Chapter 594 - Lin Xuan was a little unsettled!

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Chapter 594: Lin Xuan was a little unsettled!

The Supreme aura gazing technique!

When he saw this name, Lin Xuan’s heart skipped a beat, and he was overjoyed.

This ability could see the Qi movement of all things in the world, plunder the fate of the heavens, and control the operation of the heavens.

If it was used on a person, it could easily see through the level of one’s luck and deduce their experiences since ancient times and their hidden identity and background.

To Lin Xuan, once he activated this ability, no one would be able to hide their true strength from him.

They were respectively.

Black, white, green, blue, red, purple, gold, rainbow, chaos light!

After reading the system’s explanation, Lin Xuan squinted his eyes slightly.

“With this magical power, from now on, all the luck and opportunities in the world will be in my control!”

Lin Xuan felt that the system was really good to him. The rewards were as generous and precious as ever, and he had to praise it!

“Do you want to withdraw the reward?”

“Taishang Qigong has been successfully extracted!”

After putting away the system, Lin Xuan felt a warm chubby little hand holding his fingers.

He lowered his head and saw Yan Zhu staring at him with her big, black eyes.

“Father, why is it that after lighting a candle, the lantern can fly?”

Lin Xuan naturally told this little genius who loved to think everything he knew. Quot;

“That’s because after the top of the lantern was sealed, the lantern became an object with an opening at the bottom.”

once a candle is lit at the bottom, the high temperature will cause the air inside the lantern to flow out, causing it to become very light. This way, it can fly! Quot;

Zhu Zhu nodded. Oh, I understand. When the sky lanterns fly, they need to release air. It’s like how we fly with air. Quot;

“But, Kong Ming lanterns need candles to be heated, but we don’t!” Added si Xi.

“So we don’t have to be hot anymore!” Yingying nodded.

Mouyou thought for a moment, suddenly feeling at a loss for words, and could only nod his little head,”Yes, my sisters are right!”

Seeing that his daughters loved to use their brains, Lin Xuan patted their little heads with great relief. Quot;

“My babies are so smart!”

When Xun Zhen and The Other Palace maids saw this scene of a loving father and a loving daughter, they all revealed looks of envy.

Di Fu is really omniscient and omnipotent. He can speak of all kinds of profound and mysterious knowledge the moment he opens his mouth! Quot;

the princesses are also extremely intelligent. They understand everything with just a little hint. They are really intelligent! Quot;

“I’m so envious of their family!”

While those Palace maids were sighing, si Xi suddenly raised his hand and shouted,

“Aiya, the sky lanterns are flying so fast that I can’t see them anymore!”

Manzhu, Lao Ai, and manyou looked up and saw that the sky lanterns had already flown into the sky, leaving only a small dot of light.

The little girls felt that this was the first kong ming lantern they had made, and it was very memorable, so they did not want it to disappear.

“Father, the sky lanterns are about to fly away. Quickly think of a way to make them come back!”

“Alright,” he said. Lin Xuan nodded his head dotingly.

Just as he was about to make a move, a beautiful purple light flashed in the sky.

Donghuang Ziyou’s beautiful figure suddenly appeared beside the Kongming lamp. With a flick of her finger, a stream of spirit Qi wrapped around the Kongming lamp and it landed in her hand.

Then, in a flash, she landed in front of Lin Xuan.

The smiles on Xun Zhen and The Other Palace maids ‘faces froze as they knelt down in a panic, ” “Your Majesty!”

“Yes.” Donghuang Ziyou nodded slightly and passed the sky lanterns to Zhi Zhu and the others. With a gentle expression, she said, ” “My babies, this lamp is very novel and interesting. Did you make it?”

Zhizhu held the sky lantern in her arms and said, ” “It was father who taught us to do it!”

“Yes.” Donghuang Ziyou had also guessed that this new toy was probably made by Lin Xuan. what is this lamp called? ”

“Kong Ming Deng, the name my father gave me!” Si Xi raised his little hand and said.

“What an interesting name!” Donghuang Ziyou smiled and looked at Lin Xuan. “What brings you here to the mystic Ice Palace today?”

Lin Xuan: ” hanzhu and the others missed you, so I brought them here. Seeing that you weren’t around, I brought them out for a walk while waiting for you to return. Quot;

“I see.” Donghuang Ziyou’s beautiful eyes had a faint smile.

It was a good feeling to have someone to worry about at home while fighting outside.

