Chapter 703 - Doubtful

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Chapter 703: Doubtful

“Even if you want to study, you still have to keep a good balance between work and rest. It’s only right you have a good meal to replenish your strength.” Cheng Yan smiled slightly, unwilling to give up.

It was a good excuse to ask Yao Tang out openly, even if he was doing it in front of Young Master Yao.

“It’s better to go home and rest. Besides, the restaurants may not be as comfortable as the couch, right? Don’t you think?”

Yao Yan didn’t even bother to look in Cheng Yan’s direction. Instead, he passed the decision to Yao Tanginstead. He was smiling quite tightly.

However, it was obvious that he wasn’t willing.

“I’m fine. Let’s head out first then we’ll make a decision.”

Yao Tang found an excuse to send them all away.

She couldn’t help but think about her friend, Lin Xin. She must’ve been so worried about her. She needed to find a way to tell her that she was safe.

“Then, let’s go.” Cheng Yan motioned his hand toward the clearing.

Without another word, he nodded at Yao Yan and followed the bodyguards out of the narrow trail.

There was no other words said.

‘??? ????? ???????s ??? ?????s??? ?? NovelB(i)n. ???’,

The group of people walking out appeared to be quite imposing and majestic. Anyone of normal lineage would’ve been speechless by their entry.

However, Bai Jing didn’t really feel the same way. Instead, his eyes were narrowed at their retreating figures, looking as if he was thinking about something.

“The meteorite has disappeared right under our noses. While they’ve said that they wouldn’t steal the meteorite from us, no one really knows of their innocence. Do you think they could’ve taken it?”

Yao Yan glanced over at him.

His theory was quite reasonable. After all, the bodyguards that Cheng Yan had brought with him were extremely skilled. They could steal the meteorite if they really wanted to.

However, his intuition told him otherwise.

Yao Yan thought back to the man who had set up the array and disappeared into the forest. His frown deepened. He still didn’t know what faction he belonged to.

“There’s no rush. Let’s catch the others first, then we can consider this matter.”

He drummed his fingers on his pants.

In the end, he waved his hand and his group of men followed him deeper into the forest.

“We’ve found another body. Take a look and see if it’s from your school,” a rescuer called out.

On the other side of the island, the rescue team had sent over many people over the cliffs to search.

Bodies were brought out one after the other.

However, there was still no sign of Yao Tang.

The students in the safety zone waited bitterly, their eyes shining whenever a body was brought out of the rubble. However, they were left clenching their fists in disappointment. Had Yao Tang survived?

‘The source of this ?ontent is’,

Lin Xin sniffled, rubbing her eyes.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure she’s fine.” Qin Jing remained calm and dignified, but in reality, she was also very worried.

When she heard that Yao Tang had been in trouble, she thought that her friend was quite skilled. However, with what had happened, she couldn’t help but feel that it was useless.

Meng Yang secretly wiped his tears.

He didn’t believe that Yao Tang was in trouble at all.

“Principal Kong, I’m sorry for your loss. However, there are still so many students that had been brought out. It’s better that we move them out now.”

Wang Hao gazed at them.

After the first body has been transported, Principal Kong was petrified. He stood beside the class as he wept incessantly. The thoughts of something happening to his students had caused him great grief.

He was the one who had brought the students here, so it was his fault.

Although the earthquake was unavoidable, he still couldn’t help but blame himself. If he had just reacted faster, then his students wouldn’t have been like this.

And there was still no news of Yao Tang.

The most important thing he must do was to move these students out. Who knew what would happen if they were still here? He took a deep breath.

They still weren’t safe.

“Okay, I’ll gather the students now.”

Principal Kong gritted his teeth.

Naturally, he wanted to wait and see if they’d find Yao Tang. However, being the principal, he also had a responsibility for all of his students.