Chapter 549

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Chapter 549: A Goddess's Determination.

"You can ask, you know?"

Aphrodite bit her lip.

"… Who… Who were the beings that blessed you?"

"Hmm…" Victor thought deeply and replied:

"Albedo Moriarty, the Chaos Witch."

"The mother of the night, Nyx."

"..." Aphrodite's face distorted.

"Mother Earth, Gaia. And the spirits, specifically speaking, the spirits of animals."

"World tree, Qliphoth. Which from my research is the 'reverse' tree of Sephiroth that represents all that is negative."

"And the last one is an unknown name. When The Limbo Guy spoke the name, no one could hear what he said."

"..." Aphrodite bit her lips, and her eyes returned to the lifeless hue as a pink aura started to come out of her body. It was different from before, and this aura carried murderous intentions.

"..." No one reacted to this since it was clear that these murderous intentions were not directed towards Victor.

"So many beings, you have attracted too much attention, stupid disciple." Scathach spoke in a neutral tone.

"..." Victor just scratched his cheek. It's not his fault; he just acted normally like he always does.

"Do you have any idea what you did to get their attention?" Ruby asked.

"I don't know, only one I'm sure of."

"..." The girls raised their eyebrows.

"Qliphoth, the world tree, I think… Well, I am married to her?"

"..." The auditory cracking sound was heard by everyone.

All the girls narrowed their eyes, but the ones who reacted the most strongly were Violet, Agnes, and, surprisingly, Ruby and Scathach.

Natashia had a neutral smile on her face.

And Aphrodite was lost in thought.

"Take a breath, girls. You know her, she's always been with me, and she's still a kid... Mentally speaking, of course."

"…Roxanne?" Ruby narrowed her eyes.

"Hmm." Victor nodded.

The tense atmosphere visibly calmed down.

"That child, huh..." Remembering the incident of the world tree and Victor, Scathach understood what happened. In a way, is Roxanne something like Victor's daughter?

After all, the man's blood was used to make her current body.

"And to think that Maid was so…important." Scathach spoke.

Okay, she understood that she was a world tree and she was special, but she didn't think she was that special.

After all, having a world tree signifying everything negative is a rare occurrence.

'What happened? Has the world tree of the planet of Nightingale shared its responsibility?'

"All my beloved Maids are important." Victor snorted.

When Agnes was going to say something, they heard the sound of something breaking.

Aphrodite had broken part of the tile in the bathtub with her grip.

"... I don't like this..." She bit her lip and began to speak in a tone that bordered on insanity but, at the same time, still controlled:

"Qliphoth and the animal spirits are fine since they will help you in the long run, and Qliphoth, it's not bad. That world tree is just the opposite of the world tree on the planet... I assume she's the opposite part of the world tree on the planet of Nightingale."

"..." The girls narrowed their brows a bit at this new information. They mistakenly thought that Qliphoth was bad because it represented the 'negative' aspect.

"Depending on how you grow in the future, Qliphoth will help you a lot, and from what you said, I assume you made a soul marriage with her… Which is quite unbelievable. No one in history has done that before."

'Soul marriage? Oh… She means that Victor remembered Roxanne's words.

But then he laughed and said,

"Umu, she's a good girl."

"Animal spirits aren't bad either, they will give you better affinity with animals, and you'll be able to understand them too."

'... I'll be able to talk to my cat! But, didn't I talk to him before?' Victor thought, confused. He didn't really have a 'conversation' with his cat and just seemed to understand what his cat wanted. He was surprisingly smart for a cat.

"… But… Gaia, Nyx and Albedo?" Aphrodite's body shook.

"Mostly, Gaia and Nyx?"

"That's a big no. Those bitches won't have you."

Aphrodite's pink eyes gleamed in an obsessive tone.

"I'm the only goddess you can have..." She took Victor's right hand and looked deep into his violet eyes.

"..." Victor's smile grew, he felt his whole body tremble, and his younger brother, who was half-awake almost asleep, woke up completely excited and completely filled Sasha's insides.

"Hmmm~." Sasha groaned unconsciously and snuggled even closer to Victor.

"... M-Mother, where is the camera? Take the cell phone! We need to record this. She's acting just like the women of our Clan! And on top of that, it's a declaration of love!"

"I am already doing it. You are too slow, daughter." Agnes spoke while filming everything with her cell phone.

"As expected of you." Violet nodded in satisfaction.

"… Shall we comment on this?" Natashia pointed at mother and daughter while looking at Scathach and Ruby:

"And how the hell is that a declaration of love?"

