Chapter 551

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Chapter 551: A wave of changes.

Leaving the bathroom after finishing the bath, the group of mothers, daughters, and a goddess went to Victor's personal room, a room that was big enough to fit several people.

Arriving in the bedroom, Victor wasted no time and walked straight to bed, threw his clothes off, and went to bed.

'Haaah~, finally some peace… Hmm? Has the bed changed?' He looked to the side and saw that the bed was bigger than the last time he'd seen it.

'Meh, it must have been, Ruby.' He didn't mind. He knew his wife was always updating their home.

When Victor threw himself on the bed wearing nothing but his black boxers, Violet, who was wearing a black nightgown with purple details, quickly climbed onto the bed, and when Victor sat down on the bed with his back against the bed frame…

Violet quickly moved to his right side and snuggled into his chest, while Ruby, who was completely naked, wasted no time and went to his left, and Natashia, who, just like Ruby, was also nude, lay on Victor's crotch.

"...." Victor gave a small helpless smile. Girls are too clingy, but it wasn't like he was complaining since he was like that too.

As the bathroom they were in had a connection with Victor's current room, it was very easy for the girls to change on the way. After all, there was a personalized closet for each girl.

Victor is still surprised from time to time, considering that the first time this bedroom and bathroom was created, it wasn't that big or had so many 'rooms'.

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It looked like Ruby had remodeled everything.

The beauty goddess, who was in a pink nightgown that thoroughly emphasized her sinful body pouted. She wanted to complain that it was her turn to be rewarded. She just got married! She wanted to be pampered! But she fell silent when she saw Victor's gaze, and through the deep connection they now shared, she felt calmer.

'... I already got what I wanted, now... I need to be patient. The girls don't like to have orgies, they are not Greek, and although they respected each other and liked each other like sisters, they love strictly only Victor.'

Something the beauty goddess could agree with and accept. Despite being Bisexual, she had no interest in any of the current girls, sexually or romantically speaking.

From the beginning, her focus was only on one person.

She looked at the man, who had a small smile on his face, and her heart fluttered. Due to the new blessings that she, as the goddess of beauty, bestowed on man, he seemed completely irresistible to her. He had not undergone any visible changes since he was already perfect before with his blessing of beauty.

But now? Everything around him was dangerous for a woman, his smell, his face, his expressions, he became a deadly weapon for women... Wrong, actually, all genders would be in danger now.

'He just didn't reach my level of beauty because he doesn't have a concept of his own, but he's not inferior to me in terms of beauty.'

As a counterpart to the goddess of beauty, current Victor could be called the most beautiful mortal alive, surpassing even the male gods themselves.

And this sight and realization made the goddess inwardly nod in satisfaction.

'Not only handsome but also with the courage of a warrior and the kind heart of a family man, I hit the jackpot!' Aphrodite's eyes gleamed more obsessively.

'I just want him. As long as he's with me, I don't care about anything.' Even standing in the same room with Victor, Aphrodite was feeling her concept of love reaching new heights.

The proof of this was the heart symbol in her eyes that glowed neon pink. For the first time, the goddess of love really fell in love and knew what 'LOVE' really was.

It was a much stronger and more overwhelming passion than she had in the time of Adonis. The feelings couldn't even compare.

And upon feeling that her concept of love, which had been at a standstill since the time she decided to leave Adonis, began to increase her proficiency.

She had experienced before with Adonis all the relatively good, bad, depression, resignation, loss, pain, and finally, acceptance.

She understood that her methods in the past could never nurture genuine love from her partner and that Adonis never truly loved her.

Not only was Victor a dear friend and also the son of her closest friend, but he was also someone she had little ups and downs with, and they started with a bad relationship.

Aphrodite because of her pride.

Victor because of his pre-established prejudice and his caution.

And as time went on, and as a result of the Aphrodite and Anna incident, the two began to get to know each other better.

And just a few minutes ago, when she'd declared her love, sneaky as a fox and possessive as a woman sick in love, she'd felt utterly ecstatic.

'A wedding of the soul! Who would have thought that he would accept it so easily!'

Little did she know that one of the reasons he accepted it was because of the display of possession. Victor was a man with a very particular taste in women, and even the goddess of beauty, if she didn't have the prerequisite called 'Yandere', he wouldn't accept anything from the woman.

Aphrodite's entire existence seemed to be dancing now, and Victor didn't need to express anything or say anything. The connection they had was on a soul level, and she could sense what kind of feelings Victor had for her.

And that feeling of possessive, obsessive, and gentle love... It completely shocked her.

How could a mortal have so much 'love' inside him?

The fantastic thing here is that this love was distributed equally to everyone, while only a select few had a slightly greater fluctuation in feelings.

People like; Violet, Anna, Leon, Ophis, and Nero...

Anna, Ophis, and Nero were more like familial love; although there was an obsession, it was more of a protective type of obsession.

Victor's feeling for his father was more of pure 'respect'.

He loved his father like family, but he respected him more, and although he felt the same way about his mother, she fell into the 'protection' category along with Ophis.

