Chapter 557 - Gu Sanqiu Saved the Situation

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Chapter 557: Gu Sanqiu Saved the Situation

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Exalted Immortal Nanhua’s expression darkened as he stared coldly at Ye Qiu with killing intent.

No one dared to breathe loudly. Under the oppressive atmosphere, those with shallow cultivation even vomited blood and almost died.

Exalted Immortal Nanhua continued coldly, “Today, this child’s crimes are unforgivable. Whoever dares to plead for mercy for him will be killed.”

As soon as these words were spoken, Ming Yue immediately understood that Exalted Immortal Nanhua really wanted to kill him this time. Her mind raced for a moment. She urgently needed a countermeasure.

Exalted Immortal Nanhua stared at her coldly and said, “Little girl, you’re a smart person. With your talent, if nothing unexpected happens, you’ll at least be an existence above the Dao Sacrificial realm in the future. Don’t sacrifice your future for nothing because of others.”

This was his advice to Ming Yue. Because the karma that Ming Yue touched was too heavy, he did not want to touch her for the time being. However, if Ming Yue insisted on interfering, he was not afraid even if she moved.

Hearing this, Ming Yue already understood his determination and began to hesitate. She turned around and looked at Ye Qiu. Not only that, but the feelings in her heart also appeared for some reason.

Ming Yue comforted herself. This feeling must have come from the mortal world Ming Yue. She didn’t like Ye Qiu at all.

Yes, that must be it.

After a long silence, Ming Yue was thinking about something. After a while, her eyes suddenly became firm. She looked straight at the Exalted Immortal Nanhua and replied coldly, “Senior, this person is the Deity of my Heaven Mending Pavilion, personally bestowed by the First Elder.

“I’m afraid it’s not up to you to decide his life and death. If you want to touch him today, you’ll be openly starting a war with my Heaven Mending Pavilion.”

“You’re threatening me!”

As soon as these words were spoken, Exalted Immortal Nanhua’s expression instantly changed and his killing intent soared. He could not stand the threat of others in his life. The more you said that, the more he did it.

Ming Yue wasn’t to be outdone when she saw how domineering he was. She would definitely protect Ye Qiu today.

“Senior, I respect you as a senior expert and don’t want to be your enemy. However, if you bully my Heaven Mending Pavilion for having no one, don’t blame me for being rude.”

In an instant, Ming Yue held her sword with one hand and an incomparably domineering sword force instantly erupted. At that moment, Ye Qiu was touched.

Ah… He felt too safe. As expected of his most beautiful senior sister. It’s too heartwarming. Look, only at this life and death moment could one witness true feelings.

However, Ye Qiu didn’t intend to rely on a woman to protect him.

Seeing that Ming Yue and Exalted Immortal Nanhua were in a deadlock, the atmosphere became even more anxious. Ye Qiu took the initiative to walk out.

“What are you doing? Go back!” Sensing Ye Qiu’s abnormality, Ming Yue frowned and berated.

However, Ye Qiu ignored her and walked to the front.

“Senior Sister, I appreciate your kindness, but I’m still not used to being protected by women. I, Ye Qiu, have been honest my entire life. I’ve traveled the world. Why should I fear death? It’s not my personality to rely on hiding behind women to survive.”

Ming Yue’s heart trembled when she heard this. She did not expect him to have such courage to face such a situation. She had underestimated Ye Qiu. She couldn’t help but feel shocked and ashamed. Now that she saw him chatting and laughing, she could not help but be infected by the confident smile on his face.

Ming Yue looked at his handsome and charming face in a daze. At this moment, he had an indescribable charm. After a while, Ming Yue noticed her abnormality and blushed.

She cursed herself in her heart. How could she still be in the mood to think nonsense at a time like this?

After taking a deep breath, she said coldly, “Hmph… You’re stubborn. Since you insist on courting death, you can go.” Ming Yue said it very heartlessly, but she did not put away her sword.

Ye Qiu smiled faintly. He suddenly realized that sometimes, this cold Little Senior Sister was quite cute.

Putting away the playfulness in his heart, Ye Qiu took a step forward and looked straight at Exalted Immortal Nanhua. He secretly looked at the Heavenly Gate in the sky and saw that the time was right.

He revealed an imperceptible smile and said, “Senior, looks like I, Ye Qiu, am destined not to die today. What a pity. I ruined your plan, but you couldn’t do anything to me. Sigh… Tsk tsk.”

As soon as these words were spoken, Exalted Immortal Nanhua’s expression instantly turned cold and his anger soared.

“Impudent! What an arrogant kid. Today, I want to see what gives you the confidence to speak to me like that.”

What kind of existence was Exalted Immortal Nanhua? How could he withstand Ye Qiu’s humiliation? Where did he get the confidence to say such things?

Exalted Immortal Nanhua instantly gathered his strength and suddenly slapped out with his palm. Suddenly, the mountains and rivers shattered, and the Great Desolate World trembled, as if the world had collapsed.

“Be careful!” Ming Yue, who said that she didn’t want to care, actually rushed over at the critical moment.

She was about to slash out and block this fatal palm. Unexpectedly…

A terrifying fist force charged over from the Heavenly Gate with a shocking bang. In just a breath, the two destructive forces collided violently. The powerful impact was instantly expelled. Ming Yue, who was blocking in front of him, was affected. She spat out a mouthful of blood, dyeing Ye Qiu’s clothes red.

Ye Qiu’s expression changed. He pulled her into his arms and used his body to block the final aftershock. The two of them were sent flying.

On the other hand, Exalted Immortal Nanhua’s expression suddenly changed. He ignored the two people who were sent flying and glared coldly at the disruptor who suddenly appeared.

“How dare you ruin my plans! You hiding thing, get out here!”

His killing intent soared. At this moment, Exalted Immortal Nanhua was already dizzy with anger. He could no longer suppress his anger. This sudden change made everyone present at a loss. He looked up at the sky and suddenly, a shout came from the Nine Heavens.

“Old thief, how dare you hurt my Heaven Mending Pavilion’s disciple. Take my punch.”

That furious shout sounded like thunder. It was as if lightning had suddenly flashed and thunder rumbled in the silent sky. An incomparably domineering fist force instantly smashed over again. A white-haired old man instantly rushed over from outside the Heavenly Gate.

When he saw the person, Exalted Immortal Nanhua’s expression changed and his killing intent soared.

Enemies were really bound to meet on a narrow road. When enemies met, their eyes were especially red.

“You came at the right time. Today, we will settle our old and new grudges together. It’s time to repay the punch you owed me back then.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Exalted Immortal Nanhua’s aura instantly changed. In an instant, the world changed, and a terrifying power stirred the entire world into chaos.

In the chaotic vortex, Gu Sanqiu laughed loudly and said disdainfully, “Haha, shameless old thief, you bully the weak and are shameless. Today, let me experience how much you’ve improved in the past ten thousand years.”

Facing Exalted Immortal Nanhua’s terrifying attack, Gu Sanqiu did not move at all. He was as steady as a mountain.

After throwing a second punch, they offset each other’s strength and he threw a third punch.

The entire world was turned upside down by this terrifying power. The power of the Dao Sacrificial realm was too terrifying. It was not something the laws of the world could withstand.