When Xun Zhen and The Other Palace maids heard the conversation between Lin Xuan and donghuang Ziyou, they all revealed envious expressions.

“Di Fu’s words of waiting for your return really touched my heart!”

I believe that even the cold and domineering Empress would feel warm when she heard this. Quot;

“AI, if there was a man as outstanding as Di Fu waiting for me at home, how happy would I be?”

Zhi Zhu and the others walked up and held donghuang Ziyou’s hand. “Mother, since you’re back, let’s go to qianxin Palace to play!” He said.

“Alright!” Donghuang Ziyou nodded and brought the little ones to qianxin Palace with Lin Xuan.

Entering the main hall, they saw donghuang Ziyou’s desk filled with memorials. Zhi Zhu and the others said with heartache, ”

“Mother, you really have a lot of homework!”

“Mother has many goals to achieve. Naturally, I should work harder,” donghuang Ziyou said with a smile.

Manzhu and the others all looked at her with admiration. They wanted to be as hardworking as their mother when they grew up.

“Mother, clean up. You can play as you wish.”

Seeing that there were too many memorials on the table, donghuang Ziyou went forward to sort them out.

However, just as she was about to bend down, she felt a sharp pain in her right shoulder.

Donghuang Ziyou’s expression changed slightly.

Although she had dispelled the ghost head masked man’s Qi after the palm strike at the Heavenly King residence of Nine Cauldrons, her entire right arm had been badly shaken.

However, she had not paid much attention to it before.

After so many years of war, she had fought countless strong enemies and suffered countless injuries.

As long as it didn’t hurt her essence, she would at most take one pill.

And this kind of pain was nothing to her. She had been enduring it all this time.

Thus, she moved her shoulders slightly and continued to pack up the memorials.

Yan Zhu and the others were smart enough to notice that donghuang Ziyou’s movements were a little awkward.

Hence, she quickly went forward and asked, ”

“Mother, what’s wrong? Did you hurt your arm when you were outside?”

“No!” Donghuang Ziyou quickly shook her head.

“But you were frowning when you stretched out your hand!” Manzhu looked worried. mother, if your arm hurts, you can ASK FATHER to massage it for you! Quot;

Si Xi, si Jing and Si you nodded their little heads,”That’s right, daddy will be fine after rubbing it!”

As they spoke, the girls pulled donghuang Ziyou to sit down and let Lin Xuan massage her shoulders.

Lin Xuan and donghuang Ziyou could not argue with this bunch of cuties, so they could only do as they were told.

Lin Xuan walked behind donghuang Ziyou and placed his hand on her shoulder. He used the pulse reading technique to check her body and found that she did not suffer any internal injuries. Only her shoulder showed signs of a violent impact.

it seems that this woman has fought with someone again. However, the other party is very strong. For her arm to hurt so much, it must have been a palm strike from the two of them. Quot;

“Looks like I’ll have to find an opportunity to investigate what kind of power she’s fighting with.”

As Lin Xuan thought about this, he gradually increased the strength of his fingertips.

fortunately, she’s not seriously injured. Just use the simplest massage to recuperate. Quot;

At this point, Lin Xuan slowly increased the strength of his fingers and used his Grandmaster level massage technique to massage donghuang Ziyou’s shoulders.

Feeling the comfort from her shoulder, donghuang Ziyou’s brows raised slightly. Quot;

“This simple massage technique is quite comfortable.”

As the little babies were all looking at her, she enjoyed the comfort from Lin Xuan’s fingertips.

At that moment, Lin Xuan was a little unsettled.

As donghuang Ziyou was slightly bent over, he was standing behind her. His eyes could not avoid looking through her open neckline and saw her pair of high protruding, fine and exquisite collarbones.

As well as the two semi-spherical snow hills that were exposed below the collarbones, they were tightly squeezed together, forming an impassable deep trench in the middle.

It was really too deep!

Lin Xuan could not help but sigh.

Compared to donghuang Ziyou, the beautiful women that were synthesized by the computer paled in comparison!

Donghuang Ziyou looked at her slightly open collar and could not help but think that Lin Xuan was standing behind her.

In that case, wouldn’t he be able to see some of her holy light?

She raised her hand to cover her collar.

But on second thought.

This was not really exposed in front of his eyes.

Besides, what hadn’t he seen four years ago?

If he really did that, wouldn’t he be too guarded against him?

Donghuang gritted her teeth and slowly put down her hand. She decided not to care about her collar anymore and focused on enjoying Lin Xuan’s massage.