Chapter 700 - A Hidden Space

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Chapter 700: A Hidden Space

“I don’t have anything else in my pocket. Would you like to see for yourself, Miss Tang?” Xiao Feng teased with a smile. Then, he narrowed his eyes mockingly.

“Could it be that you have taken a fancy to me, that’s why you want me to stay with you a little longer? The solution is pretty simple, you know. Just go home and tell your uncle about it. Once the elders have made arrangements, I’ll come over to your house and ask for your hand in marriage.”

He let out a chuckle. “I mean, how can I not like a beauty such as yourself?”

Although his tone was light, his real mood was the opposite. If anything, it was bordering on panic.

His adversary hadn’t even lost a beat when she pointed out that he had given her a fake.

At this rate, his chances of escaping were rather bleak.

He needed to catch her off-guard and flee with the real starry sky fragment.

“Take off your coat,” the girl said in a cold, monotonous voice.

“Like I said, I am willing to propose marriage to you. Don’t you think it’s rather inappropriate for me to take off my clothes when we aren’t even engaged yet?” Xiao Fengwinked shamelessly atYao Tang.

In the next second, several silver needles flew out of his sleeve.

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Whoosh! They darted in Yao Tang’s direction.

The needles were laced with a knockout drug. A single prick could render a grown man unconscious for at least three days and three nights.

They rushed toward Yao Tang’s face so swiftly, the naked eye could barely see them.

But Yao Tangnimble dodged each one. In the end, the needles were embedded in the huge tree directly behind her.

Xiao Feng watched it all happen, his eyes filling with a mix of awe and disappointment.

These needles were something that he had been experimenting with for a while as well.

He had even taken care to douse them with a fresh batch of drugs before heading out earlier. He didn’t expect this girl to be so quick on her feet. Not only was she proficient in formations, but she appeared to be skilled in combat, too.

However, now that his needles had failed him, Xiao Fengno longer had any options at his disposal.

“For the last time,” Yao Tangspoke again. “Take it out of your pocket.”

Xiao Feng stood motionless for a moment, but the stinging pain on his neck reminded him that he was still in danger.

If he didn’t do as she asked, she might really cut him down there and then.

Xiao Feng slowly reached into his pocket again. “Have a look, Miss Tang. My pocket is empty. How can I even fit such a big rock in here?”

He made a show of turning his pocket inside out to prove his point.

Sure enough, it was empty.

He wasn’t lying about not being able to fit in a huge rock in there, either.

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Yao Tang glanced at it once before slapping the flat surface of her knife againstXiao Feng’s cheek. “Open the space.”

“What space?” he asked. He wasn’t about to back down just yet. “Don’t you see there’s nothing there? Or would you like to touch it and feel for yourself, Miss Tang?”

She clicked her tongue impatiently. “Since you don’t want to do it yourself, I’m just going to have to chop your fingers one by one.”

This finally snapped Xiao Fengto attention, and he promptly begged for mercy.

“No, no, don’t! Please don’t! I’ll open it, I’ll open it!”

He didn’t know where this girl came from, but it seemed that she also knew about the hidden space in his pocket, and the fact that it could only be opened with his fingerprints.

In his entire clan, Xiao Fengwas the only one capable of opening a hidden space. Not even the clan leader had this ability.

The hidden space worked like a 3D pocket, folding over whatever dead object the user wanted to store.

It concealed the object’s shape and smell, making it impossible for outsiders to even know that it existed.

So how did this girl…

Xiao Feng moved slowly, as if he was stalling for time.

“How did you know about the hidden space?” Xiao Fengasked in a low voice. “Does your family have something similar?”

“You are not in a position to ask about anything,” Yao Tangretorted.

Xiao Feng’s lips trembled in frustration. “I’ve told you everything, haven’t I?” he grumbled. “Can’t you tell me at least that much?”

“If you’re so stupid that you even had to ask, then you might as well stay at home instead of going out on missions,” Yao Tangsaid blandly.

Xiao Feng’s nostrils flared as he took a deep, indignant breath. He was furious.