Chapter 596 - Father, is it really that difficult to drain the water from the Imperial mausoleum?

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Chapter 596: Father, is it really that difficult to drain the water from the Imperial mausoleum?

Heavenly Yuan Palace, heavenly Yuan heaven.

The heaven raising Duke, Tang dingtai, was standing in the square outside the main hall with a group of top-notch ministers, waiting with their heads raised.

Soon, the clouds in the sky split open, and nine huge, towering golden dragons flew out.

The eyes of all the nobles and ministers trembled, and their faces were filled with admiration and respect.

Soon, the nine Dragons flew out of the clouds with the mystic ice jade carriage and landed on the Grand Square in front of the heavenly dynasty Palace with an overbearing aura.

Lin Xuan and donghuang Ziyou, one in a flowing white robe and the other in a luxurious Phoenix robe, walked out with their four little babies.

The family of six was shining brightly, lighting up the entire heaven and earth.

The ministers all knelt.

rise! donghuang Ziyou raised her hand. rise! Quot;

“Thank you, Your Majesty!”

After the officials stood up, the Minister of Works, Wang Shuo, hurriedly stepped forward and said, ”

Your Majesty, there has been a sudden rainstorm in the past two days. The Imperial mausoleum has been flooded and it has directly affected Tianyuan Palace. Quot;

I’ve already ordered my men to drain the water from the Imperial mausoleum. However, I would like to request your Majesty to make a decision on the renovation and improvement of the mausoleum! Quot;

Donghuang Ziyou nodded slightly. mm, I’ll go take a look at the environment of the Imperial mausoleum now. I’ll decide on the specific details when I return! Quot;

“Yes, Your Majesty!” Wang Shuo bowed.

With that, donghuang Ziyou headed to the Imperial mausoleum under Wang Shuo’s lead.

Lin Xuan brought the little ones into the main hall, surrounded by a group of nobles and ministers, and sat on the Golden Dragon Throne.

Very quickly, donghuang Ziyou returned with Wang Shuo.

After donghuang Ziyou sat beside Lin Xuan, Wang Shuo received a map of the Imperial mausoleum from his subordinate and presented it to her.

this is the latest map of the Imperial tombs drawn by the Ministry of Works. Please take a look, Your Majesty! Quot;

Donghuang Ziyou placed the drawing on the table and scanned it carefully.

Then, he picked up a brush and began to modify the architectural drawings according to the actual landscape of the Imperial mausoleum and the style of North Mystic sky.

After making a few changes, donghuang Ziyou raised her head and furrowed her brows.

“This imperial mausoleum is surrounded by mountains and the terrain is low-lying. Although the Feng Shui is good, it’s like the bottom of a Jade bowl, and it’s easy to accumulate water.”

“In the past, when water accumulated, was it manually discharged?”

Combined with the fact that she had personally explored the Imperial mausoleum earlier, donghuang Ziyou felt that the Kong clan’s construction and design of the Imperial mausoleum were still rather problematic.

Although they had chosen a location with excellent Fengshui, this land was too low-lying. If they encountered a storm and didn’t drain the water in time, it would cause the water to flood Jinshan.

The Tianyuan Palace was located to the South of the Imperial tombs, which was even lower than the Imperial tombs.

If there was too much water in the Imperial tombs, it would inevitably seep out and flow towards the Tianyuan Palace.

Originally, if he had used martial arts techniques to add a huge isolation formation to the Imperial mausoleum, he could have easily blocked the rain from falling.

But if he did that, he would destroy the original Feng Shui of the Imperial tombs.

Therefore, donghuang Ziyou felt that the most important thing to do in order to complete the modification plan was to solve the problem of flooding the Imperial mausoleum.

“Your Majesty, in the past, when there was a flood, it was manually discharged,” Wang Shuo replied.

“The reason why there are no major problems is that Emperor Dongyuan once arranged many people to guard the Imperial mausoleum.”

“It’s a waste of manpower and money, this is not a good idea!” Donghuang Ziyou replied indifferently.

“Your Majesty is wise!”

Wang Shuo nodded in agreement.

Tang dingtai and the other nobles and ministers also nodded secretly.

When Kong qingcang was still in power, he pursued extreme luxury in everything.

For example, he had arranged for thousands of people to guard the royal cemetery.

Although the Imperial mausoleum was managed in an orderly manner, this move was extremely costly and had long caused considerable criticism in the court.

However, Kong qingcang had an obstinate and self-opinionated personality, and he was extremely arbitrary.

Even if the ministers had objections, they didn’t dare to say it in front of him.

Ever since donghuang Ziyou took over Tianyuan Palace, he had set down a rule that everything should be simplified. He must not be greedy for luxury and pleasure, wasting people and money.

