Chapter 701 - Incredibly Terrifying

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Chapter 701: Incredibly Terrifying

Xiao Feng looked like he wanted to keep talking, but Yao Tang interrupted him. “For how long do you want to drag this out? Are you only going to stop once you’re dead?”

She gave off a murderous aura, and he would be a fool not to recognize it for what it was.

Without further ado, the starry sky fragment appeared in his hand.

Xiao Feng reached out and handed it over toYao Tang, his face twisted in obvious displeasure.

Even so, he valued his life, and he knew that if he stalled any longer, he would die on the spot.

Yao Tang took the stone and put her dagger away.

“There,” Xiao Fengsaid unhappily. “Can you let me go now?”

“Sure,” she replied calmly.

Xiao Feng had to blink in surprise. He didn’t really believe she would let him go so easily.

Still, he didn’t dare to gamble with his life. He took a few steps forward.

When he didn’t sense any movement from behind, he continued to push onward without looking back at Yao Tang.

He knew he wouldn’t see her even if he tried glancing back, anyway.

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Given her strength, a barrier separated them in no time.

Once Xiao Fengfelt that it was safe, he risked a peek behind him. Sure enough, there was nobody there.

In fact, he didn’t notice anything unusual, as though she had never appeared at all.

His eyes slowly narrowed, and his petulant expression turned somber.

Which family was that girl from?

Her skills were incredibly terrifying.

While he had initially guessed that it was Tang Yu, he soon realized that it was not the case.

He only pretended to believe it was her in a bid to lower the girl’s guard.

Among the younger generation of the aristocratic families, not a single person had reached this level of strength yet.

Sure, Xiao Fenghad met elders who had been hailed as geniuses during their time, but even they were not this powerful.

He would have to report this to the elders upon his return.

Xiao Feng’s face was grave as he trudged out of the forest.

He hadn’t gone very far, however, when he felt the familiar coldness of steel pressing against his back. This time, it was a male voice that spoke.

“The starry sky fragment, hand it over.”

Yao Tang studied the starry sky fragment in his hand as she made her way back to the others.

At the moment, they were still fighting over the object, so it might not be a good idea for her to keep it in her person. She would have to stash it somewhere else.

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She changed directions and walked deeper into a forest. She came across a towering tree shortly, and found a huge nest sitting on top of its branches.

Yao Tang leaped up, hopping from one branch to another, until she reached the nest.

Then, she tucked the fragment behind the twigs, making sure to cover it with some dried grass to make it inconspicuous.

When her work was done, she jumped down and landed perfectly on her feet.

Just then, she spotted a group of people scampering toward her. Bai Jingwas leading them at the front.

It had been more than ten minutes since Yao Tang’s disappearance.

Yao Yan had gone from his initial panic to a sense of calm., though he was barely keeping it together.

Now that Yao Tangwas before him, safe and unharmed, he finally allowed himself a sigh of relief. He rushed forward and grabbed her by the shoulders.

He carefully looked her up and down, searching for any sign of injuries.

Once he was sure that there was none, he heaved another, long sigh of relief. At last, he had found her.

If he had really lost Yao Tang, he wouldn’t be able to forgive himself for the rest of his life.

“Tangtang, what happened?” he asked frantically. “Were you in any danger?”

Yao Tang shook her head, her expression blank.

“No, I was just walking around in the fog. I was here before I knew it, and then you guys appeared. I didn’t even encounter anyone else, or any animals, for that matter.”

Yao Yan closed his eyes and sighed yet again.

Bai Jing stood at the side, his eyes wide, his upper lip curled in astonishment.

He used to be Yao Yan’s assistant, so he was already aware of the young man’s eccentricities. Although he never treated his subordinates poorly, he was always cold and ruthless to others.

It wasn’t until Yao Tangcame into the picture thatBai Jingdiscovered another side toYao Yan.

This guy was a veritable sis-con!