ye Qiu’s shoes.

“Ant, get lost!” Facing his attack, Ye Qiu’s expression didn’t change and he only shouted coldly. He withdrew his palm and slapped Hua Feiyu to the ground. He spat out blood and fainted.

On the other side, the First Elder of Mount Yao immediately began to plan when he saw that the situation was getting more and more serious. He was an extremely cunning person. Seeing that his backbone was about to die on the spot, he immediately began to think about how to escape.

“Old thing, you have nowhere to run.”

On the other side, Ye Qiu attacked with his sword, not giving Heavenly Venerate Yaoshan any chance to escape.

Just as he was about to die under Ye Qiu’s sword, suddenly…

In the sky, a Qi Blade suddenly struck over. In an instant, the entire world trembled.

In just one exchange, Ye Qiu instantly vomited blood and was sent flying hundreds of miles. He looked up in fear and saw rolling dark clouds pressing down on the Heavenly Gate. A terrifying pressure instantly assaulted him.

The world seemed to be shocked and completely fell silent. That suffocating aura naturally made one shiver. At this moment, everyone panicked.

“Is there another reversal?”

“Who is it this time?”

Under everyone’s gaze, a sage-like old man slowly walked out from the void. His eyes were abnormally cold and filled with terrifying killing intent. He stood in the sky and looked down at Ye Qiu as if he was looking at an ant.

“Phew… What a terrifying aura. Junior Brother, you have to be careful.”

At this moment, even Little Senior Sister, who believed in Ye Qiu, couldn’t control the fear in her heart. The main reason was that the old man in front of her was too strong. Judging from his aura, his strength was not something that Heavenly Venerate Yaoshan and the others could scam. Even the seven ultimate experts in the sky might not be able to withstand a single move from him.

The atmosphere gradually became oppressive. The old man walked out step by step. Everyone’s breathing became tighter as he walked. He stepped into the mortal world and stared coldly at Ye Qiu. He said coldly, “Kid, you’ve ruined my plans time and time again. Today, I’ll let you know what cruelty is.”

Everyone knew very well that his killing intent was directed at Ye Qiu. They didn’t know what huge disaster Ye Qiu had committed to attract so many experts of the Nine Heavens and Ten Lands to attack him.

Such a commotion was probably even more terrifying than a plunder of the Immortal Ancient Battlefield. This scene was too terrifying.

Ye Qiu panted heavily as he looked straight at the figure in the sky. He knew very well that he was no match for the other party. That was a Dao Sacrificial realm expert, not an ordinary Heavenly Venerate.

There was a world of difference between Ye Qiu and him. In front of him, he was as small as an ant.

“It’s over! Junior Brother Ye is really in danger this time.”

At this moment, even the calm Meng Tianzheng revealed a worried expression. Who would have thought that after defeating Heavenly Venerate Yaoshan, a mysterious old man would suddenly appear?

As soon as the old man appeared, Heavenly Venerate Yaoshan was overjoyed and knelt down to greet him.

“Let’s welcome the Patriarch’s true body to the mortal world!”

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone was shocked. This person’s actually the Patriarch of Mount Yao?