This made her status in the hearts of the nobles and ministers soar, and they all praised her as a wise ruler!

the reconstruction of the Imperial mausoleum is a very important matter, ” donghuang Ziyou said. the main problem is how to solve the terrain’s deficiencies with the least cost. This is to prevent the Imperial mausoleum from being constantly flooded and even endangering Tianyuan Palace. Quot;

“Do you have any good ideas?”

Hearing this, Tang dingtai, Wang Shuo, and the other nobles and ministers looked at each other.

The Empress had thrown out this difficult problem. If anyone could solve it, it would definitely be a heaven-sent opportunity to build a good impression in front of her.

It would definitely be of great help to his future career and status in the heavenly dynasty Palace!

Everyone then began to rack their brains and put forward many suggestions.

However, donghuang Ziyou rejected all of these suggestions.

Donghuang Ziyou looked at the officials and sighed to himself.

I didn’t expect the reconstruction of the Imperial mausoleum to be so difficult. These nobles and ministers have racked their brains, but they still can’t think of an appropriate solution! Quot;

At this moment, Wang Shuo suddenly stepped forward and said, ”

Your Majesty, I suddenly remembered that I met with the craftsman Saint Cao wuyong of our heavenly cave a few days ago. If we could invite him here, we would be able to solve this problem easily! Quot;

Upon hearing the words ‘Cao Wu Yong’, Tang dingtai and the other influential people all revealed looks of admiration.

that’s right. Master Cao is especially good at architectural layout. He is the first architect in the last 500000 years in our heavenly cave. Quot;

and it’s said that even in the entire Nine Heavens celestial realm, master Cao’s attainments in architecture are almost unparalleled! Quot;

She had heard of Cao Wu Yong’s name before.

There had been rumors before that Cao Wu Yong had been in seclusion.

Now that he had appeared, of course he had to invite him over.

“Then quickly invite Cao Wu Yong to come see me,” donghuang Ziyou said.

“Yes!” Wang Shuo replied.

Soon, he personally led a white-haired old man in a gray robe into the hall.

Cao wuyong had long known of Lin Xuan and donghuang Ziyou’s identities through Wang Shuo, so he quickly bowed and saluted, ”

“Cao wuyong pays his respects to the Empress! Greetings, Your Majesty Di Fu!”

“Dispense with the formalities!”

Donghuang Ziyou raised his hand in the air and went straight to the point, ”

I’m sure that Minister Wang has already told you about the renovation of the Imperial mausoleum. Now, I’d like you to take a look at how to renovate it to solve the problem of water accumulation. Quot;

With that, she waved her hand gently and flicked out a stream of spirit Qi, sending the blueprint to Cao Wu Yong.

After studying it carefully for a while, Cao Wu Yong said, ”

Your Majesty, the terrain around the Imperial mausoleum is complex and steep. The best way to get rid of the accumulated water once and for all is to build a canal to channel the water in the Imperial mausoleum to the ocean in the distance. Quot;

Donghuang Ziyou frowned slightly, ”

“As far as I know, the closest sea to the Imperial mausoleum is 50 million miles away.”

if we were to build a canal, not only would it cost us a lot of resources, but it would also destroy the Feng Shui of the Imperial tombs! Quot;

this … Cao wuyong’s face turned ugly.

In such a large imperial mausoleum, once water accumulated, it would be as deep as the ocean.

To drain the water out without destroying the Feng Shui was simply impossible!

Your Majesty, I’ve been studying architecture for 50000 years. I can say with certainty that this is the best method at the moment. Please consider it, Your Majesty! Quot;

When he said this, the group of nobles and ministers present nodded in secret.

Cao Wu Yong could be said to be the number one architect in the nine Heavens immortal domain. Since he said so, it meant that this method was indeed the best.

Donghuang Ziyou furrowed her brows and closed her mouth without saying a word.

She didn’t know much about architecture, so she was a little embarrassed and didn’t know what to do.

When Zhi Zhu and the rest saw donghuang Ziyou’s silence, they quickly poked Lin Xuan. Quot;

“Father, is it really so difficult to drain the water from the Imperial mausoleum?”

it’s not too difficult, ” Lin Xuan said with a smile. if you use the right method. Quot;

Just now, Wang Shuo had confidently said that Cao wuyong could solve this problem, so Lin Xuan thought that Cao wuyong really had a way.

But now, it seemed that he had overestimated Cao Wu Yong.

Since they asked him, he had to tell them the truth.

Upon hearing Lin Xuan’s words, not only Cao wuyong and the nobles and ministers, but even donghuang Ziyou could not help but look at him.

Donghuang Ziyou’s eyes flickered with a strange light, ” “You have a way?”

“Yes,” Lin Xuan nodded.