"…It's the Snow Clan. You should expect something like this." Ruby spoke.

'This is unexpected but very welcome... With this, we will have such a strong ally that the chance of betrayal is nil.'

"... You're right." Natashia sighed.

Victor displayed a small smile:

"You know this isn't my fault, right? It's not like I can ignore blessings like the other gods."

"Yes, you are right. I was careless." Aphrodite frowned.

"Eh?" Victor didn't understand why it was her fault.

"I should better protect my love."

"Oh…" Victor felt a slight shiver run through his body, and his younger brother was completely aroused. He really liked that feeling.

It seems that, once again, he has been drawn into madness.

"..." The women looked at it with a perplexed expression; This goddess… She's not even denying it anymore!

They all thought at the same time.

Scathach frowned in annoyance, and when she was about to get up, Ruby grabbed her hand.

The mother looked at her daughter and saw her unusually serious look.

"...." Even without Ruby saying anything, Scathach understood what she meant, she and her daughter had this conversation before, and Scathach knew of her daughter's plan.

All the girls here know, and because of this, Agnes and Violet ignored everything, even though internally, they wanted to pluck the pink-haired chicken!

Even though Agnes hasn't escalated her and Victor's relationship to that level, she is still very overprotective of him. If it was any other woman, she would have been burned alive by now.

"Haah, looks like this is going to be a long talk. Let me get my drink~." Natashia reached over to a tray that held a red wine bottle.

"Aren't you very relaxed, Natashia?" Ruby asked

"I mean, we've already talked about this, right?" Natashia didn't care, she judged Ruby's plan as necessary, and she knew her husband wouldn't leave her just because he would possibly bond with the goddess of beauty.

"...." Ruby was silent.

Ruby sighed and said, "Give me some too. I need not think about it too much."

"I want some too!" Violet swam over to Natashia.

"Hmm~, help yourself, girls."

Aphrodite was silent for a full minute.

"I decided." Aphrodite's eyes glowed neon pink, and she stared at Victor with a serious look.

"Cough, Cough." Violet, Ruby, and Natashia gasped at the sudden news.

Scathach and Agnes' eyes widened in utter shock.

Victor narrowed his eyes:

"… Isn't that too hasty? And you're not married?"

"I've never been married in my life, Victor. At least, not the kind of marriage I'm proposing."

"And no, this is not rushed."

Aphrodite touched her heart gently:

"..." The two fell silent, staring at each other seriously.

Husband and wife looked at each other, and their gaze held many meanings and feelings that only Ruby, Violet, Sasha, and Agnes could feel.

"Take care of Sasha for a few seconds." He asked.

"Mm, leave it to me." Natashia got up and walked sensually towards Victor, then crouched down and tried to take Sasha away from Victor.

But the girl was attached to the man like a koala.

"Hmm…" Sasha squeezed Victor tighter.

Victor laughed gently and patted her on the head as a happy smile appeared on Sasha's face, and her grip started to weaken.

He gently lifted his wife and withdrew his little brother from inside her as he looked at Natashia, and she understood the meaning of his look.

Soon, Natashia managed to pull Sasha away from Victor.

Holding her daughter like a princess, Natashia felt something warm come out of her daughter and fall into her arms.

'What a waste...' She thought as she felt like drinking the liquid, but she quickly shook her head and carried Sasha to a couch that was away from the tub.

It felt wrong to call this place a bathroom since it looked more like a lounge area with the pool and an entire room with showers and bathrooms with private doors.

But none of the inhabitants of this place have bothered to rename it.

Aphrodite got up from where she was, and as if it were natural, she sat on Victor's waist, purposely let her perfect breasts fall on Victor's muscular chest, and wrapped her arms around Victor's neck.

She felt something hard and hot kissing her nether lips, and that something hard sat between the folds of her buttocks as if it was proudly declaring its territory.

Unconsciously, she made some movements and felt the man's member brushing her lower lips as liquids began to leak from inside, mixing with the hot water.

She was feeling very lusty now, and she wanted that member inside her. Her body begged for it, and she wanted the man in front of her to fill her insides with his love.

Her pink eyes sparkled more and more...

"No, I love you, Victor."

"Then don't use that as an excuse." Victor spoke in a stern tone, not even affected by this display of love. He realized that she was still holding back her feelings.

"Imagine being a goddess of love and never having felt love for anyone?"

"I'm not talking about motherly love, but the love I feel for you."

"... This... This isn't something Adonis knows..." She muttered under her breath, confused.

"..." Agnes frowned slightly.