He loved and respected his mother, not just for being his mother but for being his mother figure and the woman who taught him how to be the man he was today.

The woman fell into the category of obsessive 'protection'.

Ophis, and Nero, he, needless to say, loved both little girls and treated them like his own daughters.

And of those mentioned, Violet was at the top.

But in Violet's case, it was the same feeling Victor had for all the women present here.

The only difference was that he felt more love for Violet.

Does that mean he doesn't love other girls? Of course not. It's simply that Violet existed in a special place. She was his first woman, first wife, and the first object of obsession.

She was the first woman who looked him in the face and accepted him for who he was.

She changed him and turned that weak and sickly man into what he is today. She is simply crucial to Victor.

'Is he a god of love or something? How does he have so much love? It's okay that I blessed him with love, and now he's acquired an empathic ability, but… Did the blessing of love increase his love or something?' The goddess was completely confused.

Was Aphrodite sad to learn of Victor's feelings? Of course not!

It's quite simple, actually.

A simple word that Aphrodite never understood its meaning until now. She knew what it was but never understood. After all, she had never experienced it personally.

'He loves me back, is this what it's like to feel really desired?' She gently touched his heart while flashing a slightly awkward smile, and soon her concept of love rose a few more stages.

'Hehehehehe~ He loves me back! He loves me back! He loves me back! He loves me back!....' She repeated those words thousands of times inside her.

"Aphrodite?" Victor called the woman.

"YES!?" She responded with a big smile on her face and obsessive eyes, looking ready to do anything.

If Victor asked her to burn the world, she would do it with a laugh... And worst of all, she actually had the clout to do it.

Agnes, Ruby, Violet, Natashia, and Scathach shivered a little.

'Hey, hey, isn't she stronger than me?'

'Yes... The goddess of love has turned into an even crazier Yandere than the Snow Clan... Ha-ah...' Ruby sighed internally; 'And to top it off, she has pink hair... Is fate playing with us or something? Huh? Should Victor change his name to Yuki?'

Ruby was full of complaints and inner sarcasm,

Not hiding his big smile and Aphrodite-like eyes, Victor replied:

"Calm down, okay? I will not go anywhere." Victor had no reason to leave or even hide his 'self' from the women present here. They all knew about his personality. After all, they were all his wives and future wives.

Taking a deep breath, she did her best to calm down, and a few seconds later.

She released a long breath.

'Ha-ah, how low have you fallen, goddess of beauty...' She even knew that any request now from Victor, she would do her best to comply. She was practically dancing on his hand.

And you know what? She didn't really feel uncomfortable with that thought because she knew that Victor would never do her any harm or ask for anything unreasonable. Proof of this was that during the conversations she had with the younger wives of the man, she was surprised by the news that the man never asked his wives for anything.

It was the wives themselves who meddled in his affairs, and they even complained that they wanted him to ask for more help from them.

When questioned by them why he didn't ask for anything, he always said:

"As long as you are by my side and love me, I don't care." It was a simple wish which moved the goddess of love completely.

Precisely because she was the goddess of love, she understood that this was a rarity, even these days, only a few people thought that way, and sometimes the feeling was not mutual.

A gentleman who only wanted his wife's love and well-being, and what did he get in the future?

A betrayal, or possibly his wife abandoned him.

Of course, there are exceptions to this thinking, but from what she observed of humans and supernatural beings, that's what happened most of the time.

With Victor, this didn't happen for the single and simple reason that the women he approached... Most of them have obsessive and crazy personalities.

'Wait... am I one of those?' She narrowed her eyes at the thought; 'Yes, I don't want any goddess but me to be his wife. I don't care about mortals, but I should be the only goddess he has. Even if those mortals become gods in the future, it will only be a long time in the future, and I will still be the first goddess he had. That's normal, right?'

'I'm just keeping them away from the schemes of those thots. I must make sure I completely damage the lives of these whores who approach my Darling.'

Yes, she was normal, completely normal. She's not like Violet and his mortal wives.

"I'm amazed Sasha is still sleeping after all this." Ruby commented as she rested her head on Victor's shoulder and looked at Sasha, who was being carried by Scathach.

Honestly, just being around Victor right now was unbearable and hot. It seemed that the degree of his charm increased by a few dozen points, and his natural smell was extremely attractive and cozy.

"Haah, Natashia, she's your daughter. Why didn't you take her? Honestly, even getting her dressed is a lot of work. The girl is sleeping like a rock."

"She's tired mentally because she was helping me on my turf, and she's tired physically from activities with Darling and beyond. She's your sister, so you can help her, right?" Natashai displayed a small, knowing smile.

"… Hmph." Scathach snorted, but she didn't deny it and just carried Sasha over to the bed and placed her a little way away from the group that was awake.

Natashia displayed an inward smile when she saw Scathach not denying it.

Covering the girl with a sheet, Scathach, who was wearing a black nightgown, spoke to Aphrodite:

"Why did you come here again?"

"You said you had something to talk to Victor about. Did you forget?"

"Oh…" Aphrodite's mind began to reset, and she started remembering what she had come here for.

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