Chapter 702 - Not Fine at All

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Chapter 702: Not Fine at All

Qin Hao was relieved that they had found Yap Tang, but he was still worried about Cheng Yan.

It seemed that the formation that person had set up transported people to other parts of the forest. Now, they had no idea where his young master had been taken to.

Qin Hao’s anxiety compounded by the second. The forest was vast. Who knew what Cheng Yanmight encounter at any given time?

It would be very dangerous if his young master suddenly encountered a ferocious beast. He couldn’t possibly face it by himself.

At first, Qin Hao took comfort in the possibility thatYao Tangwas withCheng Yan. But now thatYao Tanghad appeared, his hopes were crushed.

Why hadn’t they found Cheng Yanyet? Could it be that something had really happened to him?

If so, how should he explain this to the Cheng family?

Qin Hao felt a pounding at his temples as the thought raced across his mind.

“Have you seen Young Master Cheng, by any chance?” Yao YanaskedYao Tangcasually. “He also disappeared in the fog, and we have no idea where he is.”

Qin Hao whipped his head in her direction and waited for her answer.

But Yao Tangshook her head. “I haven’t seen him.”

Just like that, Qin Hao felt helpless again.

‘???s ??????? ?s ?????? ?? N ovelBi(n)’,

When the others saw his expression, they couldn’t help but feel distressed as well. It was all that mysterious person’s fault.

If he hadn’t played his tricks on them, they wouldn’t be in this troublesome predicament.

A magnetic voice suddenly came from a distance.

Cheng Yan slowly emerged from the bushes, looking none worse for the wear. His face was calm, but deep down, fear and panic were swirling in his heart.

“Master Cheng, where have you been?”

One of his bodyguards couldn’t help but ask.

They had feared the worst and thought that their Young Master was in danger. Luckily, he returned safely. Otherwise, they would have paid for their blunder with their own lives.

Cheng Yan swept a gaze over the crowd and said, “I was just walking around in the fog.”

As soon as he said this, everyone turned to look at Yao Tang.

She had said the same thing!

If these two parties weren’t rivals, they would have thought that Yao TangandCheng Yanhad planned a script for their disappearance.

Now that things had settled down, Yao Yan no longer thought it was a good idea to bring Yao Tang deeper into the forest with them.

He didn’t dare to take the risk.

If she disappeared again, he might lose his mind.

“Young Master Cheng, since the rescue teams have arrived, I was hoping you can bring Tangtangout of the mountain with you. This place is dangerous. You should leave as soon as possible.”

Though he loathed having to ask Cheng Yanfor this favor,Yao Yanfelt that it was for the best.

Cheng Yan nodded and smiled. “Well then, I will have to trouble Young Master Yao to escort us out of the forest.”

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Soon enough, they were hurrying to the nearest border of the woods.

They moved at a fairly great speed, wanting to waste no more time in the forest than was necessary.

Throughout the way, Bai Jingkept a close eye onYao Tang. He expected her to beg them to stop and rest, but he was surprised to see that she didn’t even break a sweat.

In fact, she seemed to be faring better than a few of their bodyguards.

For a brief second, he had the illusion that she was strolling leisurely in the middle of the forest instead of fleeing to safety.

If it had been any other ordinary girl, she would be bawling her eyes out right now and wailing her complaints.

This sister of Yao Yan… just who in the world was she?

Was she also a member of some secret organization?

Bai Jing continued to ponder his theories. Before he knew it, they had already exited the forest. Rescuers were busy going back and forth through the borders.

A handful of large trucks were parked nearby as well, apparently to transport some goods.

As planned, they were to part ways here.

“Young Master Yao, thank you for escorting us all the way here, though I’m pretty sure you only did it for Tangtang’s sake. I will remember this kindness.”Cheng Yanput his hands together and flashed a mocking smile atYao Yan.

“Once we are back in the city, I will be sure to treat Tangtangto a good meal as a show of gratitude. You would be fine with that, right?”

His voice was soft and gentle, but there was an edge to his tone, as though he was determined to have a meal with Yao Tang no matter what.

Yao Yan knew his intentions, of course. And naturally, he wasn’t too keen on letting him have his way. He returnedCheng Yan’s calm smile with one of his own.

“I’m afraid Tangtangdoesn’t have the time to dawdle. You should know this too, Young Master Cheng. The third year is the most crucial period in a high school student’s life.Tangtangneeds a proper rest when she returns. You would agree, wouldn’t you, Young Master Cheng?”

The air crackled with tension as the two young men faced off.

Clearly, Yao Yanwasn’t fine with the idea ofYao Tangspending time withCheng Yanat all.