"I know, it wasn't Aphrodite, it was Persephone... I know, but..."

"Don't make the same mistake as my Darling, Mother..." Violet spoke grimly.

"He once judged the woman too because of those memories, and it's annoying to say this, but she helped us a lot through everything."

"And we shouldn't throw rotten mud on that goodwill."

".... You grew up, daughter."

"I just try my best." Violet spoke in a neutral tone.

"I always watched you when we were together, Aphrodite." Victor stroked Aphrodite's pink hair.

'She smells really good…'

"I know something simple like that."

"..." Aphrodite's heart beat faster when she heard what Victor said, and with his caresses, she felt very at ease.

But… even with those feelings of comfort and peace, she couldn't get a thought out of her head.

'...Other goddesses are starting to notice him, if I don't move, they'll take him away from me, and maybe he'll forget me…' Negative thoughts cloud the goddess' head.

"For a goddess of beauty, you're pretty insecure, huh."

???? Aphrodite's body shook visibly, and a look of shock appeared on her face.

Victor laughed lightly and pulled the goddess's head to his chest.

"…H-How." Aphrodite was on the ground now.

"People say I am very observant."

"This is ridiculous. I have never demonstrated anything that reveals that." She murmured as she began to feel calmer thanks to Victor's caresses.

"It is not very difficult to understand."

"And I just know that because you opened yourself up completely to me and my mother, strangers don't know anything."

"Probably, my mom knows about it too, but she doesn't say anything."

"… What a surprise. Did she learn to be careful?"

"Only when necessary." Victor chuckled lightly.

Aphrodite laughed a little and began to feel more at ease.

"… Hmm, I think the change occurred on your journey and when you returned to your pantheon."

???? Aphrodite's body once again shook.

'This jerk, is he playing with my heart!? And how does he know that!?' Can't she be at ease for a few minutes?

She looked at Victor with judgmental eyes. The man just chuckled and kissed her cheek.

A slightly surprised look appeared on her face, and then she smiled a little: 'That was the first time he took the initiative to do something to me…'

"As you explained in the past, you changed on this trip and seeing how your pantheon treated you... Wrong, seeing how the world looked at you only for your reputation, insecurity started to be created there that day, but... It didn't affect you at the time. It wouldn't shake the goddess of beauty. Pride is innate in you."

"But… I think everything got stronger when you met my mother and gained a true friend?"

"...Victor, you are scary..." She commented in shock.

'When did he learn so much about me? Was it in those past encounters?' She frowned.

'When did I become so easy to read?'

"That is an honor coming from a goddess."

"Do not play with me." Aphrodite snorted and lightly punched his chest.

"Hahaha, I'm not." He chuckled gently and released Aphrodite from his arms.

The woman straightened her body and looked into Victor's eyes.

"Tell me your true feelings."

"..." She stared into those violet eyes for a long time until she sighed.

A long sigh that let out all her insecurities, and soon the words began to come naturally from her mouth:

"I'm scared… Vic, I'm scared."

"What are you afraid of?" he asked with the same neutral tone.

"I'm afraid another goddess will appear and take you from me…"

"…" Victor displayed a small smile,

"That will never happen."

A sweet feeling began to fill Aphrodite's body as she felt more confident and had the urge to speak her thoughts.

"I also fear for your safety, Vic."

"..." This time, not just Victor but the female vampires present here narrowed their eyes.

"Nyx and Gaia are first-generation Olympian deities."

"They are manipulated by nature, and I don't want those whores keeping an eye on my lover."

"Vic, all beings who have been blessed by Nyx and Gaia have always suffered a tragic fate, sometimes through manipulation, sometimes through 'coincidences'."

"I don't want that for you."

"I don't want you to become the gods' toy."

"..." Victor wanted to snort in disdain. He? A toy of the gods? Hah! That will never happen.

That was what he wanted to say, but he, of all people, understood that if gods like Gaia and Nyx were described as the children of 'Chaos' in Greek Mythology, are not beings he could handle right now since they are, after all, beings stronger than the king of the gods, Zeus himself.

"Those bitches are no good, and I'm sure they'll do something to harm you. I want to quickly cut off their influence as much as possible and protect you from other gods."

"... I want to protect my beloved because only I know how rotten the plots of the gods are, and I don't want you to suffer the same fate as the Greek heroes."

"Because of that..." She gently bit her lips:

"Victor, please..." She touched Victor's face with both hands as if it were the most precious thing in the world. It was a gentle touch, a loving touch, and obsessive. Her neon pink eyes were brimming with just one emotion.

"Let me protect you."

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