Chapter 595 - So if I want you to die, you'll be willing?

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Chapter 595: So if I want you to die, you’ll be willing?

After the time it took for an incense stick to burn.

Not only did donghuang Ziyou no longer feel any pain in her right shoulder, but she also felt a warm and gentle comfort.

She opened her eyes, stood up, and smiled at Lin Xuan. Quot;

“Your technique does have its merits, thank you!”

you’re welcome, ” Lin Xuan said indifferently. you’re welcome. Quot;

Seeing donghuang Ziyou’s smile, Yan Zhu and the others clapped happily.

“Mother’s arm doesn’t hurt anymore, that’s great!”

yes, yes, yes. I can finally put my heart at ease! Quot;

Donghuang Ziyou was inexplicably touched when she saw how concerned her little babies were about her.

He hugged them and gave each of them a kiss, his eyes full of love.

A black light flashed.

Ruoying walked out of the black light and bowed to Lin Xuan and donghuang Ziyou. She then said, ”

Your Majesty, the Imperial mausoleum to the North of Tianyuan Palace has been suffering from heavy rain these days, and many places have been flooded. The Minister of Works of Tianyuan Palace has already sent top craftsmen to repair the drainage system. Quot;

however, considering that primordial cave heaven now belongs to us, North Mystic heaven, some of the Imperial mausoleum’s buildings need to be modified. The ministers think that this is a serious matter and hope that you can personally supervise it! Quot;

As she spoke, she passed the memorial from the Minister of Works to Dongyuan heaven’s Ziyou.

Donghuang Ziyou took a look and made an annotation on it, saying, ”

“Tell them that I will go there tomorrow.”

After taking down the heavenly cave, donghuang Ziyou had already considered the matter of the Imperial mausoleum in Tianyuan Palace.

She felt that since ancient times, everyone had always maintained the greatest respect for the deceased.

The emperors of the past had never taken down an enemy country and razed their imperial tombs to the ground.

After all, the dead should be respected.

If they touched the Emperor’s Tomb, not only would the officials in Dong Yuan heaven be unhappy, but it would also cause the public’s anger to boil. It was not a wise move.

As such, donghuang Ziyou decided to preserve the Imperial mausoleum of Tianyuan Palace as much as possible.

But since the heavenly passage realm now belonged to the North Mystic realm, the Imperial mausoleum couldn’t be completely the same as before. Some of the peripheral facilities needed to be modified.

As for how to achieve a perfect balance, donghuang Ziyou would have to personally supervise it.

She naturally would not stand by and do nothing about such a big matter.

Ruoying accepted the order and retreated.

Zhi Zhu and the others immediately pulled donghuang Ziyou’s hand. “Mother, are you going to the heavenly abode tomorrow?”

Donghuang Ziyou immediately guessed her daughters ‘thoughts and nodded, ”

“That’s right, mother will bring you guys along, okay?”

The little girls all jumped up happily.

Not only could he see more interesting things in the heavenly passage, but he could also spend more time with his mother. It was killing two birds with one stone!

Lin Xuan. donghuang Ziyou raised his head and looked at Lin Xuan. let’s go to the heavenly abode tomorrow. Quot;

“Yes.” Lin Xuan nodded indifferently.

The moon was bright and the spiritual mist was thin.

The night mist shrouded the sky above the backyard of the sect’s main hall, giving the entire backyard a sense of mystery.

And in the room at the northernmost part of the backyard, the excited cries of young women rhythmically came out, making the originally quiet backyard a bit more lively and charming.

Red and green lights flashed and interweaved, while streams of dense spiritual energy rippled out.

Light and shadow flickered, reflecting two figures in the middle of dual cultivation. Two mysterious light waves were shot out from their foreheads, intertwining with each other.

An even more powerful spiritual energy exploded.

The green light rippled in the room like a tide, causing the space to tremble.

“Yu Lin, you’ve reached the Emperor-to-be realm!” The woman said excitedly.

Chen Yulin wiped the sweat off his forehead, his originally handsome face showing a trace of malevolence. Quot;

“Haha, I finally succeeded!”

He kissed yang Lingxiu’s forehead.

“Lingxiu, thank you!”

if you hadn’t been sacrificing yourself for the past few years, I wouldn’t have reached the Emperor-to-be realm so quickly! Quot;

Yang Lingxiu touched Chen Yulin’s face gently. Quot;

“Yu Lin, as long as you’re well, everything I do will be worth it!”

you are the young master of the fire cloud clan. You should be a genius. Quot;

now that you’ve entered the Emperor-to-be realm, you’ve proven your talent! Quot;

Chen Yulin’s eyes flashed with a complicated look when he heard this.

He laid down and hugged yang Lingxiu. He sighed and said, ”

a woman like you is really one in a million. Whoever meets you is a blessing! Quot;

Yang Lingxiu’s face lit up when she heard this and she said even more gently, ”

“Yu Lin, as long as you know how good I am, everything I’ve done for you is worth it!”

after so many years, you should know how I feel. As long as you’re well, I’m willing to do anything! Quot;

“Of course I know!” Chen Yulin caressed yang Lingxiu’s neck and asked with a faint smile, ” “Then if I wanted you to die, would you be willing?”

“I’m willing!” Yang Lingxiu replied without hesitation.

She was a rich young lady.

Ever since his father committed suicide due to his debt, his family had declined and his family was destroyed.

As a result, he had once wandered outside and was almost robbed and killed by mountain bandits.

It was Chen Yulin’s father who had saved her, brought her to the fire cloud clan, and helped her activate the profound Yin body, allowing her to embark on the path of cultivation.

All these years, Chen Yulin had taken good care of her, and she had a great time in the fire cloud clan.

Therefore, she was extremely grateful to Chen Yulin and his son, and she liked the handsome Chen Yulin even more.

In order to help Chen Yulin reach the Emperor-to-be realm, she had been doing dual cultivation with him for the past few years, using her profound Yin body to help Chen Yulin quickly increase his cultivation.

In her heart, there was no man more important than Chen Yulin in this world.